1lush's Blog Entries

22 Jan 2016 07:28

A SNOWDAY.....finally. Its a beautiful site, so peaceful, quite, and just plain FUN.

13 Jan 2016 08:39

Damn its cold outside. Dreaming of summer already.

08 Jan 2016 10:11

Woke up to the sound of rain. SO RELAXING the day away

04 Jan 2016 14:37

Woke up this morning and snow was falling..... Winter finally arrived.

24 Dec 2015 08:45

The day has finally arrived. What could be better food, family "most of it anyway", presents, and a few days off. MERRY CHRISTMAS To All.

22 Dec 2015 07:11

Have just learned that we will be invaded by the step-son an his beast for Christmas. OH-NO!!!!!!!!!!

21 Dec 2015 09:02

Attention.... there is an outbreak I'm guessing worldwide afflicting millions it's name is "DUMBASSEDNESS". Beware of those infected they are everywhere. There is not a vaccine.

18 Dec 2015 17:48

What a difference a week makes. Last Friday 70's at the beach and today 29 an snowing. Well it is December.

12 Dec 2015 10:43

What a wonderful day Friday was.... went to Va Beach and it was in the 70's. Great day, great food, and great company.

01 Dec 2015 14:04

Damn.... can't believe that in the last hour another death of someone with whom I was close has happened. She has battled demons for awhile. My hope is she has finally found peace that this life never gave her. R I P Suzy.

30 Nov 2015 08:58

I found myself at another gathering of a mentor who has past on to a life in a better place. To many friends has been taken to soon. Another sad day.......

27 Nov 2015 07:37

So glad Thanksgiving is done..... nobody was happy at my house. Can't believe how having to lend a helping hand for a family dinner could make young adults behave like 4 year olds. Sure didn't eat like children maybe "lil' pigs".

03 Nov 2015 08:55

A sad day loss of an old friend. He had stopped to see me only a few weeks ago...sadly I was gone for work. A part of a very happy past is now gone. Although we only seen each other a few times a year it was always as if only days were between visits.

27 Oct 2015 17:59

I never knew STUPIDITY was a handicap. Apparently they need to issue mirror hangers to many.

18 Oct 2015 11:03

Woke up this morning to a big frost.......... not ready for this cold blast just yet.

11 Oct 2015 12:15

Drove over 1,350 miles in 27 hours an man sitting that long has put a hurt on my back an legs. Maybe I should rethink my fear of flying.

03 Oct 2015 11:46

A perfect day for laying in bed!!!!!!!!!

13 Sep 2015 18:17

The feeling of the Fall season has arrived a little to soon for me.

11 Sep 2015 07:27

Truly proud to be AMERICAN today

21 Aug 2015 14:51

While driving home today the dept of highways had mowed the grass between the interstate an it flooded my memory about a party where the grass and rain falling made me so horny and my date couldn't believe what had such effect on me.

09 Aug 2015 13:08

Sometimes you just have to say screw work and have a few beers with friends on a Saturday night. Extremely good time.......

29 Jul 2015 08:59

Long days make for "short" nights. I'm sleepy!!!!!!

15 Jul 2015 15:36

Man its raining again.....maybe I should think bout learning to swim.

06 Jul 2015 12:42

Hello LUSHIES. After a nice relaxing week off its back to the real world.

27 Jun 2015 15:26

Well after 2 long years without a full week off.....VACATION begins at midnight. No beast to deal with as the step son has taken her to feast at the beach. The wife and I will be anywhere she isn't. Forgive me if I don't score any stories for a few days. As soon as I'm back they will be read.

23 May 2015 09:10

Wishing all of our Veterans who fight for freedom are safe and know how thankful I am for their service. And the first weekend of summer has arrived.

23 Apr 2015 09:27

Spring came an winter has returned for a visit....it sucks.

20 Mar 2015 18:06

Wow what an interesting week. Wife sick and staying home, that in itself is amazing because she never misses work. She slept more than she ever has while we have been married. Work for me has been a little hectic. But its SPRINGTIME...

11 Mar 2015 08:29

Finally the step son and his beast have went back to their own home. The only thing better than that is the snow is almost melted. Wouldn't you know they wanted to know about our vacation plans........

18 Feb 2015 07:05

Enough with this weather, I mean 16" of snow is more than a winter should consist of and damn it its doing it again today. Only 32 days till spring.