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11 Apr 2014 21:03

I'm officially SINGLE as of this weekend so the world is my oyster. YIPEE!!! Maybe I'll have time to write another story now? Gonna go dance my ass off tonight!! I need to shop too (get my mom or Judy to bring the credit card haha). I'm thinking of a new sexy skater skirt and some shoes to match? Maybe some new sexy lingerie? I need a fresh start.

04 Apr 2014 20:20

I'm so fucked-up and confused. I have no idea what I did? We were just supposed to have "coffee"? IDK? Should Steve tell Phoebe? Should I tell Phoebe….I mean she was/is my friend? I think it won't happen again, but I don't know….fuck the sex was so hot? Steve apologized like a million times and I feel so GUILTY!! OMG. Ken is on a business trip thank god. WTF has this girl got her self into? JENNY……..HELP!!!

20 Mar 2014 01:06

My dad's in Hawaii with Judy working on making me a half-sister (YIPEE!!) My mom's in LA on a business trip, but I think she's meeting a hot guy? Just a suspicion haha. I'm on my own fulfilling my dreams and trying to live up to my expectations (not easy). Men are an on-going disappointment, but luckily I have my gang of girls. A few things have been ticked off my bucket list, but that's only for my bestieeeeees if you know who you are haha. Girl secrets.

28 Feb 2014 00:55

I have been feeling very special and wanted lately. I guess I'm lucky this year? My mom is in a terribly good mood too (her guy must be very good in bed hehe). I think I might become a sister this next year? IDK? My dad's gf has sorta hinted at the fact that she'd like to get pregnant. It would be so awesome if I had an actual sister. Okay gotta go to bed….wow… late. I think I'm really falling for this guy….omg….he's made me feel so feminine. Am I finally becoming a "woman"????

22 Feb 2014 21:24

Going out on a double/triple date tonight……dance my ass off and get drunk. Hope Ken makes it exciting enough….I need to fucking relax….I mean RELAX!!! Yes girls orgasms DO HELP….but I want to dance my ass off first and flirt with few randoms……(Stop giggling)… know what I mean. Red Bull here I come…..Kisses Crissy

17 Feb 2014 20:40

Haven't been on much. Slept over at Ken's place for three nights….so yeah. Poor guy has a pink toothbrush and tampons in his bathroom now hehe. Some of you want to know more about my gang of friends so I'm posting a few more pics even though not many people even comment. Back home so I can catch up with my homework……sex sort of interferes with good grades hehe. Ken seems to have been offered a promotion, but it's pretty complicated.

12 Feb 2014 00:36

HOLY cow I got over 20,000 views on my page? Okay now that's a giggle. Not many comments on my pictures however so I guess not many stayed around.

08 Feb 2014 02:39

I'm so glad my mom is home for a while and doesn't have to travel. Been missing her. Mom is here, Jen is here….life is good. Seeing my special man again tomorrow. I hope he surprises me with something special?

06 Feb 2014 18:35

I'm so so into my new guy. He makes me grin and laugh and he let's me "be me" if you know what I mean? OMG I'm such a lucky girl. FINALLY. I'm even thinking of using the "L" word on him? IDK? Maybe. My mom says I'm old enough now to have a more intense relationship. I think this is the "one" to test her theory out hehe. Sorry I'm so busy everyone and I hope you forgive me.

03 Feb 2014 04:21

OMG the Super Bowl, super sex and shots!! 4am and I'm still horny?

01 Feb 2014 21:19

Sometimes I feel so so lonely when mom is away with her boyfriends. Dad is off with Judy and I'm all alone? I wish it weren't like that. I'm feeling so distant tonight……..well just lonely I guess?

26 Jan 2014 23:54

Don't judge…….okay?

21 Jan 2014 23:36

My cup runneth over (stop giggling girls….hehe)…….my hands are sorta full at this moment. Tell you all about it later.

14 Jan 2014 23:53

Okay fuck chemistry….I'm going to bed!! Hey I posted some more pics as if anyone gives a fuck haha.

11 Jan 2014 20:55

Okay blasting out the door for my "secret agent" Saturday. OMG I feel like a slut doing this, but I couldn't figure out another way. Terry thinks I'm on a "girls night out"….well….which sorta I am hehe. Anyways I'm fed up with moody self-absorbed men?? C'mon a girl wants to have fun right? Anyways last night was AMAZING so tonight is V 2.0 of the same. Hey no judging on Lush right? Hope you all have a blast for your weekend.