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Okay, what's to say. Yes, I am married, but am looking to expand my sexual horizons. I love reading the stories and whilst I have some ebooks available have not yet had any put on here, but I am getting around to writing them. I am open minded and willing to pretty much try anything so if you fancy a chat, try me, I have a very good imagination and am not afraid to use it. I may not be a super stud, but what gifts I have I will gladly use to their full advantage x

Simon available on request
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tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Writing fantasy/horror. REading the same, as well as comics(geek alert lol). Pets, Movies.....oh yes and SEX. Lots of Sex however it cums
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Anything by Terry Brooks, Jonathan Maberry, and pretty much anything that grips me tight and won't let me go......Hmmmm, sounds like a good idea....
Favorite Authors:
Terry Brooks, Thomas Emson, Jonathan Maberry, Stephen King. Terry Pratchett
Favorite Movies:
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avengers and other Marvel movies. Shawshank redemption. Forrest Gump
Favorite Music:
Queen, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf. rock, some pop as long as it isn't Rick Astley......
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07 Feb 2013
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22 Jul 2014
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Topic: Is anyone horny right now?
Posted: 22 Feb 2014 10:08


Topic: Is anyone horny right now?
Posted: 22 Feb 2014 10:08


Topic: What is the riskiest place you have ever masturbated?
Posted: 21 Feb 2014 08:16

Take your pick, the box office in the cinema at night, the office in the warehouse, the cinema auditorium in between shows, the stock room in the supermarket, the back of a trailer...... in the racking in a supermarket warehouse...

Topic: Is it appropriate to PM sexual images to people you don't even know on LUSH?
Posted: 21 Feb 2014 07:55

Do you think just because you are a member of LUSH that it is "expected" that random people will send you sexually explicit pictures in PMs? Do you think that is appropriate or even "to be expected"?

Me? I think it shows complete lack of class and common sense. I think if you send people porn in a PM that you have not even talked to it shows that you are a complete jackass and don't respect others. I think this is even more so if their profile states CLEARLY that they are not interested in that type of thing and they are in a committed relationship.

What are YOUR thoughts on the matter? coffee

As Meatloaf said, you took the words right out of my mouth. I find it annoying even moreso in the chat rooms where guys send gifs to girls and then expect them to chat to them. if anything it gives the rest of us a bad name

Topic: men on lush
Posted: 21 Feb 2014 07:30

Well this has certainly raised a few comments hasn't it. Regardless of names etc, if a person simply chats about sex or penis size or that sort of thing then they really are missing the point of this site and should simply go find a chat room to get their kicks. This site is definitely more about erotic stories and meeting like minded people but there is no need to approach a person as if they are simply a sex object. I like chatting, and yes I like sex, but the two do not always go together. If you do find someone on here who likes that sort of thing, to talk about nothing else but sex, then fine, but don't expect everyone is the same. The same applies in the Chat rooms. And DPW, nice to see you can still rile people

Topic: Questions no man wants to hear
Posted: 18 Feb 2014 07:51

Have you cum yet?

Topic: men on lush
Posted: 15 Feb 2014 11:46

I felt a need to have a male input here, whilst I appreciate the forum poster asking the question I do find it a little like asking yourself how to breath. Let's be honest, you wouldn't walk up to a lady in the street and show her a picture of your cock, so why does it seem that just because they are here on Lush, that blokes think this is acceptable. treat the ladies how you would in real life, and if you treat your lady like a sex object in real life then you need to take a good hard look at yourself mate. It annoys me, especially in the chat rooms where guys think they can address gifs to ladies as if in doing so they will open up to you and let you treat them like shit.
Treat people on here with the respect they deserve. And yes that does work negatively as well.

Topic: What actor(s) do you dislike so much, that you won't even bother watching their movies/shows?
Posted: 11 Feb 2014 10:01

Jim Carrey or Johnny Depp. That's put the cat amongst the pigeons.
Jim Carrey is nothing more than a visual gag that has run its course, he is beyond his sell by date
Johnny Depp, well seeing as he is usually playing almost exactly the same character under different names, his ability is so over rated. Tim Burton is the only reason he is still around.
And God help all us Marvel fans if he gets signed up for Doctor Strange.

Topic: If you could have one show come back for one more season, what would it be?
Posted: 10 Feb 2014 09:06

Stargate Atlantis or SG-1, or Alcatraz, the latter was just finding its way

Topic: Do you ever just write, and not have an idea in mind for it?
Posted: 09 Feb 2014 09:40

Not exactly, sometimes I just have a simple sentence pop into my head and I work around it to see where it will take me. I do, however, find it hard sometimes to keep a tight leash on the characters, they do have a habit of wandering off on their own adventures and leave me chasing after them.

The Forgotten Graveyard. Book I of the Four and the Seven, now available on Amazon Kindle

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Posted: 14 Feb 2014 05:18
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 14:06
Thanks for the add
Posted: 03 Feb 2014 08:50
good morning my sexy friend XOXO
Posted: 01 Feb 2014 08:53
Hi I would love to chat. I think it would be fun. If you chat request me as it doesnt seem to be working the other way. Looking forward to jear from you!
Posted: 27 Jan 2014 04:31
Available on request eh!
The mind boggles and the loins stir.
Posted: 26 Jan 2014 11:07
Posted: 24 Jan 2014 12:21

Thanks for reading my stories and the nice feedback. Xo
Posted: 22 Jan 2014 10:18
You welcome
Posted: 19 Jan 2014 13:26
thx a ton for the awesome comment for my first story

Posted: 12 Jan 2014 16:02
thanks for your kind words to help since writing theses story I haven't written anymore
mind is full of lust etc but how do I start simple xxx
Posted: 12 Jan 2014 09:22
absolutely and welcome to my lush parlor

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 23:49

Thanks for the add xx
Posted: 21 Dec 2013 12:52
Thanks Simon, just send a message if you want to chat
Posted: 09 Dec 2013 11:24
If you fancy chatting at any time, just send me a message
Posted: 05 Nov 2013 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.

Posted: 08 Oct 2013 11:03

Looking forward to getting to know you. Hugs and Licks...xooxox

Posted: 08 Oct 2013 11:03
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