torielizabeth's Blog Entries

14 Aug 2011 00:24

If you don't have a picture of your face on lush, don't send me a friend's request!!!

18 Jul 2011 21:57

new picture!

18 Jul 2011 21:35

OMG! Excessive heat?? more like desert heat!!

10 Jul 2011 21:06

i am NOT having the best night, so if you feel like calling me a slut, or you feel like talking dirty to me, don't even try.

10 Jul 2011 01:20

i'm not perfect, but i keep trying, cuz that's what i said i would do from the start. i'm not alive if i'm lonely, so please don't leave. was it something i said? or just my personality?

01 May 2011 16:20

hmm rereading my favorite series "Innuendo." (: ugh i missed it!

12 Apr 2011 14:45

just got a skype! message me your skype if you have one. (:

05 Apr 2011 20:27

ugh! i tried to add a message at the end of my new story, but it needs to be

05 Apr 2011 15:22

My new story!!

05 Apr 2011 13:25


05 Apr 2011 13:20

It's up, but I don't understand why i've had 9 people rate it 4 and one person rate it 3....any help? :S

04 Apr 2011 21:42

My next story, "Catching Up With My Cousin," has been submitted and I am now awaiting approval! Wish me luck and hopefully more success with this one more than my others.

04 Apr 2011 16:55

sorry i keep switching up stories all the time. i'm taking a break with my straight sex story, and working on another incest story about me and my cousin...fantasy, of course. i'll be done with it soon. promise. (:

04 Mar 2011 20:10

part 5 is up!!!

04 Mar 2011 09:59

part 5 has been submitted!!! should be up soon!