Oral Sex(1)


Son's mother in law

Peter is seduced by his son's sexy mother in law

A couple of years ago on a brief trip back to the U.K, I decided to call in at my son's house to pay him and his lovely wife a surprise visit,. I knocked at the door and waited and as the door opened I quickly realized that the surprise was all mine. There standing in the doorway in a short flimsy summer dress was Rita, my son's beautiful mother in law. My eyes instinctively scanned the...Read On



Son's mother in law 3

Following my adulterous escapades, the next day was to be spent at a boring trade show where I had to give several tedious seminars on the benefits of solar water heating. Most of the time I found myself struggling to keep my mind off Rita who was now imposing on my every thought. Shortly after lunch we had a “group meeting” to discuss the successes of the morning and to plan changes to...Read On


Sons mother in law 2

Peter is invited to dinner

I drove back to my hotel with vivid images of my freshly committed infidelity running through my mind like a movie. I really wanted to hate what had happened , but instead I felt quite an annoying sense of pride. I've had so many friends that cheated on their wives and suddenly found themselves single again in their forties. Then, after a couple of years of shooting their seed...Read On