Aelle's Acceptance - Part 3

Aelle has an unexpected first two days at college.

I stepped out of the car in front of the Art Institute and was greeted by a goddess. “Hi! I’m Nikki. Do you want some help with your bags?” “Sure, thanks!” I introduced myself and grabbed the larger of my bags. “What dorm house are you in?” “Uhm…McAdams.” “Me too!” she giggled. “What dorm room?” “I think my letter said 423.” Nikki stopped and put my bags down. “Did I say something?”...Read On


Kia and I

Just a warning, there is a very small amount of violence in this story. Also, there is a big lead up, so if you're looking for a short, quick, get-it-over-with kind of story, this is NOT for you. *buzz**buzz**buzz* I looked at my phone and saw that I had a text from Kia. Kia is my best friend, practically my sister. She’s the same age as me - 18 - and looks like a Celtic goddess....Read On