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26 Jan 2014 16:42

Please watch my 2 videos and Paxton video.


26 Jan 2014 16:27

Please watch my videos.

PIN 1111

14 Jan 2014 17:28

Do you want to play toys with me?

12 Apr 2013 09:41

I plan on having a good time today.

13 Feb 2013 15:22

Happy Valentines' Day!

23 Jul 2012 22:57

Hi all i'm back i plan on some fun.

16 Mar 2012 13:22

Hi Everyone, We are (all 7 cute butts) going on a six week cruse to South America. We will tell you all about it when I get back. IT IS GOING TO BE FUN!!

17 Dec 2011 16:33

Hi friends i'm back. I took a brake from lush I am ready to chat.

10 Oct 2011 14:46

I just love to play.

11 Apr 2011 15:09

HI i have had lots of fun this week hope u have also.

06 Apr 2011 13:08

Hi every one, we are back from our cruise and looking forward to chatting with all of our friends. Please comment on the new pictures of the day .

27 Mar 2011 08:34

I am going on a trip be back in 10 days.

26 Mar 2011 13:17

Hi everyone this is Paxton I have my own lush site now. Come and see me.

26 Mar 2011 13:15

Hi everyone this is Paxton I have my own lush site now. Come and see my. http://www.lushstories.com/tiacutebutt/images/60691

25 Mar 2011 07:13

I everybody this is Tia