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13 Apr 2014 19:21

Why do I always manage to find myself in these, awful situations..

14 Mar 2014 21:58

'Hole' Load of Surprises- Part 2 has been approved, I hope you all read it and enjoy!

24 Jan 2014 20:13

As a parting gift before I go offline, I've posted a picture of my view as I'm ready for bed.

04 Jan 2014 09:49

My new story 'Hole' Load of Suprises has been verified and uploaded! please read/rate/comment and let me know what you think! xx

14 Dec 2013 19:41

In the process of writing a new story!

12 Dec 2013 17:51

currently sat in a friends house on her laptop while she is laid on the chair next to me fast asleep and snoring quite loudly... Why can't I ever sleep?!

12 Dec 2013 17:34

Christmas time never fails to put in a very good mood

30 Nov 2013 17:31

New pic! Making up for the time I've missed! x

05 Nov 2013 13:23

new pic!

31 Oct 2013 18:00

think i need to go on the pull tomorrow night, been too long since i've been serviced! haha

26 Oct 2013 22:44

BIG NEWS! Finally sent the final part of my incest story off for verification, I'll let you all know when it's up, hope you enjoy!

19 Oct 2013 20:26

new pic!! thought i'd make up for all the time i've been away xx hope you like x

02 Sep 2013 20:59

Damn Internet

02 Sep 2013 20:59

Damn Internet

02 Sep 2013 20:57

Damn Internet