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Business Proposal, Ch. 2

Married woman accepts date with black man.

By eleven o'clock we were seated in Leon's lawyer's office. He smirked at the one caveat that Charlie insisted be put into the agreement, no anal sex. Placing a call to Leon, he nodded after gaining his approval and silently watched us sign the document. Afterward, Charlie kissed me lovingly and left for work. Leon arrived in a taxi and whisked me away. His dark face warmed with...Read On


Business Proposal, Ch. 1

A man offers a married woman compensation for a date.

"Hey, Charlie,"I said to my husband as he kissed my neck. I was sitting at the kitchen table paying our monthly bills via computer. It was 10 PM and my husband had just gotten home from work. It wasn't unusual for him to work 12-hour days as manager of a Rustler's Steakhouse. I asked, "How was work?" "Slow," he said wearily flopping down in the chair across the table from me. "Two...Read On


The Day I Caught my Mom with the Gardeners

"Rrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggg,"it was already 1:50 p.m. and school was out early due to PSAT testing. I walked to my locker, got my necessary school books for homework later that night and called my mom to come and pick me up. "Hi, sorry I can't come to the phone..." Click. Dang. Why isn't she answering? I tried again. Same thing. Ugh. That means I have to walk home now. Its not like I lived...Read On


The Cruise - Day Three

Be careful of what you wish for - It might come true

The third day. The ship is now anchored at Maui. I spent all morning being questioned by the authorities and signing statements. I am hoping all the incidents of yesterday will just become a bad memory. During the questioning, I have avoided giving the sordid details of how the conflict actually started, saving Ann and Linda embarrassment. They tell me that my statement and the statements...Read On


Forced To Watch My Wife Have Secret Sex

Wife explores sex with another man when she thought I wouldn't see it, but I saw it all.

Tessa and I had reached our ten year anniversary together, so in preparation I had asked what she wanted as a gift. She took no time before saying some diamond jewelery would be the only thing she wanted. Given that we didn't have a lot of cash on hand, I didn't like that thought at all. "Sorry Tessa, you know that would make things real tough for me," I replied, seeing her sense...Read On


Rene Makes a Confession

Rene confesses to her online playmate about her real life affair

Part 1: He wants me Trevor, I have to tell you a story. (Those are the first words I read in my email from my cyber friend Rene. She and I have never met, but we have great cyber and phone sex and have become each other’s confidante, sharing nearly every thing with each other, all the way from our innermost fantasies to the birth of our sons, her first and my third, who were born on the...Read On


That’s What Friends Are For, Ch. 3

Woman sexually satisfies her best friend's husband while her own husband watches.

The next morning, Stanley woke me from my sated sleep by licking my nipples and then lightly blowing his warm breath across them. Shivers of delight followed each passionate exhalation and goose-bumps crisscrossed the flesh of my breasts. As my eyes fluttered open, he smothered my protest with a kiss. His tongue explored my mouth, while his finger delved into my pussy and searched for...Read On


My Best Friend's Wife

I have an affair with a friend

Just recently my wife Lucy and I hadn't been getting on. Neither of us were cheating, we'd just grown apart. We both realised what was happening and had tried to make a go of things, but, it's just wasn't working. We had a massive row, so I packed some things into a bag and left.  "Where are you going to stay?" asked my wife. "I don't know yet. I just know I can't stay here tonight. If...Read On


That’s What Friends Are For, Ch. 2

Woman agrees to sexually satisfy her best friend's husband.

After confirming permission from my husband and my pregnant best friend, I put my plan to seduce her husband, Nick, into motion. I called him, telling him I needed to talk to him about his wife, Tina, and would he meet me at a hotel bar after work today. A couple of hours later, I showered then headed into my bedroom and dressed in the outfit I had previously laid out. First, I caressed...Read On


That’s What Friends Are For, Ch. 1

Woman is asked to sexually satisfy friend's husband.

There are friends that you have polite chats with, and then there’s your best friend. She’s the one who roots for you, no matter what. My best friend and I get together to share the deepest part of life, the part place where your inner being stands naked before someone else and receives unconditional acceptance in return. It is these deeper dimensions that have made us feel more bonded. It...Read On


A Favour For A Friend Part 3

The lovers awaken to a different world after a night of extreme passion.

The following morning I woke up at about half past eight, feeling oddly refreshed, but still highly sexually excited by what I had heard and seen since Oliver arrived at our front door.  Getting out of my single bed I walked out onto the landing and through the open door into our bedroom. I crossed to the window on tiptoe to avoid disturbing the sleeping lovers on our king size double...Read On


A Favour for a Friend Part 2

Anne seduces Oliver and the couple are carried on waves of pleasure to heights of rapture.

At this point in my story, I really ought to come clean. Although I described our relationship with Ellen and David as mildly flirtatious, about three years previously it had changed over the course of one night into something much naughtier. Subsequently they introduced us to their swinging lifestyle, which we embraced with considerable enthusiasm and enjoyment. I am sure, however, that...Read On


Hotwife Amber: The Clients

New Hotwife expands her horizons.

Amber arrived at the Dutch Brothers' headquarters excited to see Jesse. She had spoken to Jesse on the phone a few times and liked him. They had both flirted on the phone occasionally when they talked and Amber was a bit nervous to meet him. She was hoping he was at lease as good looking as all the other Dutch Brothers employee she had met during her last trip up to their headquarters. It...Read On


My Wife's Friend - Ally 2

The story about how I fucked 3 beautiful women.

This is a story about my crazy two days of fucking three beautiful girls, my wife Staci, Ally, and Deanna. Two weeks after our night with Ally, it was the night before her wedding. I was invited to the rehearsal dinner because of my wife being in the wedding. So, after work I headed to the restaurant where we were eating. There was a separate room just for us upstairs. I quickly found my...Read On


Will and Emily

Even seven years of marriage can't stifle their passion for each other...

He ran his fingers through her hair. She was so peaceful when she slept, so content. Will stared at his wife of seven years, retracing the shapes and contours of her body that he'd come to know so well. He studied her long brown hair, the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hip, and before he knew it, he was hard. "Seven years of marriage and she still turns me on," he thought to himself. ...Read On