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Time to freshen this Profile a bit. It has been a while.

I have been considered a party girl, but at 48 that does not seem to be the right term anymore. However, my desire for action has not waned in the slightest. If you like very tall blondes with nice boobs round hips and long legs you may want to look in my direction.

I have been to more hotel rooms, than Conrad Hilton, I have also been to her bed while she was out of town on business or family duties. I wear a wedding ring, and if you do too, it is of no concern. Well, at least not to me.

If you are into skat, bruising or leaving marks on a girls body you better move on to someone else.

Short of that, I have been known to entertain a gentleman in just the way he has always fantasized about but never got it out of his bucket.

Now if you need a woman to entertain some friends or business associates, I could be the one you are looking for. That is my most special way to entertain. I know what you and your buddies want, is just what I need too. If you think I have inhibitions, better think again.

It seems like a woman was made for not only procreation but for pleasure too. I know, I know that does not conform to current days Feminism. Truth is still truth, even if it does not fit with Twenty-first Century definitions.

If you are an interesting woman or couple, I am sure I could find my way to your bedroom too. Or any other place you designate.

You will see that I am older than previously reported and yes those pictures are of me. If you do not see my face in my Gallery, they may be that of a lovely friend.

I am married and have been married to the same man for years. We have two grown daughters, one a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a second one recently graduated with an MBA. My Navy daughter just made Lieutenant in almost exactly four years, which I understand is exceptional for a non-Academy Officer.

Yes, I am bragging, but that is what Mom's do.

I do not Skype, or KIK or other voice communications. Could there be an exception? Never say never.

We live near the ocean and can walk to the beach in minutes. I am such an exhibitionist that I am generally nude whether home or at the beach. If you are my neighbor you will need to get used to looking into our mostly glass home and see my naked state most of the time. We are very open about sexual activities and anything that will interest you will most likely interest me. My husband know of this account, and he may have his own, but I do no know nor care if he has or not.

We have lived life with an open marriage; my husband has asked me to dial back my activities to just people we really know. Sometimes he has too much time in his schedule and is too smart for my good. He is very concerned about STD's and knows most of the time I will not be using a condom. I understand his concern, but I am not sure I can conform to his request.

Whitney Roberts
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Bare Beach USA, California, United States
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23 Jan 2017 15:50
I was not part of the "A" group in my school years, too much of an egg head I guess. I did not know how to package the assets, I do have.

My first sexual experience was with a girlfriend and she is still every high on my list of partners. Even with her living in Italy, we still see each other once or twice a year. Women are a very important part of my life, but no more important than the men that cross my bed either.

In my younger years, I found lots of girls were not ready for sex with their boyfriends and their guy needed a place to fulfill that need. I was that girl both in my teens and later in my college years. Those girls were my best friends, even if they would die before they would ever speak to me.

I loved my life since I never need to go looking for sex it came to me almost on demand.

I did in college and today I still to like to flash my body whenever possible, breasts or thighs and pussy too. It may look accidental but we both know it is not. Watch out for your woman, she will be really be pissed if she catches you watching me or another woman like me.

Remember before wife, family, and career and you were in a Coffee shop, and there was a girl there with a soft sweater on and her nipples were poking through the material and you could stare as long as you wished. You were sure longer you stared the more she spreads her legs.

Or maybe your are on vacation, and your guy is playing golf, so you are at the pool. A woman came out of the ocean in a Bikini that covered not even the essentials, and further, it hides nothing. She toweled off and then began to apply sun block on her body. She spent too much time on her breasts. Then she slipped her hand inside her Bikini Bottom and without a doubt with her head thrown back she was addressing other needs. Remember how it made you have feelings about another woman that never thought you could ever have?

Gosh, I hope I was at least one of those girls.

I guess I was a party girl in my teens, and I still love it as much as ever. If you are looking for a player for a GangBang, you may have just looked in the right place.


Should any of this ring a bell with you I hope you will drop by and say Hi one day.

But to get my attention and response you need to tell me about your life and interests. If you do not, I may think you can not either read nor write.

Guys if you send me or have posted a picture of your COCK, it will guaranty deletion!!.
Favorite Books:
There are so many, where do I start. But my definition of a good books is one that will pull at my heart strings you are on my favorites list. If you can include it in Erotica and make my pussy wet, I will love everything you have written or ever will write.
Favorite Authors:
See Favorite Books
Favorite Movies:
If it is about the love and beauty of life, I am sure it is on my list of favorites. But if your movie is about the dark side of the world, and the producers thought that he had a message to tell, as if we did not know of the world's ills, I am sure I will never see your film. I guess I must admit I like good Porn!!
Favourite TV Shows:
At this time I guess I would say Good Wife and Madam Secretary, White Collar and Suites get my attention also.
Favorite Music:
There are days for classics, there are surely days for Rock and everyday
is for Jazz and Country, some tell me there are days for Rapp and Hip Hop, just have not found those days yet.


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31 May 2012
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23 Jan 2017 (6 hours ago)
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Topic: Sluts
Posted: 14 Jan 2017 23:54

As long as so many of the Lush members feel it is necessary to respond to the use of this term. When it is a clear attempt to control the sexual mores of women, who are active sexually in a variety of ways. Then we still seem to be losing the battle for full freedom of our gender and the right to act out our needs as a man would.

Bethany is right as always, but she left out the badge of honor to her list of benefits.

Topic: Friends with Benefits....Fuck Buddies
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 14:29

The poll all end in One plus many of the postings make reference to having a FB or had an FB or would like to have a FB.

Now I can understand being completely loyal to just one person. But once you pass the limit of just one partner, why would you limit yourself to just a single sex partner outside of the relationship?

My choice is to have a number of Buddies outside of marriage. Never have concluded what the perfect number is.

Topic: Donald Trump is exhausting me....
Posted: 07 Jan 2017 23:34

Well, since I hold dual citizenship and it appears more and more that President-elect Trump may have committed high treason...yah, I'm a little upset.

If the NSA nails him to the wall for selling out the Republic to the Russians...fuck him, and I'll happily make an exception to the rule about how I don't support capital punishment. You commit high treason, you die. It's a rather simple equation that Mr. Trump needs to get through his dyed orange pumpkin head rather quickly.

You are much more hooked up than I am and probably a lot of other Lushies. Please share with us the high treason Trump has committed. We would like to be prepared for the repercussions before they arrive.

I know we will survive even if it is very difficult. After all, we just went through eight years of an elected Emperor.

Topic: What fantasy turns you on the most?
Posted: 06 Jan 2017 12:32

Kidnapped bound helpless at the mercy of gang of atleast a dozen men. Doing things to me in many ways that one sees in porn videos.

But you forgot the part about being grabbed off the street and thrown in the back of a van. All before these other factors can get started.

Topic: double penetration, 2 men 1 girl threesome
Posted: 06 Jan 2017 11:37

I do enjoy anal, but doesnt seem like i can fit much in my vag when i have 1 in my ass, and i dont think i can ever fit 2 in 1 hole... have u tried it? does having only 1 ever feel the same again?

I have had two in the same hole a few times and it will take you to a place you could not believe existed. One thing you may want to try is two guys that are no more than average size and you may need lots of lube also. This is one time that Larger is NOT better!

Topic: 8 Fingering Techniques To Pleasure Your Woman
Posted: 05 Jan 2017 00:31

Works for me especially the last two.

Topic: Have you Fooled around while being in a Relationship .....
Posted: 04 Jan 2017 20:13

Alway have and most likely always will. He knew I would cheat before we married. There really is no reason to lie about something that potentially could have such serious consequences. I promised him I would not lie to him and of course he has the same privilege as I do. Only I use my rights much more than he does. At least I think I do. When I say I do not lie to him, that does not mean that I tell every last detail of every day either.

My husband pursued me because. I believe I was the first and maybe the only woman that ever told him NO!

If he wanted me had to take the whole package not just the part he liked best.

Topic: Sluts
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 11:38

Kids why would we waste our time on what label is used to refer to our sexual activity or even our lack of activity. I have been highly sexual since I was in my early teens and will be so until nobody wants me anymore.

I have a friend in the UK and she gets very upset about such terms and our sexual history is so very similar. So men are not under the same kind of labeling. Big Deal.

We are free and if we enjoy sex with many different men and a lot of women also, why should we be concerned what others think or how we are labeled.

It does not matter what a woman's sexual freedom is called. It could be Slut and it could be Whore or it could just a free spirit.

I have an Older Gentleman Friend who refers to me as his Whore. I know it is meant as a loving and respectful term as he uses it to describe me.

Let keep our eye on the ball and talk about jobs, equal opportunity, equal pay for the same level of work and performance. Let's talk about Trading in Human Beings and the Prostitution that invariably comes with it. And this is from a woman that finds nothing objectionable to Prostitution as long as it is voluntary. Let's talk about the mutilation of women's genitalia in some parts of the world and women's' health in general.

There are much more important things for women to address than if she is called a Slut or Whore. There really is!

Topic: What are you Complimented most for ??
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 23:42

My Brain, God I hope it is my intelligence.

Topic: Do you think BDSM encourages violence in general?
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 16:40

If you honestly believe BDSM encourages violence you really do not know anything about the lifestyle at all. There is a power exchange but in no way does it encourages violence. The basis of any BDSM relationship is safe, sane and consensual. Are there people that abuse the trust that is given within that relationship? Yes just like any other type of relationship. In order for this to work both parties must have trust in each. What most people do not realize is that the sub or bottom has all the power to stop anything that is going on.


Tonyal has written a very accurate statement and she has a real incite to such relationships. But I have known of cases where the power was not transferred back to the submissive party and serious consequences occurred. I think you must always recognize there are risks.

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I'll bet you would blow them away!

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Still, thinking of you.

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Thinking of you.

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When I think of you Whitney

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Enticing enough for you Nymph?

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Happy New Years beautiful!!! and

Happy Birthday! I call dibs on clean up of the frosting

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Happy Birthday Whitney....Hoping you have a wonderful birthday. I wish for you good health, wealth and all the happiness in the world....xo

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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