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27 Jun 2013 13:22

That made my month. So many people resorting to childish and irrational tactics. Unfortunately, my reply to LadyX didn't make it in under the hatchet, so I'll offer it here.

Agreed, but unless Nicola has a reason to hold herself to a lower standard of rationality than a voting population, why would that be relevent, considering that the opinion expressed was nothing more than, "Since I'm not a member of that minority, we don't need a change that they want."? Wouldn't giving undue weight to such faulty reasoning increase the likelihood of missteps?

26 Jun 2013 09:22

I had fun writing a story that violates the ridiculous rule against abduction being a plot element when no non-consensual sex occurs. I won't have fun modifying it to comply, so it will be a resident of the rejected stories bin until the rules change. If anybody asks about me, I've stormed off in a fit of pique until I come to my senses and realize that being an unpaid writer of politically correct stories is my destiny.

13 Jun 2013 21:13

I'm not having fun writing, so I'm going to leave until that changes. Have fun everyone.

30 May 2013 21:40

Good luck to my friends who've chosen to enter the contest.

30 May 2013 13:31

My disagreements with the contest process aren't personal. I don't want to harm any friendships over this.

29 May 2013 14:02

I resubmitted my story, Revenge of the Friendzoned, outside the contest.

28 May 2013 10:24

After a long hiatus, I'm back to writing. It's called Revenge of the Friendzoned and it just went to the moderator. It's a contest entry that I think many of us can relate to.

24 Sep 2012 07:47

I just finished a new story called Airgasms Induce Orgasms. It's a sequel to Airgasms Between Orgasms and that really needs to be read first. It's about skydiving and new relationships. I'm running out of steam on this series because the views dropped off between the first and second.

19 Sep 2012 10:37

I just finished a new story called Airgasms Between Orgasms. It's a sequel to Airgasms Before Orgasms and that really needs to be read first. It's about skydiving and new relationships.

12 Sep 2012 21:57

I just finished a new story called Airgasms Before Orgasms. It's about skydiving and the effect it has on many of the people who do it.

17 Aug 2012 15:24

Wow! Add a little sex to the Married Man stories and the views rocketed up.

13 Aug 2012 06:54

I guess it shouldn't, but it amazes me that A Coworker and Best Friend has 3 X the view of some of my other stories.

12 Aug 2012 07:16

I added a final(?) chapter to my first story here at lush A Coworker and Best Friend http://www.lushstories.com/stories/straight-sex/a-coworker-and-best-friend-part-3.aspx

02 Aug 2012 09:41

Chapter 8, the finale of Immune To My Beauty is here http://www.lushstories.com/stories/novels/immune-to-my-beauty-chapter-8-.aspx

02 Aug 2012 06:16

Chapter 7 of Immune To My Beauty is here http://www.lushstories.com/stories/novels/immune-to-my-beauty-chapter-7.aspx

31 Jul 2012 06:05

Chapter 6 of Immune To My Beauty is here http://www.lushstories.com/stories/novels/immune-to-my-beauty-chapter-6.aspx

28 Jul 2012 21:22

Chapter 5 of Immune To My Beauty is here http://www.lushstories.com/stories/novels/immune-to-my-beauty-chapter-5.aspx

27 Jul 2012 07:34

I had to edit and resubmit Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 4 upon discovering butchered areas in the final released version near the dummy email addresses. Hopefully the changes will be blessed soon.

26 Jul 2012 21:25

Chapter 4 of Immune To My Beauty is up now. http://www.lushstories.com/stories/novels/immune-to-my-beauty-chapter-4.aspx

23 Jul 2012 20:40

I submitted Chapter 3 of Immune To My Beauty today.

20 Jul 2012 22:04

I submitted Chapter 2 of my new Immune To My Beauty novella. It should post soon.

19 Jul 2012 14:10

The first chapter of my new novella is up. It is called Immune To My Beauty and I would love to have more comments than I normally get on my stories.

18 Jul 2012 20:13

May not read much for a while. Writing a new novella.

12 Jul 2012 20:58

I found an avatar I might settle on for a while. First to get hit when a new game starts, but nine times out of ten it barely moves while all hell breaks loose behind it.

30 Jun 2012 11:41

I hate Summer colds. I can't write well with a congested head. I can read and enjoy though, in small enough doses.

28 Jun 2012 19:11

I just submitted a surprise addition to my The Debt series.

25 Jun 2012 17:13

LOL! I got my first 2 vote on a story. It was a little long, but I don't think the writing was that bad. Maybe I touched a nerve.

25 Jun 2012 08:32

The second part of The Debt series is is up. I'm getting so few votes and so few readers on these that I'm wondering if the novels category is a poor choice.

23 Jun 2012 23:27

It seems I've written a three part series. This one stretched me nicely. The first part is up. It's called The Debt.

17 Jun 2012 20:57

I took a stab at writing a story with no sex because Shylass asked if sex was required in erotica. Now somebody needs to tell me if The Married Man's Lament qualifies as erotica.