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17 Jul 2014 05:47

Hey! .. Hey! .. YOU!! lol

03 Jul 2014 16:16

Happy Fourth of July! Have a great day celebrating our Founding Fathers wisdom and courage in establishing this great nation with all our individual freedoms even as they seem to be ever eroding away. When was the last time you read or heard read that great and wonderful document "The Declaration of Independence"? Or has Independence day just become a time for parties and picnics?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=I3zr8ZY5c1c "We pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor." Do you mimic the Founding Fathers by feeling this way about your fellow Americans and helping to restore America to what they envisioned?

27 May 2014 16:11

"Taps", a longer version.
I know Memorial Day 2014 is history, but just one more time .. listen .. remember .. appreciate all that they did for us ... then go and have a great day with the freedom they have given you.

13 May 2014 18:13

03 May 2014 07:30

Do any of you have someone who does this for you? Count yourself so very fortunate and blessed.

19 Apr 2014 17:21

What a great song! Dance with me baby! Bono upstaged, wow!

10 Mar 2014 07:47

"Beat the drum and hold the phone, the sun came out today!"
Spring is springing - just listen! Guaranteee to put you in a great mood!

28 Feb 2014 10:09

21 Feb 2014 16:45

18 Feb 2014 09:16

Men can dream too!

12 Feb 2014 09:17

06 Feb 2014 15:10

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28 Jan 2014 17:44


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23 Jan 2014 16:47

I need either one or both of these .. volunteers? SMILE!

02 Dec 2013 18:43

Turn it up loud and get up and dance!!! I can't sit still when this plays, one of my favorite happy songs of all time!


03 Oct 2013 08:00

Wow, the build up and passion of this song takes you places beyond the physical! The girl can sing. Janis, have you come back?


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19 May 2013 18:49


11 Jan 2013 09:22

I will pay someone $100 if they will add my playlist from grooveshark! I can't figure it out.

10 Jan 2013 05:42

Losing a friend hurts.

28 Dec 2012 03:31

This white Christmas business is over rated! We got dumped on pretty good the day after Christmas. It was super slippery snow, took forever to plow out my driveway and my neighbors! Got my truck stuck twice! It's still down over a bank and stuck in a field! Gonna have to call AAA to get it out! Anyway, have a Happy New Year!

24 Dec 2012 13:53

It's Christmas Eve and snowing hard here, we will have a white Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

22 Dec 2012 08:54

Merry Christmas everyone!!

21 Dec 2012 03:22

19 Dec 2012 13:17

I'm not that smart.

17 Dec 2012 10:09

As a good friend reminded me, I need to heed my own advice.