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14 Aug 2011 00:24

If you don't have a picture of your face on lush, don't send me a friend's request!!!

18 Jul 2011 21:57

new picture!

18 Jul 2011 21:35

OMG! Excessive heat?? more like desert heat!!

10 Jul 2011 21:06

i am NOT having the best night, so if you feel like calling me a slut, or you feel like talking dirty to me, don't even try.

10 Jul 2011 01:20

i'm not perfect, but i keep trying, cuz that's what i said i would do from the start. i'm not alive if i'm lonely, so please don't leave. was it something i said? or just my personality?

01 May 2011 16:20

hmm rereading my favorite series "Innuendo." (: ugh i missed it!

12 Apr 2011 14:45

just got a skype! message me your skype if you have one. (:

05 Apr 2011 20:27

ugh! i tried to add a message at the end of my new story, but it needs to be

05 Apr 2011 15:22

My new story!!

05 Apr 2011 13:25


05 Apr 2011 13:20

It's up, but I don't understand why i've had 9 people rate it 4 and one person rate it 3....any help? :S

04 Apr 2011 21:42

My next story, "Catching Up With My Cousin," has been submitted and I am now awaiting approval! Wish me luck and hopefully more success with this one more than my others.

04 Apr 2011 16:55

sorry i keep switching up stories all the time. i'm taking a break with my straight sex story, and working on another incest story about me and my cousin...fantasy, of course. i'll be done with it soon. promise. (:

04 Mar 2011 20:10

part 5 is up!!!

04 Mar 2011 09:59

part 5 has been submitted!!! should be up soon!

27 Feb 2011 17:32

I finished part 5, but I can't post from my iPod. so I'll post it soon!

15 Jan 2011 12:17


10 Jan 2011 18:53 cousin wants a picture of my body. [:

10 Jan 2011 16:17

please, please, please read Aelle's Acceptance - Part 4!!!

09 Jan 2011 00:13

Aelle's Acceptance - Part 4 is up!!!

23 Dec 2010 21:06

i have to stop staying up late...good thing is, i've been staying up late to work on part four of Aelle's Acceptance...hope you all like it when it's up!

15 Dec 2010 13:50

Best/Worst text of the day: "You no being a sexy beast as usual." (: hehe it made me giggle.

11 Dec 2010 20:21

I MADE TOP 10 AUTHORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: (:

08 Dec 2010 16:42

less than 1600 views on part 3 after 2 days..........where'd the fans go?

Please read! XOXO Tori

07 Dec 2010 21:01

come on! only 1,340 views on part 3 after 2 days??

06 Dec 2010 20:16

Part 3 of Aelle's Acceptance is up!!! Check it out! (:


06 Dec 2010 18:59 only have to wait a few hours for Part 3 of Aelle's Acceptance! Just submitted it! Just a warning to the incest lovers, it's not an incest one, but I can promise you some more incest in Part 4.....that is if you want it! (:


04 Dec 2010 19:11

awwe. ): "Kia and I" isn't nearly as popular as "Aelle's Acceptance". ): but oh well... i'll just continue with aelle's acceptance part three since i found my flash drive! (: oh happy day!

04 Dec 2010 18:50

awwe. ): "Kia and I" isn't nearly as popular as "Aelle's Acceptance". ):

30 Nov 2010 21:04

i put some new pictures up!