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04 May 2014 13:07

It has been a horrible weekend. My Mothers half sister that I've never met and only known about for 10 years although we talked on the phone many times passed away. Then my wife who is helping out in a family business had to work while I needed someone to talk to about this. This month has started out bad hope it gets better.

19 Mar 2014 08:45

The sun is shining and birds chirping, means the next best thing is lovely women in shorts and dresses are soon going to be in season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!

01 Mar 2014 20:39

I'll be damned they are calling for another snow storm. Will somebody send me a picture of sunshine and green grass.

21 Jan 2014 11:28

Well crap its another snow storm, I still think this Global Warming is a crock of shit.

07 Jan 2014 12:41

Man its freezing outside. What about this Global Warming stuff.

26 Dec 2013 08:20

Although its nice to have family around for the holidays its equality nice when they leave.

22 Dec 2013 16:19

Well tis the Season.. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

02 Sep 2013 16:18

Well the official end of summer is upon us. Hope everyone is enjoying today.

28 Aug 2013 07:40

Wishing all a wonderful day to everyone.

12 Aug 2013 10:58

Its going to quite a week, my daughter is preparing to leave for college. Hard to believe she has grown up so fast. One thing I know is its going to very quite in the house after she is gone. She is never shy about talking.....

10 Jul 2013 11:53

The rain is falling and my sexual urge is increasing at a fast rate.

07 Jul 2013 11:16

Well its back to work and it sucks!

30 Jun 2013 19:02

Please excuse me if I don't reply back as vacation started today and I'll be relaxing since the last time off was over a year and a half ago.

23 Jun 2013 11:15

Life is good today. The sun is shining birds are chirping and vacation is only a week away. The only thing that would be better is getting some love from my wife.

21 Jun 2013 18:43

Once again dealing with complete stupidity.

31 May 2013 08:14

Feeling a little old, daughters graduation is this weekend. Seems it was only yesterday she was just born.

08 May 2013 08:29

Woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain. Day would have been perfect if my wife could have spent day in bed with me instead of going to work.

04 May 2013 21:04

Once again last 2 days have kicked my ass. Glad it is Sunday.

24 Apr 2013 09:25

Enjoying some down time, last 2 days have been long ones. Put in 28 hours working.

21 Apr 2013 19:22

One long day . Caught up on yard work today, then went Hardees and had a Bourbon burger damn it was good.

17 Apr 2013 11:40

It's a rainy day and I love it.

15 Apr 2013 14:32

Spent 4 hours at car dealer service department only to come home and find the problem was not fixed.

06 Apr 2013 18:39

Has been rough couple of days. Phone calls with problems at 6:30 am and nonstop until well after 9 pm. You would think with brains would come some amount of common knowledge. Although being needed pays the bills.

31 Mar 2013 06:43

Well just returned home from dropping off wife an daughter who are off to to the beach for the week. It gonna be a quite time at home for a change.

26 Mar 2013 18:45

Sure is a funny looking spring day with snow on the ground.

24 Mar 2013 17:43

Somedays you are the bug and others you are the windshield!!!!!

24 Mar 2013 16:16

Some people just need to grow up. Keeping my grand duaghter because her mom has to bail out her dad for a DUI. A business owner and well known man who refuses to be a responisible father and be with his family, and not his friends who are much younger!

12 Mar 2013 07:33

Happpy that it's all quite right now. Really glad to have a moment to reconnect to Lush.

07 Feb 2013 08:21

Sure glad spring is close.

25 Jan 2013 08:44

Well not as cold,but it's pouring snow.