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Hi, I'm something of an irregular writer, part based on true events, parts of it not. I hope you enjoy my writing and feel free to leave feedback, comments, anything.

Bye for now.

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Topic: Do you ever lose interest?
Posted: 13 Apr 2014 10:01

Guilty as charged for my most recent story. I had the second part all mapped out and got 1,200 words in too. Truth was, it was shite and I had writer's bloc in terms of a decent story and how to end it too. It took a couple of months but got there in the end.

The really odd thing is, I have a storyline for a whole new story but couldn't finish this one. It was all very odd and it's never happened to me before.

Topic: Word 2013 and Win 8
Posted: 13 Apr 2014 09:54

I have win 8 but prefer Word 2010, I save my stories in RTF and they render perfectly into Lush. The only thing to watch for is a space gets deleted in the first sentence for some reason.

Topic: How long are your cocks, boys?
Posted: 13 Apr 2014 09:51

7'' long and 7'' around - kinda easy to remember for all concerned really :P

Topic: Favorite Line You've written
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 01:32

"Nancy clearly wanted a fuck to rid herself of Patric, her withering assault on his proclivities was to use him, not develop feelings for him. That suited Jack fine, he could happily fuck and leave."

From How It All Began Ch.13.

Nancy was my attempt at casting a real sexual villain to seduce the main protagonist of the story into ruining what he had and destroy her husband (Patric) into the process. I like the line because Nancy was trying to break down Jack's resistance to her malevolent sexuality and it was working. Ok, it's a couple of lines but the compact sentiment of them I found really powerful. It was a very economic statement to propel the rest of the story. Not trying to big myself up but I sat back, looked at that and had to stop to make sure I'd really written that down.


Topic: Competing authors
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 01:22

I just post it up. If I read stories, it's as a reader. If I write stories, I write as an author. They don't meet in the middle or overlap.

One big happy family is my preferred approach to writing.

Topic: Guys, i have a question for you
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 01:18

Ok, I'll be honest.

I was 19 (yes, 19!) and she was 25. I needed a couple of beers to fess it up and found the fact I'd waited so long a total turn-on. Needless to say she found it a bit of a turn-on

We did it twice that night. Sorry for the spoiler but just like the ending of 40-year-old virgin, it always cracks me up because that's exactly what happened. We were together for only a few months but I think she took it upon herself to 'educate' me.

And was very successful at it - I'm now a total fuckin' deviant - lol.

Topic: guys can you recal the best blow job you ever recieved ?
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 01:11

We'd flown back from our hols the day before and had crashed for a 10 hour sleep. Morning glory and being woken up by my then girlfriend sucking me off until I shot it all into her mouth.

Topic: Bareback? yes or no
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 01:07

Like a few others, I was a teen during the 1980s AIDS/HIV scare. I was a third-wheel in my 20s with a couple and we only ever eschewed condoms once we had all been tested. Yes, it feels different but even then there was a regime involved of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

For anyone else, every single time we've played, condoms without exception. Swinging without them is generally very frowned upon, the risk of infection is there. We've found that it puts other people's mind at rest.

As for anything up my bum, a condom is used for hygiene's sake really.

Topic: revealing bisexuality, to a straight partner
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 00:58

Tough call because everyone is different, however, I've found out there are certain parameters in play here.

1. The amount of discretion required. For example, are you out or not? Some friends I know are bisexual, out and proud. Some are not because they have straight friends and have (usually) genuine concerns about being treated differently. They prefer a more private arrangement.

2. The seriousness of the relationship. If it's a hook-up and nothing more, again, it depends on whether it needs to be revealed or not. (See point 3).

3. The nature of your bisexuality. Wanting a same-sex relationship or just a 'special friend' and needing a predominantly opposite-sex relationship. Yes, I've come across men and women with those kind of dimensions going on. Monogamy is an unusual arrangement for some bisexuals I've met.

My own preference is 'unconventional'. I have straight friends that do not know, I usually tell someone that I want a more serious relationship with. Yet, I have had bisexual hook-ups for just fun and open relationships.

I was married (way too young) and my wife didn't know about my 'tendencies' (I was only curious at the time). We split up for other reasons. I have been with my partner for a number of years, we are far more open, she knows and also encourages me to explore it. Yes, she knew upfront and that honesty allowed her to tell me about her own curiousity.

I think I prefer non-judgemental types, that goes a long way to making it an easy thing to reveal.

Topic: Guys do you shave your cock clean???? When did you start???
Posted: 04 Oct 2013 11:50

I had a minor op that required some shaving to be done in the vicinity of the love spuds nearly 20 years ago. I really liked the way it looked so decided to keep it that way for quite a few years.

Hot tip: Long warm shower, wash, lots of shaving foam, sharp blade.

I was only about 18 and it felt a bit weird and this was over 20 years ago - it wasn't that common, it was a bit of a deviant thing to do.

I fell in with a woman who had something of a naturist kink a couple of years later and the words "Oh thank god." were strange but it was something we had in common - she was completely shaved too. Nudist that shave are 'smoothies'. She had a real kink for it and once completely denuded me of hair (except the lustrous locks on my head) - that was a little too weird but it drove her wild.

At the bare minimum (sorry, had to drop a pun in), it's all trimmed back to a '0' with trimmers (that takes balls - sorry). I still completely shave it off every couple of weeks for the sheer hell of it - it's deeply entrenched habit now.

And the longer you keep shaving, the less it seems to itch (see hot tip too).

As for the reaction, not a single woman had ever gone 'Urgh', lots have gone 'Mmmm.'

Also, it sets out your stalls - you aren't that vanilla so if she's got some kink, you will find out :D

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The Road Trip Part 2

Night had followed from the long dusk and they had met only hours before. Malina’s countenance put Jamie immediately at ease; her face was comely and warm. Her body was tightly held by a cropped tight t-shirt and black leggings. It did nothing to hide her intoxicating curves; on the contrary, she enjoyed showing herself off. Her initial hug by means of a greeting was intimate; she pressed...

Added 13 Apr 2014 | Category Bisexual | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,386 | 2 Comments

The choice

There he is Such childlike eyes Fragile and timid Safe and warm There he is Knowing eyes alluring Handsome and exciting Fluttering heart beats Here I am Will He see me? Will He know me?  Oh please want me There you are Bashful, earnest, hopeful Tongue-tied, diffident Kindness and niceness Taken for a sibling There you are Aloof yet disarming ...

Added 09 Sep 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 280 | 1 Comment

The Road Trip Part 1

Wanted: Transport to Warsaw as soon as possible. Will pay share of expenses (Euros only). Leave message for Jamie Talbot at reception. Jamie's European adventure was not going well. It was planned as a motorbike grand-tour of Eastern Europe on his classic Honda CB500 with his girlfriend, Helen. It had ended in ignominy for the bike in Warsaw. The swarthy looking mechanic said he could...

Added 08 Sep 2013 | Category Bisexual | Votes 31 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 7,540 | 7 Comments

How It All Began - The Final Chapter

On his knees, his arms were braced against the tall dress mirror. From behind, Fay stabbed the strap-on cock into him again and again repeating another series of shallow strokes. Holding his cock in her hand, she felt his immediate reaction as his cock flexed in her grip. She looked at the delicious sight reflected back in the mirror, each sinew of Jack's arms and body were tensed, the...

Added 01 Sep 2013 | Category Bisexual | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 3,479 | 3 Comments

How It All Began Ch.16

Fay had been back only a few hours and the atmosphere crackled with a sexual tension. Jack and Fay had the run of Tanya's villa for the weekend as she was visiting friends in La Rochelle. Leaving a welcome home note for Fay, Tanya had in typical style left a few bottles of Champagne and a well-stocked fridge. The weather was cooler now, rainy and darker and the sumptuous art-deco villa...

Added 23 Aug 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,009

How It All Began Ch.15

Over lunch, Tanya had regaled to him tales of her times in Cap D'agde. Sat in a private booth, Tanya had fucked, sucked, fingered and licked her way through those times as they enjoyed two light courses and a half-bottle of wine. Listening to Tanya tell her stories had driven Jack almost insane with lust. She had helped proceedings along by unbuttoning the top two buttons of her fitted...

Added 18 Aug 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,164 | 1 Comment

How It All Began Ch.14

To describe Jack's predicament as an uneasy situation was understating the tension in the office on Jack's return from Rome. Since his return a few days ago, Jack was on edge expecting repercussions from his forceful renegotiation with Nancy. Monday had been and gone, it was a dreadful day, the revised contracts had arrived with the improved terms and Tanya was delighted. His delight was...

Added 13 Aug 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,333 | 1 Comment

How It All Began Ch.13

As Jack battled with this shattering revelation, he sat down in front of Annunciata Rossi-Barthez; the powerful Italian media magnate. Jack had never made the connection, it was too incredible that this cold, emotionless and detached woman could be Italy's reclusive media mogul. With her business interests in print, television and film; they spanned from satellite TV to populist cinema fodder...

Added 12 Aug 2013 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,964 | 2 Comments

How It All Began Ch.12

As Jack pulled his wheeled hand luggage case over the threshold from the plane onto the jetway, he switched on his Blackberry. Placing the phone back inside his jacket pocket, he let out a deep involuntary sigh. His first impression of being back in Rome was how much he hated business trips - especially on his own. This assignment was meant to be one for an Account Director but through ill...

Added 11 Aug 2013 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,504 | 1 Comment

How It All Began Ch.11

Sat in the voluminous leather Chesterfield armchair, Jackwatched as Fay and Shelly danced provocatively for him. Using the dark mahogany pillars of the four-poster bed as impromptu dancing poles, Fay pulled up her own dress and exposed herself to him. Fay reached to pull up Shelly's dress hem to mid-thigh and they giggled at their revealing show. As Shelly pulled herself tight to the...

Added 10 Aug 2013 | Category Hardcore | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,920 | 3 Comments

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