Stories by thepleasureprinciple


A Song Without Lyrics

Unspoken seduction

I loved the atmosphere of this coffee house, though some had criticized it for being too trendy. It had been converted from an old warehouse and had old brick walls and a high ceiling with open industrial style air ducts. Green railroad style lamps hung down from the pressed tin ceiling on long cords and all of the tables were purposely mismatched, each one having it’s own personality. I was...Read On


The Big Favor

Mother and daughter ask for a big favor.

As I walked through the hallway to answer the front door, I had already prepared my two speeches. It would either be, “Sorry, I already know who I’m voting for," or "No thanks, I just bought cookies from the last Girl Scout that was here.” As I pulled open the door, I nearly went into shock as I stood frozen, staring at the last two people I would have ever expected to see on my front porch...Read On


The Big Favor Ch. 2

Kelly and Jenny come back for more.

I peered out the picture window as I heard the door bell ring, looking to see if there was a car in my driveway. There was none. Shit! That usually meant there was some kind of door to door salesman working the street. As the bell rang again I was resigned to the fact that this guy was not giving up easily. I pulled open the door deciding not to be rude. I looked up to see the world’s...Read On


Close Neighbors

Neighbors becoming VERY close.

What a gorgeous summer night it was! I lowered myself onto the lounge chair on the deck behind my house, concentrating on my vodka rocks that I was trying not to spill. Even though it was close to 1:00 AM the air was still warm. I leaned back to enjoy some quiet late night time, enhanced by a few drinks. No sooner had I settled in than I started to hear voices and laughter from the deck of...Read On


Close Neighbors Ch. 2

This story stands on its own, but you will enjoy it more if you first read the original installment

Looking out the door to my backyard late that night, I had to feel a bit sad about how quickly the summer had flown by. Fall was in full swing. A blustery wind blew the leaves around on the deck and a full moon shone through the dark billowy clouds that moved quickly across the sky. I had freshened my vodka rocks and settled into my favorite chair to catch up on some reading. It wasn’t...Read On


Close Neighbors Ch. 3

More fun with Lisa and Becky

“I have no idea why I always look through the designer vodkas every time I am here when I know I’m just going to buy my usual brand.” I thought to myself half out loud. While lost in a sea of fancy bottles, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and turned to see a sweet, perky smile. “Becky! Wow, it’s great to see you!” I exclaimed as I gave her a big hug. “You’ve been letting your hair grow....Read On


The Inevitable

The inevitable no longer denied

There it went, my mind wandering again. Scanning the patrons at our favorite seafood joint. Not crazy about the place but everyone else seemed to like it, and I was here more for the social aspect than the food. Was kind of in my haze. Everyone else was in a conversation on a topic I was not big on so as they talked, I daydreamed. The talk receded into the distance. I did some people watching...Read On


Love from Afar

Love conquers great distance.

Oceans apart, yet have not known this closeness Your warm touch denied, yet our bodies are one Your past I’ve not shared, yet deepest secrets are known Your voice I’ve not heard, yet you speak to my soul Though our time has been short, I feel I can’t live without you So much I can’t have Though your flesh I can’t feel No one can tell me my love is not...Read On


Love Denied

Lost love that time cannot erase

Days become weeks, months turn to years Where is the healing that time brings? Love found for the first time proved I knew not love at all The joy beyond words, but pain even greater A tender touch, a piercing glance, a rare embrace Private professions of love that must be denied An aching that never subsides The need to hold you in my arms Is like the air that I breathe I will...Read On