Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love-Chapter 6

"STEPHANIE" The next morning after breakfast, Jane and I went off to our regular classes at the university. Along the way to a class, we noticed a message that was planted on the bulletin board on campus. It read that a costume party was going to be held at the campus arts center on Friday. Jane and I read the ad and we both agreed that we should go and enjoy ourselves. "Wouldn't it be...Read On


Brotherly Love, Sister Love-Chapter 5

"JANE" After we returned to our apartment after that wonderful day at the beach, Stephanie and I were having a laugh and a chuckle over the way we fooled Al and Randy. That they thought that we were really two real women instead of two gay brothers continuing the transformation of ourselves into two beautiful lesbian sisters was something for the two of us to behold. "Boy," Stephanie told...Read On


Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love-Chapter 4

FOUR MONTHS LATER "STEPHANIE" Four months had passed since we started taking hormones together. In that period of time, we discovered that the hormones were starting to take effect. Not only were the nipples on our chests beginning to be soft and tender but also some swelling and puffiness were starting to take place around the breast area. As a result of those changes it was becoming a...Read On


Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love-Chapter 3

"STEPHANIE" Jane and I thus began our formal transformation from two homely looking brothers into two beautiful looking sisters. Beginning the following Monday, we began classes at the local college. We arrived all dolled up to the nines. We both wore beautiful makeup and wonderful wigs.  When we arrived on campus we decided to be honest and truthful with the other students and faculty....Read On


Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love - Chapter 2

"JANE" Stephanie was right about that. We both went into the bathroom together to clean up from our hot session. After we had finished bathing and drying ourselves off, we returned to our bedroom where I would, with the magic of makeup, turn Steve into Stephanie. We then returned to our bedroom where I helped with the makeup; the eye shadow, the mascara, the lipstick, the eyelashes, the...Read On


Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love - Chapter 1

JOHN My twin brother Steve and I had always been very close. We were both eighteen-years-old and had just recently graduated from high school. Together we were about to enter college in the fall and, as a symbol of our closeness and the togetherness we had shown to each other all of our lives, we decided to rent our own off-campus apartment together. We both decided to spend the entire...Read On


Incest In The Black Family-Part 4

Case 4: Brother/Sister

Taejon and Avesta were your average brother and sister who lived with their parents in a nice home located in the North End of Hartford. Taejon was 18 and about to graduate from high school. He was a star player on the high school basketball team and was getting offers from different universities to commit to their programs.   Avesta was 17, a year younger than her brother. She was...Read On


Incest In The Black Family-Part 3

Case 3-Father/Daughter

Donetta was an 18 year old student beginning her freshman year at the University of Hartford. She was an outstanding student in high school not only in her studies but also as an athlete. She was a member of the high school swim team and she hoped that it would lead to scholarship opportunities as far as college was concerned. Donetta finally decided to attend the university of Hartford...Read On


Incest In The Black Family-Part 2

Case 2-Mother/Son

Angela was a single mother of a handsome 20 year old son living in a nice middle class neighborhood in Hartford. She was living a dull boring life as a beautician at a neighborhood beauty parlor. When Angela discovered that she was pregnant, her boyfriend who was responsible for her condition flew the coup and left town. Stuck and left alone, Angela was nevertheless a very strong woman who...Read On


Incest In The Black Family-Part 1

Case 1-The Whole Family

Leroy and Valeda J. were a happily married couple with two children from Hartford, CT. Each summer the entire family would leave the sweltering heat of the city for the Gulf Coast of the family's home state of Alabama. Their cottage was located right on the Gulf of Mexico and has every modern convenience for today's family, including a satellite dish and a High Definition TV set . With...Read On


A Very Special Love 8: 20 Years Later

Brother and Sister: 20 years later.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This single chapter story is the sequel to the recently   completed 7-part story "A Very Special Love." This sequel sub-titled "25 Years Later" covers the period that took place 25 years after Bill and Jessica's first incestuous encounter at their parent's summer home. For Bill and Jessica are now a happily married couple for the last 20 years and are the parents of a...Read On


A Very Special Love 7

March 1-10, The America East Men's Basketball Tournament.

MARCH 3 The America East tournament opened on March 1 with a couple of first round games for some of the lower seed teams. After a day off on March 2 (the women's tournament opened that day) the men's action resumed on March 3 with the quarterfinals against Albany. Billy scored 50 points and collected 125 rebounds as Hartford defeated Albany 75-50 to advance to the semi-finals. After the...Read On


A Very Special Love 6

February 21 vs. Stony Brook

As the conference portion of the schedule went on, Billy ands his team were making mince meat out of the rest of the conference. The team was going gangbusters with a record of 10-4 outscoring the opposition by the scores of 250-55. The team was pulverizing the opposition at the Sports Center which was becoming a lions den for opponents and the team was equally ferocious on the road as well....Read On


A Very Special Love 5

January 5 vs. New Hampshire

Billy and I returned to our campus apartment the day after Christmas. With so many students away for the holidays the entire apartment complex was virtually a ghost town. We returned early because Billy's team was about to embark on the road for two games over the holiday week. One was against La Salle and the other was the American East Conference opener against Albany. The games would...Read On


A Very Special Love 4

The Holiday Break

As the non-conference portion of the season schedule wore on, the team jumped right out of the gate with a 6-1 start. The entire team, offense as well as defense, was clicking on all cylinders and Billy was clicking along with the team, beating such non-conference schools such as Dartmouth and Yale by wide margins. Not only was he leading the team in points but also in rebounds and Points...Read On


A Very Special Love 3

November 16, Hartford vs. Mount St. Mary's

After playing the first three games of the season on the road, we finally played our first home game on November 16 against Mount St. Mary's. Billy was one heck of a standout in his first home game of the season scoring 45 points and 18 rebounds as the Hawks defeated Mount St. Mary's 85-45. Throughout the entire game, I was proudly cheering on my brother as he was continuing to set...Read On


A Very Special Love 2

Well, after our parents helped us get settled in, Billy and I got down to the serious business of preparing and studying for our classes. I was a Business Major and Billy, when he was not playing basketball was studying Political Science. I spent my hectic early days at the school buying books and notebooks getting my laptop ready for my studies and...yes trying out for the cheerleading...Read On


A Very Special Love 1

Basketball player brother plus cheerleader sister leads to forbidden love.

My name is Jessica. I'm 18 years old and a freshman at the University of Hartford. My brother's name is Billy. He's 20 and starting his junior season as a player on the school's varsity basketball team. As you know, when my brother plays, I'm on the sidelines as a member of the cheerleading squad. But there's more to this story than you already know. You see Billy is more than my brother. He's...Read On