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Hi! Before you start reading, please keep in mind English is NOT my native language so please do not expect my grammar, spelling or general explaining to be flawless. As for my profile picture: No, the woman on the picture is not me. I just liked what the picture expressed. I am not going to put my own pictures on a website like this. Thank you for understanding.

Okay so I came to this site to find some relief in fantasies, which I keep separate from my RL. Some people watch sex video's, I read stories. That being said, I ended up making an account a while ago, but never really did anything with it.

I am a very shy and reserved woman and although it's easier to express and make a move online, it's still in my nature to be withdrawn. That's why it's hard to get anything out of me (depending on my mood) and I am not one to start a conversation with a stranger. I need the stranger to start talking to me. I value respect, trust, intellect and decent conversation and these things help me to open up.

If you think something is missing from here, please let me know. I am always open for feedback so I can improve myself.

Relationship Status:
Well... apparently one of my interests are erotic stories, lol. My favorite genres are supernatural and reluctance. That being said, I am NOT into violence or pain.
Favorite Books:
Books.. wow... I really don't read any books. I used to read some detectives when I was little. When I was 12ish I went to college or high school, I'm not sure what it's called in English. Reading books became mandatory and boring and that hasn't changed for over a decade (I eventually finished university when I was 26ish). Now, two years later I actually want to read something. I bought a book about having a full mind. Haven't started reading yet though, lol. My idea is to keep my literature simple. I like to go easy on my mind in my spare time. This means books like harry potter and lord of the rings and such will never be on my list.
Favorite Movies:
Movies that I like are usually typical feel good movies, with a happy ending. My favorite genre's are action and comedy. I can appreciate watching an exciting action movie in IMAX. It really feels so much more alive and exciting that way it makes even the lame movies decent, lol. The last movie I watched which made a big impression on me was part 2 of "The Hunger Games" (in imax, lol). As for comedy, I prefer to watch them with family or friends at home, with a bowl of chips and chocolate milk
Favorite Music:
This one is going to be a little funny. One part of me likes classical music, the other part likes euro-dance and another likes hard-style and some hardcore. The genres give a pretty good idea of what I like, but... there are songs from another genre (rock for example) I like more than certain songs from my favorite genre. This is because I like variety in music a lot. Without it, a song gets boring very quickly to me.

Let me explain why I like these genres so much...

I like classical music mainly because I just love the piano and violin and they're almost always in there. I also like how classical music sounds relaxing, but it needs to be at the right time and mood.

During the day, my mind is running faster than most classical music plays and I want something happier, this is when I like to listen to euro-dance. It's fast beats and happy sounding tunes.

At times when my mood is hyper I need something happier than euro-dance and this is where hard-style comes in. Yes it really makes me want to jump, lol.

And last but not least, hardcore, for when I feel upset or just don't care anymore. Nothing much to say about this.
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Posted: 24 Dec 2013 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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