Straight Sex(1)


Her Dream

She said she dreamed it like this...

She's my mistress, my Jade mistress. A curvy blonde, with gorgeous blue eyes, pink nipples that love to be sucked and nibbled on, pouty lips that beg to be kissed, a soft sweet pussy that loves to be licked and sucked on, and finally a round ass that loves to be spanked almost as much as it loves to be fucked. She's been in a loveless marriage for more than a decade, with a man who...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


The Ex Wives club Chapter 1

The discovery of sex after marriage.

This series of stories is about my discovery of Ex-wives that haven't had the freedom of sexuality in years. Each chapter is unique to the lady. Her name is Jessica and we've been friends for years. I knew her when she was married to Tim and now that she was divorced I got to see a whole new side of Jessica. Jessica was married for many years to Tim, a moderately amusing man who...Read On