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Topic unable to go in to a private chatroom
Posted 28 Jul 2014 17:39

What are you using to access the site? PC, phone, any other mobile device?? I just created and accessed a room I created without any issues..dontknow

Topic Issue With Menu Bar
Posted 28 Jul 2014 17:21

I use android with either the standard browser, which sucks, or Dolphin. The only page that the menu bar pans with the rest of the screen is if I am in the forums. All other pages it zooms to the left of it. This has always been the case for me, so what ever has been done has not affected me, but it would be great if the menu panned on all all pages when zoomed..but its no biggy.

Topic 249,993 Members
Posted 27 Jul 2014 16:11

I managed to take a screenshot as we reached that magical figure. A wonderful milestone. Congrats to you Nic and Gav for creating the most interactive social networking site in the internet. Bravo..

Topic Sexy Sentiments * What's your favorite?
Posted 25 Jul 2014 00:25

Topic Cravings
Posted 22 Jul 2014 01:06

In-n-Out, #2 grilled onions, extra lettuce =)

Thats just evil. How about fries, animal style on the side?? Yeah, give me that..

Topic Sheer - See Thru
Posted 21 Jul 2014 22:53

Topic Sexy Sentiments * What's your favorite?
Posted 21 Jul 2014 21:55

Topic Announcing our "Toy With Me" Story Competition, $400 Adult Store Credits up for grabs
Posted 21 Jul 2014 16:58

Even fetish clothing? I'm in! evil4

At lest those PVC knickers will hold that bullet in. What? Hang on, I was worried about breaking the string trying to pull it out!!! Just dont make me wear a gimp mask angry7

Topic Shaving A Girl's Pussy
Posted 21 Jul 2014 15:07

If there is trust and a desire for it on her part, it's one of the most erotic things you can do outside of actual sex. Lathering her up with warm, soapy hands, drove her insane and almost over the edge once I applied the razor. There is nothing better than taking the time and care to make her smooth, knowing you're going to love how good it feels when you're finished. But the greatest pleasure was seeing her react while I was doing it. I'd do it for that response, everyday, even if it didn't need doing. I hope she reads this.

Topic Lush Photographers, Post "Your" Photos Here
Posted 20 Jul 2014 02:56

Stonehenge (in case you didn't notice). Actually, Candy called it a bunch of rocks.

Topic Lush Photographers, Post "Your" Photos Here
Posted 20 Jul 2014 02:26

The Royal Crescent, Bath UK

Posted 15 Jul 2014 01:51

I think a Birthday Pizza is heaps cooler. So, here is a Birthday Pizza for the Birthday girl. Hope you had a wonderful day (off).

Topic A blow-job so good it can kill?
Posted 14 Jul 2014 05:09

This technique is not something new. When I was a kid I knew this woman (in her 20s) at her she had a grapefruit cut on both said with a hole in the middle on her dresser. Underage reference removed my admin . That had always buffled me and over time it just went to the back of my mind. Until I watched this. Crazy how one learns and realizes things from the past.

Apart from the underage reference which I had to remove, this post made no sense what so ever. Seriously, put the peace pipe down dude.

Topic Sexy Sentiments * What's your favorite?
Posted 14 Jul 2014 00:31

Topic Do you love to finger a woman?
Posted 13 Jul 2014 22:50

Oh god yes. Even more so when it makes her breath get stuck in her throat. Feeling how tight and wet she is, is one of the biggest turn on's for me. And finding that special spot with the tips of your fingers then licking them clean after she creams on them.

Topic Bodacious Brunettes
Posted 13 Jul 2014 00:14

Topic Mesmerizing GIFs
Posted 12 Jul 2014 23:26

Topic Happy Birthday ShyVixen
Posted 10 Jul 2014 18:21

Happy Birthday T. I hope one of the nicest persons we have here, has a wonderful day. (I know, I have already personally given you my wishes earlier)

All the best, XX

Topic Does she like me?
Posted 03 Jul 2014 18:03

"yup, I'll just see you around at work. Don't worry about it, really "

Personally, this is were it all went pear shaped for me. It comes across with a little sarcasm and being butt hurt. Texting has no tone, so it would have been easy for her to misunderstand the context of this comment. Messaging can be dangerous in that regard. Think about how it may sound in her head before you hit that send button.

Topic Do people really fall in love on lush?
Posted 03 Jul 2014 17:36

Absolutely. After nearly 2 years, we met recently and it was the most amazing two weeks of my life.

Topic Can interracial include blondes with redheads?
Posted 22 Jun 2014 04:01

Can I apologize to everyone if I have caused any confusion by suggesting that blondes and redheads constitute a race. It was not my intention to cause confusion or mislead anyone by creating a spurious debate.

Well, when I read the thread topic, that was exactly what I thought you were trying to imply, which is just madness. And I'm sorry, I think that this is exactly what you wanted to do. Four pages of back and forth, people trying out flex the next persons intellectual bicep all over a misunderstanding? You could have said that from the onset. No one (even governments) is trying to cause segregation by using the terminology of race, I'm pretty sure the world has evolved beyond that. Its purely a way to identify someone, and its Internationally accepted. No one is going to change it.

Topic meet after cyber sex
Posted 20 Jun 2014 13:10

I am very soon! I hope he can handle me!

I'm pretty sure we have established who cant handle who here. 204-oral sex 430-128

Topic Do you think women look good with nipple piercings and their clit pierced?
Posted 20 Jun 2014 10:47

If there is "clint", I'm not even going to notice the piercing. I'm just going to tell her to go wash, with soap.

I'm sorry Sexy, I just couldn't help myself.

Attack of the auto correct. (God, I hope so anyway)

While Im here, no. I dont find it a turn on, and nor is it a turn off. I just dont find them practical. The last thing I want to do is chip a tooth while I'm giving those areas some attention with my mouth.

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 20 Jun 2014 10:19

Missing your sweet mouth
Your essence will linger on
Until you return

Topic What's the most unusual thing you've used in your pussy?
Posted 11 Jun 2014 01:28

Gummi bears

I find the gummi bears not that unusual. Now, had you said penis...well..

Topic my first amusing/silly/funny pics thread :O
Posted 27 May 2014 02:48

Topic How do you get Grooveshark Playlist to play automatically?
Posted 13 May 2014 04:48

Of those times when the music started up in inappropriate places, how inappropriate was it to be going on a sex site to begin with?

It was not the fact that being on the site was inappropriate, the sound was inappropriate. You know, church, the library, funerals, at work etc...

Topic How do you get Grooveshark Playlist to play automatically?
Posted 13 May 2014 02:05

I had this set on my page at one time. Eventually, I drove myself mad with it because not always was I somewhere where the music starting up was appropriate. Then I thought, what about those few who visit my page? I removed it after a week. Im not going to say its obnoxious, but I do find it a little irritating. But I guess this was not a thread on opinions about it, but just thought I would put it out there as some food for thought.

Topic Someecards
Posted 10 May 2014 07:36

Topic Sexy Sentiments * What's your favorite?
Posted 10 May 2014 07:12