Uncle's naughty little girl - Chapter 3

Teasing around

Since those events took place, Uncle and I had been hanging out more often. Teasing around, but we haven't had a chance to have sex. I met all of his friends, mostly single and taking my clothes off with their eyes. I felt their glances behind me every time as I walked away, almost dancing while slowly moving my hips in a subtle erotic way. Even his best friend had a crush on me and I knew...Read On


Uncle's naughty little girl - Chapter 2

We finally did it.

I couldn't get my mind off him. It burned me inside, and as much as it felt good I knew I was going to rot in hell for doing it. Every night since then I've been sneaking underneath my sheets and touching myself thinking about him. Rubbing my wet cunt, fingering myself deep. I pushed my head deep inside my pillow so no one could hear me scream. I bit in my pillow as I felt my pussy pouring...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Lady's choice

Manual : How to make love in Spain

I like sex. I refer to making love as an art. Can't even figure out the right words to describe that feeling when I orgasm. Its like mixture of best pleasure emotions blended together, some sort of a tickle and overload of happiness. It will make your body shake, lose control over yourself and doesn't leave you completely breathless. It can be recognized as the best feeling ever a girl can...Read On