Julie's Roadside Stop

A stop for speeding quickly strays from the routine

Once she'd left the limits of her small town, she hit the gas as hard as she dared. The road was a straight shot to the city from here, and it was a fairly deserted route, so she shouldn't have to worry about cops. As her Mazda whipped along the road, stirring up dust and fallen leaves in its wake, she sighed dismally and checked her watch again. There was no way in hell she was going to make...Read On


Miss Trottle After School

A high school teacher gets a little more than she bargained for when she tempts two seniors

Miss Trottle was a teacher in a high school in Bristol, Connecticut. It was the end of a particularly hard few weeks because as the summer holidays approach the workload for the teacher doubled, with parent’s evenings, thousands of reports, after school events and end of year exams Miss Trottle was glad of the fact that it was now Friday. The school bell had rung for the last time before...Read On


Heidi's Naughty Checkup

A young woman visits the doctor for an unusual problem, and gets an unorthodox treatment

Heidi Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadler's office wishing for the life of her that she was any place but there! Momentarily lost in thought, she jumped a little when a man in scrubs burst into the room and offered, "You must be Heidi, I'm Mike Kean, and I'm Dr. Nadler's assistant, so, what can we do for you today, Heidi?" Heidi was a little taken aback at Mike...Read On


Another Lesson for Penny

Penny is back for another violation of the dress code

One week after a wild sexual rendezvous with her teacher and principal following a violation of the school dress code, Penny finds herself in trouble again. Of course, wearing the same short skirt that got her in trouble a week ago along with sheer nylons was inviting another ‘punishment’ session. And while waiting to be called into Mr. Schroeder’s office Penny donned white high heels...Read On


Lesson in Lust

A student is 'counseled' on her dress code infraction

Penny is sitting in her last class of the day, looking out the window at the lovely spring weather, wishing school was over with for the year. It wasn’t that she disliked school, her classes were interesting for the most part, and her grades were high. But the warm weather of spring always made her feel a little wild, and being cooped up in school for the majority of the day was getting...Read On



A Week at the Cabin

When my stepdaughter spends a week at my cabin, she learns about more than just nature

When you own a cottage, particularly if it's a good cottage, you come to expect friends and family to invite themselves over from time to time. I have a pretty good cottage up on an island filled lake in Northern New York. It's got two bedrooms, a dock, a small beach, and a terrific view of the lake. It's hard to find, and kind of isolated, but I love it so much that I just can never seem...Read On


Penny's Home Lessons

Naughty Penny and her stepfather alone at home

Mr. Kendall doesn’t even wait to get Penny upstairs before he has his hands on her breasts and his inflamed crotch pressing against her. He pushes her over to the arm of the family-room couch and quickly pulls her skirt up over her back to expose her legs and ass to his anxious gaze. His hands briefly caress her ass-cheeks encased in the white nylons of her tights before slapping her tight...Read On


A Bridesmaid for Daddy

The dress made me feel beautiful; my stepfather made me feel sexy.

My cousin Jaime was getting married in October and I was going to be one of the bridesmaids. I turned seventeen on September 3 and I had developed nicely. The boys in school were always trying to get me to go out with them. I knew they just wanted to get inside my panties, but that was cool with me. My girlfriends and I would have sleepovers and talk about all kinds of things. Some of...Read On


While My Sister Sleeps

I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself!

I came home one Friday night and there lying on her back on the couch was my older sister. Angela had passed out. The light from the hall had her nicely illuminated. She had a blanket half covering her. Her legs were sticking out. I could see she had been out partying. She had on a short skirt and stockings. The skirt was up so high I could see her legs looking hot in her nylons, I could...Read On


Amy Learns Sex From Her Stepfather

A young girl snuggling with her stepfather quickly progresses to extremely inappropriate conduct

It was a little before sunrise and he was lying in bed, wearing only his boxers, as usual, when his bedroom door opened. There was his daughter. She was sixteen, and developing beautifully. Her firm breasts were beautiful mounds topped with her stiff little nipples. They showed through the thin nightshirt she was wearing. He had seen her in that nightshirt before, and he had wondered if...Read On


Gangbanging My Perfect Sister

Two boys jump at the chance to rub lotion on my their friend's hot sister

Perfect. That's how I describe my sister. Her body, her tits, her legs and, of course, her ass, every part of her is perfect. I've been lusting after that ass of hers for a while. Ever since I saw her just after taking a shower I wanted to fuck her. The water glistened off her butt, not even a second later she turned around, showing me her perfect tits, her navel, the "V" where her abdomen...Read On


First for Mom

A horny mother finds relief under her own roof

Jill Mellon stood in the kitchen of the sprawling suburban home that her ex-husband had left her, preparing breakfast for her teenage sons, Bill and Dave. Expertly her hands moved across the stove, flipping the eggs with a flick of one wrist, turning over the bacon with the other. Jill smiled, brushing the long brown hair out of her eyes. Nearly twenty years of marriage could make any woman...Read On


Seduced by my Step-Mom

When dad's away, strange things can happen

I went with Sharon to take Dad to the airport to see him off. He was headed out to Phoenix for a week for business. He hugged Sharon and told me to take care of her while he was gone. I wished him a safe flight then watched as his plane left the ground. Then Sharon turned to me and said, "Let’s go get lunch, my treat!" We went to what seemed to me a very high-class restaurant, someplace I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Shower

A short recounting of coming home and joining you in the shower

You got undressed and stepped into the shower, the water heating a little more as it fell against your back. You relaxed as the water ran down your body. You heard the bathroom door open, then close. I pressed my hands against your shoulders, moving them down your shoulder blades, then across your spine. You shivered at my touch, my hands slowly caressing your warm flesh. "Let me soap...Read On