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The Sailor

My husband invited a sailor over for dinner, and I had him for dessert.

My husband Jeff and I were living for a while in a small coastal town that was a harbor for merchant ships. Jeff had a job working at the dock and I was a stay-at-home housewife. There was nothing much to do there except for the few bars that the locals and sailors frequented. Life was boring living there. The only fun I had was when my husband came home at night and I cooked him a good meal...Read On


Watching My Wife With Male Stripper

Wife fucks stripper while I watch

There is a saying, 'be careful what you wish for, your wish may come true'. My name is Mike and I have a beautiful, sexy, hot wife who turns heads whenever she walks into a room. Sue is thirty-five years old with a body to die for. 32D natural tits, tight abs, slender legs and the cutest, most beautiful face you've ever seen. I am a very lucky man. Sue and I have been married for ten years....Read On


My Ex-Wife - Part 2 (Clarification)

The journey continues

I remember the first time I saw her. She had arrived for an interview and after she had left, I was asked what I thought of her. I said she had stunning legs and looked like she’d be a good shag. Charming eh? However, it was an honest view. She was ten years older than I was and I guess today she’d be called a MILF. I fancied her from the moment she joined the company and our closeness grew. ...Read On


Rich's Valentine's Day Gift

Rich is surprised on Valentine's Day by his wife.

I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of the perfect Valentine's Day gift for my husband Rich. He already has just about every toy for just about every hobby you can think of. It’s been a tough year and our relationship has suffered a little. I often think about the closeness we once shared and want so much to feel that once again with him. Rich is a wonderful man and I want...Read On


My Ex-Wife, Part One (The Beginning)

Better the devil you know

When Jan and I split it was my decision. I don’t think I can give you a reasonable explanation why either. I just felt things were stale I guess. It wasn’t her fault . We had just drifted and allowed minor issues to become major, even though they probably weren’t. We met at work where she was a secretary and I was a manager, but she wasn’t my PA as she worked for several guys within the...Read On


Couples Therapy Chapter Two

Renee opens up in class as teachers pet.

The next few days were not what I expected. Renee seemed to be back to her distant self and was withdrawn from me. When I finally got her to talk, she told me that she felt dirty and ashamed by her actions the other night. I assured her she had nothing to feel dirty or ashamed about, that’s what the class is for. She said, “I cannot help it, I am planning on talking to Karen about it at...Read On


Fair Exchange

“We can’t,” she whispered to him. “I know,” he replied, kissing her tenderly on the temple. In spite of her protest, Toni had eased the tip of his cock into her moist, warm opening. “You’re Gina’s husband,” she said, kissing his jawline. “And you’re Bob’s wife,” he nodded. Their lips met and they melted into each other. When they released from the kiss, her breath caught in her throat. ...Read On


A Hot Summer's Day

A young wife has an affair with an older neighbor

It is a hot summer day, you decide to take your bull dog for a walk and just happen to pass by my house. I am outside in my bikini, washing my car. You stop and watch for a few minutes as I dance around the are and wiggle my ass for you. My husband, Caleb, walks outside as I am stretched across the trunk of my car.   “Need something Kurt? You’ve been watching my wife for quite along...Read On


The Secrets We Keep

A woman scorned can adapt, can't she?

She stands above me, stoically, like a conquering goddess. By all appearances, the situation is nothing new to her. Then again maybe that is exactly what it is, an appearance. Regardless, she now stands before me and it is I that has called her forth. I gaze intently at her bare sex. She has dispensed with any covering formality such as panties at my behest. Her freshly shaven skin is...Read On


Talk Was Just Talk, But This Was Action (Part 2)

Real events that made me kind of perverted. (Wife Real Events)

I heard the key enter the lock. They were coming inside. I could hear my own heart beating as I was tucked in the corner of her living room closet. Several of her coats and dresses covered in plastic blocked me from being seen and a stack of stacked blankets covered my feet. I had left the closet door ajar just enough for the camera to video tape the scene. I however was only able to peer...Read On


Jill Becomes A Hot Wife Chapter Two

Jill learns more in becoming a hot wife.

Well it’s been a couple of years now since Jill found her hot sexual desire that day at the mall. She had no idea that voyeurism and exhibitionism could lead to so much fun. She always felt that was something weirdos and perverts did. But now she knows the real joys of being a hot sensual wife and it has really changed her for the better. It had a few bumps in the beginning as she started...Read On


Game Night

I used my hubby's game night to seduce his friends

When I heard about swinging, it sounded like a lot of fun to me. I brought up the idea to my hubby many times, but he was never interested. He's a very quiet, gentle guy, and I think that sort of thing just seemed too wild for him. I'd often mention while we were in bed together my fantasies of playing with other people, but he would just smile and get embarrassed. I didn't want to cheat on...Read On


Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses Chapter 13

Depressed over a court order, Leila goes back to Ace for a costly night of debauchery

Leila’s trial month as a house guest turned into five months, and in that time the dynamics between her and Delia and Nathan gradually changed. Call it a case of familiarity breeds contempt, but Delia’s constant supervision of Leila wore on the friendship and changed the bond between them. Delia increasingly saw Leila as unredeemable. While Leila got better as a housekeeper and could...Read On


Our Stories: Sheri’s Wild Lesbian Night…The Recap

My future wife tells me about a lesbian night with her friends.

After our encounter with Tara and Charlene, I had a feeling Sheri was going to keep exploring. We were getting on the bus to go home the following morning. I was up early, so I went down to the beach one last time. Sheri saw me from her balcony and blew me a kiss. I did the same and headed back to my room to get my stuff. I got on the bus and found my seat near the back. I watched out...Read On


Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 7

Cindy and Alan try wife swapping for the first time.

We are driving home from a sex party, slut party, fuck party at Mike and Karen's mansion. My name is Alan, and my beautiful, young, sexy, 'stay at home mom', slut wife just gave Pete a blow job in front of twenty people and then fucked two black studs, while six of us watched on closed circuit TV. Cindy is not a whore, but she was well paid for her performance. I am pissed that we were...Read On