Our naughty side: Part 2

“Why don’t we have some fun of our own mommy.” I smiled.

Erica quickly jumped up, wiping my dripping cum off of her face. “Mommy!” She yelped, covering up her body and beginning to panic. Unlike Erica, I didn't try to cover myself up. I didn't try to explain myself whatsoever. Instead I started to look at my mother in a different way. My eyes wandered over her body from head to toe. I noticed how her brown curly hair fell just below her large...Read On


Love from my brothers: Part 2- Mutual Feelings

I woke up the next morning sore with a sticky sensation between both of my legs.

I woke up the next morning sore with a sticky sensation between both of my legs. Smiling, I pulled up the covers exposing my naked pussy to the atmosphere around me. I had another one of my fantasies and pleasured myself like a woman; the thought of it made me wet all over again. I sleepily walked to the shower rubbing every part of my body while I turned on the water. As soon as I put one...Read On


Our Naughty Side

I screamed bucking my hips up and down meeting the thrusts from her tongue.

"ERICA WHERE THE HELL DID YOU PUT MY BRA?’’ I yelled loudly at the empty hallway. "ERICA I FUCKING KNOW YOU’RE HERE’." I walked into the hallway naked and frustrated searching everywhere for Erica, my twin sister. Erica and I are fraternal twins. Erica stood at 5’2 with sandy blonde hair just below her breasts. She was blessed with a yearlong tan and crystal blue eyes. Erica had rather...Read On


Love from my brothers: Part 1 - The Fantasy

I pushed my head up from my brother's cock and moaned in the air throwing my head back.

I awoke gently by the sound of my bedroom door opening. My brother strolled into my room and with each step he stripped off a piece of clothing. By the time he reached my bed he stood before me naked, holding his long cock in his hand. I did not hesitate to reach up and stroke its glory. Suddenly, my second brother appeared from behind me. He started rubbing his strong rough hands all over...Read On



Punish Me

I was a mess. A screaming, shaking, wet mess against her body.

My heart pounded furiously as I sped through the busy streets of New York. I bit my lip in anticipation hoping I wouldn't’t get fired from my job. This was my fourth time being late and only God knows what my bitch of a boss would try to do to me today. Her name was Reylin, Reylin Hothworth. She had long gorgeous black hair with a nice firm ass. Her long tan legs led up to this glory and...Read On



Paying off debts: Part 1

‘’Oh master your cock is wonderful.’’

Tamara walked into her crumbling apartment in a frenzy. This whole week had come to shit and a bottle of wine in the cabinet was calling for her in these desperate times. Her mind began to swim with thoughts of her piece of shit job that paid her next to nothing. Thinking of that made her glance over to the counter, looking at the pile of past due bills. She kept borrowing from the bank, but...Read On