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Time to freshen this Profile a bit. It has been a while.

I have been considered a party girl, but at 48 that does not seem to be the right term anymore. However, my desire for action has not waned in the slightest. If you like very tall blondes with nice boobs round hips and long legs you may want to look in my direction.

I have been to more hotel rooms, than Conrad Hilton, I have also been to her bed while she was out of town on business or family duties. I wear a wedding ring, and if you do too, it is of no concern. Well, at least not to me.

If you are into skat, bruising or leaving marks on a girls body you better move on to someone else.

Short of that, I have been known to entertain a gentleman in just the way he has always fantasized about but never got it out of his bucket.

Now if you need a woman to entertain some friends or business associates, I could be the one you are looking for. That is my most special way to entertain. I know what you and your buddies want, is just what I need too. If you think I have inhibitions, better think again.

It seems like a woman was made for not only procreation but for pleasure too. I know, I know that does not conform to current days Feminism. Truth is still truth, even if it does not fit with Twenty-first Century definitions.

If you are an interesting woman or couple, I am sure I could find my way to your bedroom too. Or any other place you designate.

You will see that I am older than previously reported and yes those pictures are of me. If you do not see my face in my Gallery, they may be that of a lovely friend.

I am married and have been married to the same man for years. We have two grown daughters, one a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a second one recently graduated with an MBA. My Navy daughter just made Lieutenant in almost exactly four years, which I understand is exceptional for a non-Academy Officer.

Yes, I am bragging, but that is what Mom's do.

I do not Skype, or KIK or other voice communications. Could there be an exception? Never say never.

We live near the ocean and can walk to the beach in minutes. I am such an exhibitionist that I am generally nude whether home or at the beach. If you are my neighbor you will need to get used to looking into our mostly glass home and see my naked state most of the time. We are very open about sexual activities and anything that will interest you will most likely interest me. My husband know of this account, and he may have his own, but I do no know nor care if he has or not.

We have lived life with an open marriage; my husband has asked me to dial back my activities to just people we really know. Sometimes he has too much time in his schedule and is too smart for my good. He is very concerned about STD's and knows most of the time I will not be using a condom. I understand his concern, but I am not sure I can conform to his request.

Whitney Roberts
Relationship Status:
Bare Beach USA, California, United States
I was not part of the "A" group in my school years, too much of an egg head I guess. I did not know how to package the assets, I do have.

My first sexual experience was with a girlfriend and she is still every high on my list of partners. Even with her living in Italy, we still see each other once or twice a year. Women are a very important part of my life, but no more important than the men that cross my bed either.

In my younger years, I found lots of girls were not ready for sex with their boyfriends and their guy needed a place to fulfill that need. I was that girl both in my teens and later in my college years. Those girls were my best friends, even if they would die before they would ever speak to me.

I loved my life since I never need to go looking for sex it came to me almost on demand.

I did in college and today I still to like to flash my body whenever possible, breasts or thighs and pussy too. It may look accidental but we both know it is not. Watch out for your woman, she will be really be pissed if she catches you watching me or another woman like me.

Remember before wife, family, and career and you were in a Coffee shop, and there was a girl there with a soft sweater on and her nipples were poking through the material and you could stare as long as you wished. You were sure longer you stared the more she spreads her legs.

Or maybe your are on vacation, and your guy is playing golf, so you are at the pool. A woman came out of the ocean in a Bikini that covered not even the essentials, and further, it hides nothing. She toweled off and then began to apply sun block on her body. She spent too much time on her breasts. Then she slipped her hand inside her Bikini Bottom and without a doubt with her head thrown back she was addressing other needs. Remember how it made you have feelings about another woman that never thought you could ever have?

Gosh, I hope I was at least one of those girls.

I guess I was a party girl in my teens, and I still love it as much as ever. If you are looking for a player for a GangBang, you may have just looked in the right place.


Should any of this ring a bell with you I hope you will drop by and say Hi one day.

But to get my attention and response you need to tell me about your life and interests. If you do not, I may think you can not either read nor write.

Guys if you send me or have posted a picture of your COCK, it will guaranty deletion!!.
Favorite Books:
There are so many, where do I start. But my definition of a good books is one that will pull at my heart strings you are on my favorites list. If you can include it in Erotica and make my pussy wet, I will love everything you have written or ever will write.
Favorite Authors:
See Favorite Books
Favorite Movies:
If it is about the love and beauty of life, I am sure it is on my list of favorites. But if your movie is about the dark side of the world, and the producers thought that he had a message to tell, as if we did not know of the world's ills, I am sure I will never see your film. I guess I must admit I like good Porn!!
Favourite TV Shows:
At this time I guess I would say Good Wife and Madam Secretary, White Collar and Suites get my attention also.
Favorite Music:
There are days for classics, there are surely days for Rock and everyday
is for Jazz and Country, some tell me there are days for Rapp and Hip Hop, just have not found those days yet.
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31 May 2012
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22 Oct 2016 (2 hours ago)
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Topic: why do females find anal intercourse fun
Posted: 22 Oct 2016 15:35

As others have said, some of us hate it some like me just love Anal. In talking to girlfriends about it and especially to those who did it once or twice and there will not be another time.

It seems they are so uptight and stressed about the potential pain, that there is pain!

If you want to enjoy it and demand Anal you must be able to relax and know if there is pain it will not be extensive.

Topic: anal sex
Posted: 22 Oct 2016 15:12


Topic: Riskiest place you've...
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 20:36

Sorry Duplicate

Topic: Riskiest place you've...
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 20:32

How about an old style Porn Theater. Most the guys just watched but I fucked a goodly number of them. It was a long time ago and I do remember the feeling of absolute power.

Topic: Ethical nonmonogamy
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 11:19

This is a great question. I applaud you for maintaining a faithful monogamous marriage. We've been married 22 years with two of those years open. I can truthfully say that once you step over the line that it is hard to go back. We've had mixed reviews. First of all, no matter what people say the risks are high. The other thing is that unless your marriage is rock solid don't concider it.

However it really is not cheating. It is quite the opposite. We were not different than most couples. Sex and love were interchangeable. But after an infidelity on both our sides we discovered through therapy that our love for each other had not dimished. Now we have more trust and confidence in us as a couple than ever before. There is no temptation to cheat, and our relationship is open and honest.

Another thing is that if you choose to have an open marriage, it doesn't necessarily mean sex with others. It can mean something as simple as openly discussing one another's fantasies without judgment. When we did this we were amazed we found out we had more in common than we ever knew. So now we don't suppress anything.

The risks though are astronomical. That is why they have swingers clubs in virtually every town. It lessens the Heath risks with all being tested. Does jealousy exist? Of course. It is basic nature.

It's the fantasy of what so many writers fantasize about I caution. Picking up strangers is not only risky on the health side but on the relational side too. What happens when some random wacko starts stalking your wife or husband. It happened to us. Some of the scariest times of our life.

Most psychologists will rightfully steer you away from open marriage. The failure rate is beyond traditional marriage. If it were possible to step back... We probably would. But as I said... When you step over that line it is a giant leap.

I agree that the Matrimonial Risks are higher in an Open Marriage, especially if you somewhere along the path decide to make the change.

I knew, I would cheat and therefore Open Marriage was the only option available to us. An additional consideration is that we have never lived in any other manner. That may not be true of most others.

Topic: Ethical nonmonogamy
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 10:56

I am really happy for you 1nympholes You have found love and a person you want to spend your life with, and you can continue to be who you are and live your life the way you want and need to. If my wife wanted to life her life like that, I would be happy to let her, but she do not. She want us to be monogamous faithful to each other, and so be it.

My question is really: If you shold meet me, with my wedding ring, and we found out that we wanted to have sex, would you worry or care about the relationship between me and my wife, if she was all right with this?

Do you get questions about your wedding ring when you want to play? Is the fact that your husband is OK with it, of importance to your lovers?

Or is it as 69kisses96 states, a matter strictly between the husband and wife. If I want to play with you, it is my responsibility to think about the consequences for my marriage, not your concern?

Remember it is about sex and not about love and faithfulness. I think we are very faithful to each other. I just have this little burning sex need that seems only to be satisfied in one way with sex with someone else. That does not mean I am dissatisfied in our sexual relationship in any way.

I am not concerned if a person has a ring or not. If everything were being fulfilled at home, then he/she would not be here. Would they? You know if your man or your woman has that itch only one thing can solve it.

I have had people lose interest in visiting a more private place, once they realize that I am married. Some have even question if my spouse knows I am out and available? My standard answer is "That is between me and my spouse and is a non-factor this evening."

Should you tell your husband/wife or should you know that the person you are with has advised their spouse? There can be no standard answer and why do you need pre-approval we are not going shopping for a new home.

It should be between each couple to define the degree of disclosure. Very likely at one time or another one of the couple is going to cheat.

Topic: Do women really like pictures of cocks on Lush?
Posted: 19 Oct 2016 21:27

You guys crack me up!

You're both so right and those are not terms I use a lot.

Topic: First lesbian experience. ..
Posted: 18 Oct 2016 19:55

My first Lesbian experience was with my best girlfriend in the Foreman's House when our property was part of a large estate. Maggi was my best friend and is today.

We had done a lot of kissing and groping but this afternoon suddenly we were both naked and mouth to clitoris and clitoris to mouth. I thought I tasted good, but "Oh my God how another girl can taste!"

Shortly thereafter I found boys too.

I am not a Lesbian, but for sure I could never give up one for the other.

Maggi is it not about time for your visit?, Should you read this.

Topic: Work Fantasy
Posted: 18 Oct 2016 19:37

Who says David is right? Evaluate the risk and decide if she is worth the liability or probability of getting sued over (if you own the company).

Topic: how true is this??
Posted: 18 Oct 2016 10:30

You may be right, but it is not always the case. We have a family friend that asked this woman out when he was 25 and she was 38. She declined due to age, he asked again. But got the same result. The third time she agreed to have a drink with him. But it is to be understood just a drink and it would go no further.

They have been married for over 53 years and I have never seen a woman who is loved so much. We all want to be loved like that.

I know she was the exception, but you only need one good guy or gal.

My Dad remembers her when he was young and says she may have been the most beautiful woman he ever saw. He better not let Mom here that!

Beauty could not have been a factor or could it?

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The sexy Lady ...

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