Sex Education 101

Sex Education in my school is different then yours...

AUTHORS NOTE: This story is complete fiction. It is just a fantasy of mine which I wished happened. The characters are based on real people. Please rate and comment. Sex Education in my school was always taught at the start of fifth year to everyone over the age of sixteen. Most of the teachers in my school were in their mid-twenties so they knew what it is like to be a teenager who...Read On

First Time(4)


The Boarding School - Part II

His sister get's him his first fuck...

The weeks went on without anything more happening between Sofia and I. Soon it was Christmas and nearly all of the school had to leave to go home for the holidays. We didn't go home though, as our parents were currently in Hong Kong and we didn't want to go and spend Christmas there while they worked. All of my roommates had left to go home from Christmas, and all put one of Sofia’s. We...Read On


Forbidden Love

First Time with a Twist

I’m Alex. I’m a sixteen year old guy. I’m 5’9 in height and very muscly. I work out at the gym daily and take supplements which have given me six pack abs and big muscles. I’m a really fit person who loves the outdoors. I’m really tanned as I spend as much time as I can swimming in lakes or jogging through the woods. I have dark black hair and crystal blue eyes. The story starts one day...Read On


First Time Loving

A nerd gets his first fuck, all thanks to his sister!

I’m Jake. I’m seventeen and a bit of a nerd. I’m quite muscly as my Dad makes me work out with him and our older brother in our home gym out in the garden as I don’t play any sports. I don’t have six pack abs, but my stomach is quite flat, and my arms are muscly. I’m about 5’9 in height and have really tanned skin from the tense workout sessions I do with my Dad in the garden under baking hot...Read On


Payment Love

Payment turns into Love

Authors Note: I thought of making this into a series but I don't like writing parts so it's just the one story and I expanded it as much as I can. Please comment and rate thank you! I'm Alex. I'm sixteen and I weigh 145lbs of mostly muscle.I’m 5'10 in height and work out daily at the gym. I have blue eyes and short blonde hair. Last Friday I was in the gym as usual after school....Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


I Will, For A Blowjob

I needed him to buy me alcohol so I gave him what he wanted..

It was St. Patrick's Day again and it had felt like only yesterday I was spending the day with my parents as a child going to watch the parade in the city. This year was different though as I had finally turned sixteen and my parents were letting me go off with my friends for the day. They thought I was going off to the parade and then a party afterwards, but that was only a cover story for...Read On



My Seductive Mother

Part three of Getting Caught By Daddy and Arranging An Incest Fuck...

“Girls you need to get up,” Jenny’s dad said walking into her room. I sat up in Jenny’s double bed and looked at the dark figure moving across the room. The room was pitch black and I could just barely see the outline of her dad as he walked towards the curtains and pulled them back. Light flooded into the room and temporarily blinded me from the sudden change in environments. I rubbed my...Read On


Arranging An Incest Fuck

Part two of Getting Caught By Daddy...

Two weeks passed since the day my daddy had caught me riding my boyfriend’s cock in his house and then fucked me afterwards. He had been looking for any excuse he could get to spank me since as he thought it was the only way to get me naked and willing to fuck him. I would have gotten on my knees the moment he asked without a spanking, but I think he likes being in control and letting me know...Read On


Getting Caught By Daddy

Sally's Daddy comes home early to find her and her boyfriend fucking in her room...

“Fuck me harder baby!” I moaned loudly as my boyfriend ploughed my pussy. It was a week after my sixteenth birthday and my boyfriend and I had been fucking non-stop since then, when I finally let him take my virginity after he spoiled me all day. Ever since that night we couldn’t get enough of each other. We had been together for ten months now and my mom knew him well. I had introduced him...Read On


The Boarding School - Part IV

Ms. Baxley joins the fun...

I slowly got up off the chair and left the room to go to Ms.Baxley's office. I didn't know what to expect when I got there, and I was breaking out in a cold sweat because of my nerves. I walked much slower the usual, thinking that if I took too long to get there she might forget about me and leave, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. I finally reached the door, and hesitated...Read On


The Boarding School - Part III

A brother takes his sister's virginity in a threesome...

For the rest of the Christmas holidays I slept with Clair in her bed everynight. We fucked twice nearly every day and we were practically boyfriend and girlfriend. My sister didn't mind at all, as we still spent loads of time with her, and she even took to using a vibrator to masturbate herself while we fucked in front of her. When the rest of the school returned, our fun died down a bit....Read On


The Boarding School - Part I

A brother and sister have some fun at school....

First let me get some background information out of the way. My name is Jake and I was sixteen when this story took happened. I didn't have many friends back then as I attended a boarding school with my sister, Sofia, after our parents won the lottery. Our parents won a lot of money in the lottery, and they bought some businesses around the world which meant they had to travel a lot....Read On



Nudist Resort - Vanessa

Hi, I’m Shunika. I'm seventeen and live with my mother in a nudist resort in Spain. My Dad past away a few years ago and I inherited the resort. I never knew it existed until my fathers will was read. My mother didn't even know. Turns out he bought it in the 80's when it was just a rundown resort and completely remade it. I guess those business trips to America were really trips to Spain. ...Read On


College Chapter One

The story a girls trip to college and life in a college world. Chapter One of many...

Authors's note: I would recommend reading my story "Getting caught, Twice!" as they will come into play a bit in this series of stories. I hope you enjoy and please rate the story! Thank you! It was the start of my first year in college. As my parents said goodbye to me outside my dorm, I walked inside wondering what to expect when I reached my assigned room. I was to be in a room with...Read On



Getting caught, twice! [EDITED]

Chapter One of my week without the family at my 17th birthday five years ago.

It was a warm summer day in mid-July just after my seventeenth birthday. My parents had gone away to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida for the twins' birthday, which was in four days time. They were to spend a week there, during which I had decided to stay at home because they were only going to Disneyland and not big theme parks which I enjoy, so I wouldn't have much fun going with them. ...Read On


Getting caught, Twice! (Chapter 2)

The sequel to Getting Caught, Twice!

Mrs. O' Connor was a beautiful woman. Standing 5'6, with a slim figure, what looked like 34C tits, amazing golden hair and an ass to die for. She had been a friend of my mother's since their childhood, seeing as the town was very small and both families had lived there since the town was established over one hundred and fifty years ago. "Mrs. O' Connor I... I'm so sorry! I didn't think...Read On