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Amy's eyes were watering from the huge strapon that was impaling her pussy. Her cum was on the floor below and she knew later she would have to lick it off the laminated wood. She could feel Jenny's tits pressing against her back as she was being bounced up and down on the bright green manhood. Amy's blue eyes poured with water like the ocean, and every moment or so she gave out long sustained moans. Her hair was a mess, but that was the least of her worries! Her thighs were bright red, as were her ass cheeks from Jenny spanking them. Slowly, her mouth was drying up as Jenny playfully choked her and gripped her hair. Never would she go to church without feeling ashamed again.

**an hour earlier**

Amy's car pulled up outside of Jenny's house, and as she said bye to her dad, Jen watched her walk up the driveway from the window. Amy's chest was totally flat, but Jen knew her nipples could get nice and erect as she had seen them through her shirt in maths class. Her legs on the other hand were astounding, as her thighs were perfectly shaped, and her skirt was just high enough up her legs to make Jenny wet. Of course, Amy had no idea about this, as she was an innocent Christian girl. She had her hair tied back nicely, and she always wore a skirt with tights.

It was Sunday after church, and Jen opened the door to see Amy's smiling face. As she entered the house she dropped her bag onto the floor and took off her coat. Jen admired her chest stretching as she took of the coat, but only had a quick peek so Amy wouldn't notice! Jen led Amy into the living room and they say down on the sofa.

"How was church?" Jen asked, smiling at Amy.

"Good yeah, I enjoyed it," she replied.

"So listen," Jen said, "I've been thinking. As I broke up with Tim a while back now I've been wanting to get back out there! Well, I don't quite know how to say this, but, I really fancy you."

Amy looked at Jen in disbelief. She couldn't believe that her best friend was a lesbian! Jen slowly moved towards her, and Amy was speechless. Jen reached out to touch Amy's hand and Amy didn't move, so she moved in closer. She looks Amy deep in the eyes, approaching her lips slowly. Jen puckered up her lips and gently kisses Amy.
Amy kissed back, and then looked at Jen.

"This isn't right," Amy exclaimed. "I shouldn't be doing this with my friend!"

"Amy, it's fine I promise." Jen reassuringly hugged Amy and took a deep breath. She could feel Amy relaxing so she put her arms around Amy's waist and kissed her again. Any kissed back and they continued, their tongues slowly moving over each others. Amy loved the wet slimy feeling she had never before experienced. She put her arms around Jen and pulled her in closer. After a moment Jen was lying on top of her on the sofa making out with her! Jen was wearing a short black school skirt with tights and she could feel her pelvis pushing up against Amy.

Slowly, Jen reached up Amy's skirt and strokes her thigh. Amy moaned slightly but did not resist, meaning it was good. Jen moved up to Amy's shirt and began unfastening the buttons. It revealed Amy's plain white bra, which seemed to conceal some small mounds for her breasts. They were bigger than Jen expected, but still rather flat. Jen found that attractive and she could see the big lumps Amy's nipples were making. Amy was very erect so
Jen unfastened Amy's bra and begin to suck on her nipples.

"Oh god Jen," Amy moaned. "Keep going I love that!"

Jen gave both breasts attention and then sat Amy back on the edge of the sofa. Jen pulled Amy's skirt off to reveal her tights. Amy was wearing her shoes still, which were attractive black heels. Jen threw Amy's skirt over the room and slowly pulled down the tights. The tights went to around Amy's ankles, and Jen popped her head between Amy's legs. Amy's panties were white with red polka dots, and a cute bow on the front. Giving the panties a quick sniff,
Jen pulled those down also to Amy's ankles.

Amy was totally shaved, leaving a nice smooth surface for Jen to spread Amy's wet juices around on. Amy had never been properly wet before, but now she was dripping everywhere! Jen stuck her tongue out and slowly licked down the flaps of Amy's pussy lips. Slowly Jen increased her speed until Amy was crying with joy, and eventually she reached her first ever orgasm. As she was in euphoric delight Jen began to finger her ferociously, and Amy squirted everywhere. The squirt went in Jen's mouth, down her clothes, in her hair, and all over the floor. Jen swallowed the cum and then kissed Amy's pussy with her tongue. Amy lay with a big smile on her face and the lent forward and passionately kissed Jen so she could have a taste of her own juices.

Without asking, she began to undress Jen. First she took off Jen's shirt, to reveal two perfectly rounded breasts of size 36 DD. Her black bra was lacy, and allowed her nipples to be shown off through the material. Jen was standing in front of Amy, and Amy was sitting on the sofa. Amy pulled Jen's skirt down, and strokes her hand across the tights. Amy could see Jen's pussy juice soaking through her panties into her tights. Amy took the tights off Jen to reveal Jen's soaking white and black striped panties. The whole of the crotch area was soaked through, so Amy leant forward and sucked the juices from the panties.

Jen got up onto the sofa and stood above Amy. Amy was directly under her crotch and began to suck on the panties. Jen slowly humped Amy's face, letting the juices down her best friend's cheeks. Taking Amy by surprise, Jen let a stream of pee go from her pussy. It fully soaked her panties and ran down into Amy's mouth. The stream turned into a gush and Amy swallowed mouthful after mouthful of pee. When the pee stream has ended, Amy took off Jen's panties. Using her tongue, she licked Jen's clit back and forth, while she used her hands for other things.

With one had she began to spread the pee over her own tits and with the other she rolled up Jen's wet panties and began to force them inside her own vagina. Amy moaned and Jen squirted into her mouth, giving her a warm gush of pussy juice for the first time. Jen's knees became wobbly and she lay down on the sofa to kiss Amy once more.

"Amy, I've never told you this, but I'm a real slut. I've fucked most of the boys in our year."

"I don't care," Amy replied. "I just want to do everything with you."

"Luckily for you, since this is my own house, I have all my sex toys in the basement. It is my fuck dungeon! If you want to play, you speak only when spoken to, and you are my total slave! From now on you call me Mistress, understood?"

"Yes Mistress." Amy pulled the panties from her vagina and followed Jen to the basement. On the way, Jen picked up her panties and put them back on. In the basement, there were various sex contraptions and many beds with different ropes on them. Amy couldn't believe how many there were, but Jen was going to tie Amy to every single one of them that day.

Jen took Amy over to the first contraption, which was an upright bed. She tied Amy onto it and placed electrical pads to her nipples, thighs, ass cheeks, and clit and then turned in the machine. At first Amy began to moan, but Jen slowly turned up the voltage, Amy began to scream in delight, as she instantly squirted everywhere. Hen altered the currents as mast continued to squirt and moan.

After ten minutes, Jen untied Amy and took her over to a big mat. Some ropes hung from the ceiling, so Jen hog-tied Amy and suspended her at head height in the air. Jen lifted her head up and kissed Amy, and then went to get her electro wand. She walked beneath Amy and began to shock her nipples making Amy squirm in her ropes. Jen stood between Amy's open legs, and shocked pussy until she peed on her face. The pee was followed by a huge squirt into Jen's mouth.

"You're my little bitch ok?" Jen shouted.

"Yes Mistress!"

"Are you my Christian slut?"

"Yes Mistress!" Replied with a cry of delight as Jen once again shocked her.

Jen untied Amy and pulled her over to a chair. Leaving her there for a moment, Jen went upstairs to get changed. Jen arrived back moments later in high heels, a green dildo, and a black leather corset. She lifted Amy up and impaled her on the dildo in a reverse cowgirl position. Amy had never been penetrated properly so she began to bleed when Jen broke her hymen. Jen didn't stop and Amy kept moaning and screaming. Amy continued to ask her
Mistress to continue so Jen pounded her harder and harder until Amy had squirted everywhere. She slapped Amy's thighs with her hand, and pushed
Amy up and down by gripping her ass cheeks hard, leaving red hand marks. Amy had become Jen's slave.

Jen threw Amy onto the floor. "You're my doggy tonight! Ok my Christian slut?" Amy went on her knees and nodded. "In the morning you can have food but tonight you're sleeping in the basement naked. I expect by morning you will have filled this bucket I have with your cum. If not you'll be staying here another night!" Jen put a dog collar on Amy, and chained her to the wall. Jen gave Amy the bucket and then blindfolded her. "You can feel yourself and squirt into the bucket without looking at it. Get used to being blindfolded, because that's how you'll spend your time as my slave! Goodnight doggy. My Christian slut will be receiving a spanking tomorrow. Now get masturbating you little cunt." Jen walked out of the room and left Amy blindfolded and naked, a Christian slut, worthless and bound.

My Black Nightwish

My sexual surrender, dressed in lace,
She stood before me, in her place,
Her black satin nightgown awakened my lust,
Wanting to touch her I knew I must,

I dream about her, in my head,
She lies beside me, in my bed,
Dressed in her satin she tempts me more,
That luscious body, I do adore,

I run my hands, up her thighs,
The light reflected in her eyes,
She licks her lips, lips of love,
Like my angel, from above,

I touch her perfect body lines,
Knowing that she's still all mine,
I want her lips upon my face,
I want my cock in its rightful place,

Lick up and down her open thighs,
Dribbling down my chin, i watch her eyes,
She blinks them deeply and gives a moan,
I have to chill her to the bone,

I remove her satin, reveal her shape,
It's the perfect babe, of my dreams,
Nothing else can seem more real,
Though I know...it's all in my head.

Under reveals a dark pink bra,
And matching panties, which I want,
To chew up inside my mouth,
And suck their juices in my throat,

Her perfect shape, compliments her breasts,
They are so large, so a great chest,
I want to have them in my mouth,
Want to her fuck her down the south,

I unhook her bra and pull down her panties,
To see what my desires have created,
Every night I have this dream,
And even though I cum in my bed thinking of her,
She's still very real to me.
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Her 36DD tits were sore and bruised. With her hands tied her back, she pleaded for her master to fuck her harder. As he kept going she could only scream louder, until her voice was gone. Her breats were being choke by tight ropes, which made them swell up to tight purple balls. Jen was hogtied and lying on the table, which her knees spread with a bar. Lying her tits made her cry, but these tears we tears of joy and discomfort.

Jen's 'virgin' pussy had been plugged up - well, she pretended to be a virgin every Friday night. John's cock was deep in her arse, and Jim, Simon and Sam watched while the sucked each other off. This was a typical Friday night for Jen. After college (she was 19) she would come home and dress up in her short black skirt dress, put loads of make-up on along with her heels and earrings, and then call up her four favourite men. Jen was their doll every Friday, and was basically a cum dumping ground.

At the beginning of the evening, Jen would get dressed and wait in the dark in her house. The men would then let themselves quietly and grab Jen and tie her up, as if it was forced, although it was not. They fucked Jen in the dark for the whole night, the only being the moonlight shining through the windows. They'd begin by spanking Jen and forcing their cocks down her throat to choke her. They would pull her dress up and then double penetrate her, leaving no time to spare. Jen's pussy would be instantly penetrated, without giving her time to get used to their sizes. Jen would have enough eyeliner on so it would cover her face when she cried, and she wanted no mercy.

Leading her into the garden, they'd push her arou don the muddy grass and spray with the garden hose until she was soaking wet. The hose would then go into her pussy to clean it out. Jen loved the feel of the cold water gracing her walls, flushing her out. With her dress still around her waist she'd be dragged in the house, and the men would all cum on her face until it was pure white, with no skin left to show. She'd take mouthfuls of cum until she couldn't swallow any more! Her next task was having all of her holes filled! John would fuck her throat, while Sam and Simon fucked her pussy and ass. Jimmy would pinch Jen's nipples until she cried even more, and until they were red and burning.

Jen would then be tied to a chair and had to drink pint after pint of water, until she needed to piss. She was forced to piss in a big glass vase, and following the men would fill it up with their cum. Following this was the hogtie fuck. Her breats would burn and ache from the tightness of the ropes. Jen had no voice by them time she was finished, and the vase was placed under her face to catch her sweat and tears! This made a lovely smoothie, of which she would be drinking very soon.

Jen had long brunette hair, and this week the men decided to cut some bit out, leaving small bald patches on her head. Then she changed her earrings for big gold loops, put more makeup on and paraded around the room in her slag's dress. Her platform heels were big and black, and Jen cod hardly walk. Nevertheless she had to, as it was tradition. Her whole body aches, and now came her final task. The men put her on her knees and held her head back, and then mouthful by mouthful poured her smoothie down her throat. The whole vase had to be finished, without fail, or she would be fucked again and again! Mouthful after mouthful,
Jen was fed, licking every last drop up that might have been spilled. The men would then tie her up on the floor, gag and blindfold her and then fuck each other in her bed. In the morning, Jen wound be hosed down in the garden again, and then the men would leave until next Friday. Jen would spend the whole of the weekend with pains in her pelvis and bruises knowing that she was their amazing, dirty little sex doll.
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Nicole's Secret - Episode 4: Cubicle Punishment

The strapon was long and thick and it was all of the way down Alex's throat. Her eyes were watering from the pressure inside of her neck and she was crying so much that her make-up had ran down her cheeks. She was naked. The pretty little skirt she had been wearing was inside of the toilet and her top was used as her blindfold. The only thing she still had on was her heels and they were...

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