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"mmmm......Little brother....come home"

03 Nov 2013 02:45

"I have another present for you, little brother," she said, hardly able to contain her excitement. "This is a really special one that I’ve been saving for your eighteenth birthday. It’s a gift that I know you’ve been eyeing for a long time."

The dawning realization spreading across her brother’s face made her start to feel heat between her legs, but she kept her cool. She wanted to make him squirm.

12 Oct 2013 10:38

My brother has a crush on me and he doesn't know that I know. This is how I'm dealing with it.

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16 Sep 2013 00:04

Boy! I was the luckiest cousin in the world. I have 5 cousins including myself. I am the smallest and only boy in our group so I was the lovable one. Whenever my cousins would go for a vacation they never forget to send me photos.They sent me this photo while they were in Ibiza.I loved the photo but the caption below the photo surprised me.

"Exclusively for you our little cousin. Close the door before you pull the zip *giggles*"

05 Sep 2013 04:59

Me: Awwww! You are really so sweet. Your sister is very lucky to have a brother like you.

You : Stop it! (You cheeks turn red)

Me:No! I really mean it.

You: Thank you.

Me: I can see your big sister is busy flirting with boys on the beach.I think we should have fun too.

You: What do you have in mind ?

Me: We can go to my room and play strip game .Just you …and…. me. It will be fun

You: I..I..

You: Don’t worry about your sister. She will be happy to know that her little brother is having fun too.

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