Wife Lovers(2)


Threesome Joy 2

Day one is not over yet

After having a hectic sexual session all of us were very tired. Stark naked, we lay on the bed.  "Was it good for you Nalin?" my hubby asked. "Oh it was good. I can't belive this is happening." I looked at his naked body. His cock was hanging limply between his legs. "I am hungry," I said.  It was almost one in the afternoon. "Then we will have lunch and come back," my hubby suggested. ...Read On


Threesome Joy

Meeting with a friend.

We have been married for almost 25 years.I am 49 and my hubby is 53. His name is Rahul( not his real name ). My hubby is 5'7". He is fair and is completely bald. I am only 4'8". My boobs are quite large. They are still firm inspite of my age. When we got married we were in our late twenties. Ours was a love marriage and we had been having sex even before our wedding. Most of the time when...Read On