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I like big boobs and pretty faces. I'm only into women, however, if I really like my partner I'm down for anything. I'm a wannbe writer trying to make it. I like to write any type of story. Just depends on what mood I am in. If I happen to be writing a sex story or poem. I try to write in a way that is real; in terms of, how sex really goes down. Sex is not this lovely stuff that smells like rose and all that bullshit. Sex is raw, powerful, and it hurts. But most of all it's about feeling over thinking.

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I like to work out and be very close with my girl. I also enjoy writing.
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blunt blow'n, love in the sky
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Topic: Stories on your profile page
Posted: 10 Mar 2014 17:09

What does prolific mean? Am I a prolific writer?

After thought: there is a story limit?! And by the way your profile pic would be better if your hands were somewhere else.

Topic: Why do you vote on a story?
Posted: 10 Mar 2014 16:57

I read and vote on a story to the people that put a happy face when they message me. Or if someone asks me to. I'll just up vote it even if I think it is shit and not in the good way. Before I would rate people on my own standard so it was unfair. And even my own stories I would only vote a 4 if I could vote on them.

After thought: Possibly, that is a pic of a pair of prefect titties. Who ever was the doctor I must say job well done.

Topic: What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted: 10 Feb 2014 11:44

My thoughts on this subjects are very simple. I think partly because I am a man and a simpleton. Abortion is a way of saying "fuck you little would-be baby."
Now people should be able to have an abortion if they want. Eith way it is a no go. However, I wonder about people who feel no sadness for having an abortion. After all one is saying fuck you little would-be baby. So that gives true insight to a person's soul. It is the little things such as this abortion example that allow one to see the heart of the matter.
The statement: a person sould be allowed to choose if they want an abortion should not be a excuse to over look our scruples. How, in this statement "a person should be allowed to choose if they want an abortion." There is something not good. And that is that it allows those without scruples to camouflage among others who have had an abortion but have scruples. The only difference is people with scruples have misgivings, and that aspect cannot be seen easily.
I fear that most now a days do not have any misgivings about undergoing an abortion. And that saddens me. Yet do not misunderstand me just because a person lacks scruples does not make a person bad. All it means is that when put in a situation that tests their integrity the actions will not be dictatied by moral integrity but rather by selfishness.
moral integrity is the stuff inside you that allows you to know or care how your actions will aftect others, and as a result, making you behaving on those feelings in a way that will affect the whole in a positive way. Selfishness is the inability to see or care about how your choices affect others.
Most people fall into selfishness. I'm not saying selfishness is a bad thing. I'm sayimg a selfish person makes being selfish bad.
I'll give you an example of good selfishness. I wanted to be a renowned writer and make a shit load of money. That is selfish of me. But I know my great stroy telling if able to span around the world it will inspire many young and old. And that inspiration gleaned from my storys may lead to some great scientific break throughs.

Topic: Finding inspiration in a simple movie.
Posted: 09 Feb 2014 06:39

I just watch this movieon Netflix "Strongman". It is a documentary about a guy trying to make money as a strong man. I found inspiration through watching a "day" in the life of Stanly Pleskun. I found inspiration in this documentary because me and Stanly have two things in common: one we both are stronger then the normal man and second we both are trying to make money out of something we love doing.

Like Stanly I too like to eat as much whlole foods as I can. I wish him the best in his endeavor. Stanly never gives up even through all his hardships. That made me realize I need to keep going too. Just keep pushing forward. Him making a lot less than others with less talent. That made me feel okay about seeing others less talented writers making bank while me not so much. I just have to build up to that and with my talent the only thing holding me back is me. He messed around on his girlfriend. I'll never cheat on my girl. I understand how it could happen though. Women find out you're strong and all of a sudden they want to know what it do. I've been in that situation many times. One example, an ex friend of my girlfriend really couldn't care less about me. But one night I fell asleep on the couch while everyone else was partying. And when I woke up I had a pillow covering my midsection. Truns out while slept I got a boner and everyone saw it. After that this ex friend started trying to talk to me. Another time we were at a bond fire and I smashed an unopened beer can with my left hand just messing around and after I did that I can't tell you how many times different females touched my hand or shoulder or put their hand on my arm.It was all innocent. However, guess how many women were close enough to touch me before I crushed the beer can? Zero. So I can fully understand how he could of had a moment of weakness.
Watching that documentary made me lay down a resolution: keep pushing forward.

So my question to you is where have you found inspiration before?

Topic: The Superbowl Coke Ad, for those who saw it.
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 06:33

My first thoughts after seeing it was 'damn it would have been way better if it wasn't a coke-a-cola commercial.'
You're friend I bet is one that believes in the melting-pot effect. The melting pot effect is where other races come together to form a new race. Or another way of stating it is: where everyone becomes the write race. I can talk about his subject for a while but I'm not going to. The government took away the Native American's cultural identity and way of living. And left with no other choice but to become just like the white man in order to thrive. I'm a little speck of that aftermath. I think he was just trolling you. At least I hope he was.

Topic: How much does this kind of thing, put you off?
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 06:13

I that is one of the characters speaking. I take it as the way the character is speaking. Also don't read any of my stories. They'll only waste your time.

Topic: Versus Verses - Rhyming Challenge
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 06:02

I get dressed to play Cosplay is fun. And Cos everyone wants fun. So let me be your fun. Cos I get dressed to get undressed when I play. Cosplay is mighty fun when there's a hon hung up on me. I might let it swing if he's that hung up, Cosplay is fun.

Topic: Lovers' heart beats.

Topic: STORY REQUEST: anyone willing?
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 05:36

Yeah sure. I'll answers that request. Here I go.
She lets her body fall to the bed. The day has gotten her down. It was down right awful, taking all her energy to stay sane. She needed a pick me up in the form of nine inches. But this time she wanted other stuff with it. She wanted someone who she could believe when his juices came rolling down her body. The end.

Topic: Judge finds cop not guilty after refusing to watch abuse video.
Posted: 20 Jan 2014 22:25

They beat the shit out of him! He was fighting for his life. Those cops learned him good. I learned something from watching this. If a cop or cops start beating the shit out of you, take it like a g, don't even move a little that will only encourage them. Don't call for your daddy it wont help, they don't care. They'll beat his ass too if he gets lippy. I also learned that many lack the courage to stand up and tell those cops that they were doing wrong. I don't blame people for not trying to be a hero, after all, if one did try to intervene and save this guy the cops could turn on this would be hero. And worst of all they could justify it by claiming obstruction of justice. The sad truth is the people watching this as it happened couldn't do anything without risking their own lives.

Next time yous see something like this happening at least call 911, please .

Topic: Judge finds cop not guilty after refusing to watch abuse video.
Posted: 20 Jan 2014 00:19

Really, you think if one says something bad about that cop that one will get heat from others? What happened was the cops for got there was a camra there and attacked him because the kid was laughing at him. And then remember that there was one there after the fact. As if that wasn't enough both cops were talking down to this guy. And in one part of the news section a guy said this type of footage is meant to protect cops. They're just looking to bust cops. I was thinking dude those viedos were never meant to protect cops.
It comes down to the issue I talked about in the thread about a honest world. In that thread I go over the issues that this deals with. In an honest world we would look at this and see objectively what happened.
A cop attacked a guy because he wanted to. Both cops talking down to this guy because they had disdain for this young man aka contempt. And in an honest world we would then look at how and what these two cops are contributing to society and as such is where their currency value would be set at.

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It's Pink

It will be good. You and Me. Can you imagine. I would get home from work. We would eat and I would help you wash the dishes. Then we would go to sleep. It will be just another day, but it’s all the inbetweens that will make it good. When I get home I kiss you, you know, it’s just the way I say hi. I chase you around our place because you like it when I chase you. You let me caught you....

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Desire's Whisper

A man stands before me. I try to walk past him but he stops me. I turn around and walk away. I remember where I was walking to. I remember my desire. I remember! I turn and face the man again. I know now, I must fight him . . . I must win. I will! He pulls out his sword. And I match him. We lunge at one another. His strength is impressive. I am losing to him. I’m losing my desire....

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We laugh together and share time together but do not be mistaken, you’re not my friend. I hold your hand and kiss you but do not be mistaken, you’re not my friend. I give you my jacket on cold nights and carry you when walking becomes too boring, but you’re not my friend. No, she’s not my friend! Yes, I’m sure... She is not my friend. Brown hair, brown eyes, red lips, big hips,...

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She Loves Me, I Love Her

This is my favorite poem. I wrote this poem for my girl for Valentine's. ------------------------- Sad, does he love me? Holding it inside. Emotions, what do I do? Love, if only you would. Over and over we would. Vaccinate me now if all you do is sway me in your arms, unable to decide on your love for me. Enough is enough, I’m not her so you can toy with me. ...

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Like a Fool

some random stuff not my best but here it is. -------------- It was half past 10pm when it struck me, that, I will support you in any thing you do and any choice you make. Since then I have been sitting on my bed like a fool. I could do nothing. I hear nothing but your voice. I am like a fool hearing you call me 'Babe.' I offended two of my friends when they asked me to go bowling with...

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Kisses In The Dark

In an apartment a man and woman stand facing one another. He asked me what I wanted to drink. The man moves from the woman; he walks into the kitchen, and the woman strolls towards the window. I didn‘t really care because I‘m not much of a drinker, so I told him whatever you got. While Rick was mixing up some drinks for us I took off my shoes and set them next to me. The living room...

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Tempers of War and Love

It’s cold and rainy, Vaga stands in front of a Spanish-villa. He stands there thinking of the events that brought him here: Men dressed in suits sit at a large table. An elderly gentleman sitting at the end of the table addresses the other men, "Hello, I’m glad you all could make it. The matter at hand is my age. I’m growing old and I will not be here forever. What I am saying is I want...

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Polly Wants A Cracker

The crowd rages, mass hysteria, as women scream frantically; their bodies covered in a light dew of sweat that causes their clothing to cling to their curves. Electricity more like chemistry: I see you baby. The way you move and handle that guitar, I can tell you know what you’re doing. You look so good; It’s lighting when those stars shine, women losing control in the moment; their hands...

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