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I am a retired scientist, and I have been happily married to my wife since the age of 22.

I am 6 foot tall, weigh about 190 pounds, and I am in pretty good shape for a man of my age. I have brown eyes, greying hair - what's left of it, and a white beard and moustache which I try to keep neatly trimmed. I love to wear big hats. My avatar is not a picture of me, although it is not dissimilar in appearance, just much younger. When I change my avatar, as I do from time to time, I always try to make it reflect some aspect of my personality.

I am a voyeur. I enjoy looking at pictures of naked women, and tasteful videos of people having sex, both couples and in groups, and I particularly like to see women in the throes of sexual ecstasy. I enjoy exchanging images with friends, but I always choose what I post on another person's wall with great care.

I joined Lush initially to read, and then to write stories. As a habitual masturbator, I have found both reading and writing very arousing, and both have enriched my sexual experience.

I am happy to receive friend requests from people, both men and women, of all ages and of all sexual persuasions, who are genuinely interested in erotic writing, and who are willing to share their erotic fantasies. However, I will only accept a request after careful reading of the profile, forum posts, comments on other people's stories, and of course, any stories written by the person making the request. I am always totally honest in what I say, but I will try as far as possible not to hurt someone else's feelings. In return I expect others to treat me with the same consideration and honesty.

Sadly I have discovered that to get too involved emotionally almost inevitably leads to hurt for either or both parties, and therefore I will only accept chat requests after careful consideration, and only if I already know the person very well. See my poem "Closure" to understand more fully where I am coming from. Even then I would prefer to keep the relationship at a light hearted and flirtatious level, and whilst I won't refuse to have cyber sex, it will be on the basis of no commitment on either part.

William Humphries
Relationship Status:
The study of disease - transmission, effects, morbidity and mortality.
Hospital governance.
Voluntary humanitarian work in the local community and internationally.
Drawing and painting.
Writing poetry.
High quality erotica.
Favorite Books:
Scandinavian detective noir fiction - Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankell, Stieg Larson, Camilla Lackberg; Detective Fiction - Ian Rankin; Spy Thrillers - John Le Carre
Science fiction - Ian M Banks, Isaac Asimov, J G Ballard, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut

The Bible,
Gregory David Roberts - Shantaram; V S Naipaul - A House for Mr Biswas; Rose Tremain - Music & Silence; Hilary Mantel - Wolf Hall; Curtis Sittenfield - American Wife; Amitav Ghosh - The Glass Palace, The Hungry Tide, Sea of Poppis; Jung Chang - Wild Swans; Anchee Min - Empress Orchid; Frank Mcglynn - Wagons West; Sena Jeter Naslund - Ahab's Wife; William Boyd -Waiting for Sunrise; Ma Jian - Beijing Coma; Pascal Mercier - Night Train to Lisbon; Sebastian Faulks - Birdsong, Charlotte Gray, On Green Dolphin Street, A Fool's Alphabet; Umberto Eco - The Island of the Day Before; Jack Thomas - Arnolfini; C J Sansom - Winter in Madrid; J R R Tolkien - The Hobbit, The Lord if the Rings; Margaret Attwood - Alias Grace, Lady Oracle; Jed Rubenfeld - The Interpretation of Murder; Louis de Bernieres - Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Favorite Authors:
Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankell, Stieg Larson, Camilla Lackberg, Ian Rankin, John Le Carre, Ian M Banks, Isaac Asimov, J G Ballard, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, Gregory David Roberts, V S Naipaul, Rose Tremain, Hilary Mantel, Curtis Sittenfield, Amitav Ghosh, Jung Chang, Anchee Min, Frank Mcglynn, Sena Jeter Naslund, William Boyd, Ma Jian, Pascal Mercier, Sebastian Faulks, Umberto Eco, Jack Thomas, C J Sansom, J R R Tolkien, Margaret Attwood, Jed Rubenfeld, Louis de Bernieres
Favorite Movies:
In no particular order, Visconti's Death in Venice, Lincoln, Dr Zhivago, Some Like it Hot, Lawrence of Arabia, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, and many others.
Favourite TV Shows:
Borgen, The Bridge, Wallander, Inspector Montalbano, Quirke, MASH, Monty Python
Favorite Music:
Eclectic tastes - there are only two kinds of music, good music and bad music. What follows is by no means a comprehensive list - just a representative sample. I now more than 1,000 vinyls and an equal number of CDs, as well as many downloads from iTunes.

Anything by J S Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler and Shostakovitch
The operas of Mozart, Wagner, Puccini and Richard Strauss
British classical music from Elgar to James MacMillan
The stage works of Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Rogers and hart, Rogers and Hammerstein, Gershwin. Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim
Jazz - particularly Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Sydney Bechet, Johnny Hodges, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins, Thelonious Monk, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, and great singers such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Ellla Fitzgerald to name only a few
Rock music from the Beatles via Black Sabbath, Queen and Wings to Simply Red and Coldplay
M people, Lady Gaga, and Adele
The Blues and American Country music
Date Joined:
30 Sep 2012
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12,921 times
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Stories Published By Willyc2licu

Little did we guess at our first meeting That from the beginning we were destined By generous fate to become lovers. Vainly we thought that we could be just friends, Embraces merely marks of affection, Kisses no more than a simple greeting. Hopeless in the face of overwhelming truth, Every day brought us closer to the point That we were forced to surrender to love, Inspiring...

Added 30 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 164 | 14 Comments

Love's Fragrance

The briefest memory of your fragrance Fills my mind with such a tender longing, Bewitching my senses, foretaste of bliss. Sweeter by far than the scent of roses, More intoxicating than wild jasmine, The merest hint can bring you close once more, As if you were enfolded in my arms, A sweet reminder of nights of passion When we were transported to heights of joy. And now...

Added 26 Jul 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Views 260 | 16 Comments

Inseminating Sandy - A Tale of Two Threesomes

When I got home on the Wednesday following the dinner party, I found a note from Susie pinned to the inner front door. "Could you pick up the kids," it read, "they are round at Mary's. There are pizzas in the fridge, just pop them in the microwave. I am over at Sandy's having fun! Marty rang at lunchtime to say he was free this afternoon, and would Sandy and I like to play. I jumped at...

Added 21 Jul 2014 | Category Group Sex | Views 3,992 | 14 Comments

Recommended Read The Light of My Love

My life's sole purpose and my single aim, In ceaseless wandering the wide world o'er, Far greater in import than worldly fame, Great riches, or e'en philosopher's lore, Has been a tireless and resolute quest, For my lost love, the one beyond compare; Of greater worth by far than all the best Men's hands have made; a love so sweet and fair That I would gladly go...

Added 06 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 398 | 10 Comments

Touched by Grace

By what strange quirk of fate, I joyful ask; That happiness so sweet from out the blue Should come and bless the twilight of my years. Every moment that in her love I bask Holds such delights, my life she does renew. Amazed am I that she should take my fears And soothe them all away. The mask of pain Lies broken at my feet, and in its place Bliss so lambent, that...

Added 05 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 325 | 7 Comments

My Love a beyond Compare

To sing her praise, all other loves I'd shun;  And when at last we're wed, upon her head;  Sweet kisses I will shower, one by one;  Then stroke her hair, so lustrous, and so red.  And in her lovely ears, throughout the night,  I'll whisper tender words, and when she speaks  In tones like sweetest music that delight  My smitten heart, and which her love bespeaks,  For me, so from my eyes...

Added 04 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 245 | 6 Comments

One brief word

All I can remember is your angry voice, That is all I hear when I try to register you in my head, That and nothingness. And then I wonder, have you now made your choice Totally to exclude me from your life, as if I were dead, Or worse, meaningless. Is this the meaning of your silence? But then How could you blot me out of your mind so easily, I ask, And get angry too. ...

Added 03 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 385 | 14 Comments

Like a child in the rain

A dull ache, like some half-remembered pain Is all that remains of what we once were Together; but that is in the past now, And I am left like a child in the rain, Cold and alone, peering through misted glass, Eager to glimpse the light and life within, Craving the warmth of love, but all in vain. Forgotten now is the laugh in your voice, The touch of your hand, the...

Added 02 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 356 | 15 Comments


It's done, I've pressed the self destruct button, Finally made the irreversible choice. This false face I will no longer put on, Here you will not hear my distinctive voice; I've gone elsewhere, to ply my chosen trade, A new and greater challenge waits me there, And time will show me if the choice I've made In pain and grief at losing one so fair, Is right; or will I soon come...

Added 26 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Views 444 | 16 Comments

Bedtime Games Or My Lover's Delight

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; My lover's ways are always so much fun;  Coral is far more red than her lips' red;  Our clothes we shed, and when we are in bed; If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun; I touch her breasts and kiss them one by one; If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head. And suck her nipples 'til they're hard and red. I have seen...

Added 24 Jun 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Views 449 | 13 Comments

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