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Im in love with my best friend part 4

Time had not made me immune to the perfection of his face, and I was positive I could never take any

I needed to know, was last night real? Had I dreamt all of it? God what a wonderful dream that would have been, what a beautiful fantasy.  Before fourth period I walked out into the courtyard, knowing he'd be there. My eyes scanned the many faces enjoying there lunch period. There he was, Tyler was standing with a small group of friends laughing. I smiled as my heart jumped to life. I...Read On


I'm In Love With My Best Friend Part 5

I pulled back from him. God, I love you! He smiled crookedly but said nothing.

I stroked his cock lightly, Tyler's hands ran up my back the pushed me against him, kissing me hard. I ran my tongue over his lips as he opened his mouth letting me enter. I pulled back from him. "What do you want?" I asked him biting the corner of my lip lightly and smiling. His eyes were filled with lust and desire as he pulled me close to his face. His lips grazed mine as he spoke. "You,"...Read On


James 5

He thrusted into me harder, my nails dug deeper into his skin as my moans became harder to contain

"I don't know where they are at" I said looking over at James. His gray eyes scanned my face and a small smile appeared on his face. "What?"I asked bending over the bed looking for his keys. I soon felt James's hand on the back of my thigh moving lightly up my shorts. I sat up and looked back to see him smiling up at me, he bit his lip a little "your so fucking hot" He smiled. I smiled slowly...Read On


She's in love with me part 1

im in love with my best friend tylers pov

((this is I'm in love with my best friend Part 1 in Tyler's point of view-Enjoy)) Thursday night was boring as usual, I was playing Madden 08 "Come on fucking run!" I yelled at my T. v. when my phone beeped. I flipped open my phone to see 'new email' It was from Natascha. "what are you doing---at like 6? cause...i want to come over...or have you come here, if you can--so we can talk. because...Read On


She's in love with me part 2

The girl had 'fragile' written all over her. She was so breakable, and so close to falling off the..

I smiled up at her, "so still wanna blow me?" I asked smirking lightly. She looked down at me so innocently, "I--I don't know. I've never done it before...and I don't want to be bad" I smiled again, she was so cute. "practice makes perfect." She rolled her eyes at my comments "I can't--I'm too chicken" she said lightly laughing. I stared at her for a moment "I can't--I can't just...Read On


Valentines whore

I never expected that, never expected to go out, I never intended to cheat. But that's not the point

I never expected that, never expected to go out, I never intended to cheat. But that's not the point, even though I never expected it. It happened. Tonight is Valentines, you know the time of love, being with your significant other, being faithful. My boyfriend and I went out to a movie, I got home at around 11:30. My parents were waiting for me. "Ohhh hey" I said as I walked through my...Read On

Straight Sex(7)


Im in love with my best friend part 1

I was feeling stupid..and not your ordianary stupid either I was feeling completely idiotic

I was feeling stupid not your ordinary stupid either I was feeling completely idiotic. Why was he running through my mind again? Last night, I had a complete break down because of him. I was almost positive his girlfriend and him were going to have sex on Friday. That would kill me--literally. I cant live if they have sex. 'I have to stop this' I thought looking at my computer screen. My...Read On


Im in love with my best friend part 2

'Take me then' He made it sound so easy, so simple, but most of all so painfree.

"So--you still wanna blow me?" He asked again. I looked at him "I--don't know--Ive never done it and I don't want to be bad." He smirked "practice makes perfect" I rolled my eyes "I can't- I'm too chicken" I admitted, even though I really wanted to have his dick in my mouth. His lips tasted so great why shouldn't the rest of his body? He just stared at me, "I, can't make the first move" I...Read On


Im in love with my best friend part 3

He was amazing, truely he was. I stared at him in awe for a moment. Why are you so perfect?

I was still incapable of understanding what was going on. I stared down at him lost "you have to put it in 'cause I can't feel my dick with this condom on." Tyler said. I reached under myself and grabbed him, placing him at my entrance, I pressed myself down feeling him push inside me. I gripped the sheet behind his head and laid my body against his. Tyler began thrusting his hips in a...Read On


James 1

The butterflies were as big as dinosaurs and they were stomping around my stomach like crazy.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked, I looked over at the beautiful boy beside me then shrugged “where ever” I smiled biting the corner of my lip. He stared at me and smiled slowly “well you live here, I don’t. You know where to go” He stated. I looked at him feeling my heart pound heavily in my chest. I wanted to be somewhere alone with him, somewhere cute. “How about the park?” I...Read On


James 2

“James” I moaned softly in his ear closing my eyes and clutching the sheets behind him. He sighed he

“James” I moaned softly in his ear closing my eyes and clutching the sheets behind him. He sighed heavily and gripped my hips tighter, pushing me down. We had only started and I could feel the burning rage on, my body pressed on top of him close as we could ever be. I loved this feeling, our bodies gliding against one another’s, our skin on skin contact, his fingers pressing against my...Read On


James 3

“what do you want?” he whispered against my lips. I ran my hands over his shoulders “you”

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, how fate had brought us together like this, there was no way we just happened to be in the same spot at the same time. That out of everyone he chose to come into my chat. I smiled as I walked up his driveway, I wondered to myself about him often. My stomach began to tighten and turn as I reached his door, it got like this every time I knew I was about to...Read On


James 4

please I whispered in his ear,

I looked up at him hovering above me, James smiled kissing my lips, I closed my eyes massaging my lips agianst his. He ran his hand over my leg and up my shirt. I bit his lip lightly and he smiled leaning up and sitting back staring at me beneath him. He ran his hands up my shirt and over my bra, I smiled up at him. He always knew how to tease me, I bit the corner of my lip as he lifted my...Read On