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22 Jun 2014 23:36

Great news for me, bad news for all my lush friends...I recently entered into a relationship and I am undeniably ecstatic...but this also means I will not chat sexually with anyone on here. I have also deleted my kik for the same reason. I'm sorry to all those who are affected by this but I appreciate your understanding and respect of my decision. Thanks for all the awesome chats I've had and who knows, maybe the will be more in the future but not as long as I am in a relationship. In the words of TraceEkies, "Stay horny my friends".

07 Jun 2014 00:30

What an amazing night... so happy and I feel out of this world...

23 May 2014 18:11

Officially DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL. Rocked my speech. Thanks for all the graduation presents and good luck wishes; it truly means a lot to me. All of you guys on here are the best and I'm so thankful to know each of you. Love you guys

22 May 2014 14:57

I graduate in just a few hours... This is insane. .I hope I don't mess up my salutatorian speech..wish me luck guys

19 May 2014 18:38

I just got my first dildo and g-spot vibe today...I'm so excited to play later tonight