The Neighbour: Part VI

Frank and Anna engage on a heated business proposal.

The shower was a lengthy one; Anna had been in there for almost twenty minutes and incredibly, he was anxious to see her out, to see an inch of her body at least, to revive the past between his thighs. Anna was an exceptional lover, no doubt. She knew things, knew too much, always came up with something quirky to do in bed and was always eager to please him. Frank sat straight when he heard...Read On

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My Charlie

His name was Charlie and I’d known him forever, or so it seemed. We were kids when we first laid eyes on each other; only just entering adolescence and for about ten years or so, we remained very much in love. I can’t begin to describe the closeness and affection that grew alongside us all those years ago, and I can only put to words the affirmation of this and hope dearly that you’ll...Read On


Cum Covered Camcorder

His name was Michael and looked about thirty five years of age when I first met him. At the time, I was nineteen, a college drop-out, daughter of divorced, dysfunctional parents who knew nothing about me whatsoever. They loved me of course, but we weren't exactly close; distance was more acceptable and far less uncomfortable than a sweaty hug from my old man and to feel my mother's tight...Read On

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The Neighbor: Part I

Frank has a tough time communicating with his younger neighbour whom he finds very attractive.

Frank knew nothing of love and had often wondered what hid behind it. That unknown thing that seemed to make him wonder in an impassioned way the reason behind young lover's smiles and breathless looks of awe. He was struck with curiosity wherever he went, to find that rare sentiment flowering almost everybody around him. They all seemed happier that way. The days spent alone, he always...Read On


The Neighbor: Part II

Frank is beginning to understand his feelings toward Jill once he takes a trip to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was nothing close to fancy, but he couldn't argue with the fact that it was a cosy little space, and her bed was the springiest bed he had ever sat upon. Moments before, they had exchanged wet and fervid kisses in her sitting-room and now, Frank found himself aroused not by her naked body waiting for him upon the bed, stretched out in pose, as if waiting to be photographed...Read On


The Neighbor: Part III

Frank is surprised to find Jill waiting for him after work.

Frank had been a professor of English literature for as long as his mind could trace the memory of employment, and to be quite honest, he was growing sick of his eighth grade students. He loved literature, but teaching it, he finally understood after many years, was not so beneficial after all. Fourteen year olds do not care to hear the wise words of Edgar Allan Poe or H.G. Wells. He...Read On


The Neighbor: Part IV

Jill is finally beginning to show her real skin.

Frank stood by the doorway, not certain of what to do and he couldn't think of the right words to comfort her. All he could do was watch in pity the young girl sprawled naked on the bed, sobbing hysterically into her pillow. Though the view was heart wrenching indeed, he couldn't help wondering if she was still aroused. Very slowly, he walked to the bed and sat at the edge of it, inches away...Read On


The Neighbour: Part V

Frank is forced to deal with some unwanted matters from his past.

Frank spotted her from a mile away and used this as an advantage. Without thinking it twice, he instantly dropped to his knees and hid behind his car. Those pale grey eyes and that chalky complexion were unforgettable and they still triggered something in him, something wicked. Everything he loathed could be found in those weary eyes, those eyes he had once loved dearly and he had a...Read On


The Night of the Hunter

My appetite was incredible. It had been in days and only then did I realize just how murderous I felt inside, more than ready to submit to my cravings, to release the beast within. When had I last fed? Four days? Or was it six? And why hadn't I? Was it caution? Fear? Sheer repulsion? I can answer yes to all three, but I'd be lying to you. Let's just say, I was saving myself, starving myself...Read On