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Time to freshen this Profile a bit. It has been a while.

I have been considered a party girl, but at 48 that does not seem to be the right term anymore. However, my desire for action has not waned in the slightest. If you like very tall blondes with nice boobs round hips and long legs you may want to look in my direction.

I have been to more hotel rooms, than Conrad Hilton, I have also been to her bed while she was out of town on business or family duties. I wear a wedding ring, and if you do too, it is of no concern. Well, at least not to me.

If you are into skat, bruising or leaving marks on a girls body you better move on to someone else.

Short of that, I have been known to entertain a gentleman in just the way he has always fantasized about but never got it out of his bucket.

Now if you need a woman to entertain some friends or business associates, I could be the one you are looking for. That is my most special way to entertain. I know what you and your buddies want, is just what I need too. If you think I have inhibitions, better think again.

It seems like a woman was made for not only procreation but for pleasure too. I know, I know that does not conform to current days Feminism. Truth is still truth, even if it does not fit with Twenty-first Century definitions.

If you are an interesting woman or couple, I am sure I could find my way to your bedroom too. Or any other place you designate.

You will see that I am older than previously reported and yes those pictures are of me. If you do not see my face in my Gallery, they may be that of a lovely friend.

I am married and have been married to the same man for years. We have two grown daughters, one a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a second one recently graduated with an MBA. My Navy daughter just made Lieutenant in almost exactly four years, which I understand is exceptional for a non-Academy Officer.

Yes, I am bragging, but that is what Mom's do.

I do not Skype, or KIK or other voice communications. Could there be an exception? Never say never.

We live near the ocean and can walk to the beach in minutes. I am such an exhibitionist that I am generally nude whether home or at the beach. If you are my neighbor you will need to get used to looking into our mostly glass home and see my naked state most of the time. We are very open about sexual activities and anything that will interest you will most likely interest me. My husband know of this account, and he may have his own, but I do no know nor care if he has or not.

We have lived life with an open marriage; my husband has asked me to dial back my activities to just people we really know. Sometimes he has too much time in his schedule and is too smart for my good. He is very concerned about STD's and knows most of the time I will not be using a condom. I understand his concern, but I am not sure I can conform to his request.

Whitney Roberts
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Bare Beach USA, California, United States
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28 Feb 2017 00:54
I was not part of the "A" group in my school years, too much of an egg head I guess. I did not know how to package the assets, I do have.

My first sexual experience was with a girlfriend and she is still every high on my list of partners. Even with her living in Italy, we still see each other once or twice a year. Women are a very important part of my life, but no more important than the men that cross my bed either.

In my younger years, I found lots of girls were not ready for sex with their boyfriends and their guy needed a place to fulfill that need. I was that girl both in my teens and later in my college years. Those girls were my best friends, even if they would die before they would ever speak to me.

I loved my life since I never need to go looking for sex it came to me almost on demand.

I did in college and today I still to like to flash my body whenever possible, breasts or thighs and pussy too. It may look accidental but we both know it is not. Watch out for your woman, she will be really be pissed if she catches you watching me or another woman like me.

Remember before wife, family, and career and you were in a Coffee shop, and there was a girl there with a soft sweater on and her nipples were poking through the material and you could stare as long as you wished. You were sure longer you stared the more she spreads her legs.

Or maybe your are on vacation, and your guy is playing golf, so you are at the pool. A woman came out of the ocean in a Bikini that covered not even the essentials, and further, it hides nothing. She toweled off and then began to apply sun block on her body. She spent too much time on her breasts. Then she slipped her hand inside her Bikini Bottom and without a doubt with her head thrown back she was addressing other needs. Remember how it made you have feelings about another woman that never thought you could ever have?

Gosh, I hope I was at least one of those girls.

I guess I was a party girl in my teens, and I still love it as much as ever. If you are looking for a player for a GangBang, you may have just looked in the right place.


Should any of this ring a bell with you I hope you will drop by and say Hi one day.

But to get my attention and response you need to tell me about your life and interests. If you do not, I may think you can not either read nor write.

Guys if you send me or have posted a picture of your COCK, it will guaranty deletion!!.
Favorite Books:
There are so many, where do I start. But my definition of a good books is one that will pull at my heart strings you are on my favorites list. If you can include it in Erotica and make my pussy wet, I will love everything you have written or ever will write.
Favorite Authors:
See Favorite Books
Favorite Movies:
If it is about the love and beauty of life, I am sure it is on my list of favorites. But if your movie is about the dark side of the world, and the producers thought that he had a message to tell, as if we did not know of the world's ills, I am sure I will never see your film. I guess I must admit I like good Porn!!
Favourite TV Shows:
At this time I guess I would say Good Wife and Madam Secretary, White Collar and Suites get my attention also.
Favorite Music:
There are days for classics, there are surely days for Rock and everyday
is for Jazz and Country, some tell me there are days for Rapp and Hip Hop, just have not found those days yet.


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31 May 2012
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27 Feb 2017 (2 hours ago)
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Topic: How do you maintain your pussy hair?
Posted: 26 Feb 2017 17:33

Started Shaving completely in my mid teens and continued until I was in Grad School. Then went to waxing and that was effective but painful.

Finally, I had Laser treatment in fact three sessions now I am smooth as a baby. I have been told I may have to do it again sometime in the future.

Not there yet.

Topic: What was your first vehicle you owned?
Posted: 25 Feb 2017 00:22

I used to see this car running around town and then I heard it was For Sale. The driver was older than I by more than 10 years so I was just a kid to him. I knew I had to have that car. So now some time to do what girls do to their Fathers to get what they want. However it did not work and it is strange since I am the youngest and it is reported I am his favorite of all the kids and spoiled.

There was a garage in the lower section of our property and no one was allowed to enter there and it was always locked. It was Dad's Private place long before a Man's Cave became popular.

On the day after graduation from college I was taken out to the drive way and there she was completely refurbish and all at my Dad's hand.

She is an old girl like me and I still drive her, but only places I know she will be safe.

https://upload.lushstories.com/1925817355-th.jpg https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?

Topic: Have you got your clit or nipples pierced, or would you have it done? Does it help sexualy if you do?
Posted: 24 Feb 2017 18:45

I have a girlfriend who is really pink and has her hood pierced with a bar it looks great to my eyes. Since I have no problem with Orgasm, I do not think that is a road I will be going down anytime soon.

But to me Tats are the ego of man thinking he/she can improve on God's Master Piece. I know a lot of wonderful, loving and generous people who have had Tats engraved on their bodies. To me there is no improvement and in most cases it is just the uglification of something extremely beautiful.

Uglification (I do not know if there is such a word but I think there should be.)

Topic: Is there anything sexual you really had to work up the nerve to try? How did you overcome your inhibitions
Posted: 22 Feb 2017 19:54

Please define inhibitions not sure I am familiar with the term just kidding!

Since I found that I may not have been the most popular girl in school, if I regularly said yes to the guys I was rarely without male companionship.

I did not start posing before the camera it seems until later than Bethany. She could have told the rest of us that it was fun and profitable.

The timing of my first Gangbang is not real clear in my mind but I am sure it was before I was a full time college student.

If inhibition means what I think it means I do not think it applies to me.

Topic: Suck after fuck?
Posted: 22 Feb 2017 09:10

I certainly do. Yum

Some guys even like to go 69 after fucking. As sensitive as I am then it is really wonderful.

Shame more men can not emotionally capable of handling this technique.

Posted: 22 Feb 2017 09:04

Yes, I know about this technique also and would recommend it to all or experiment and find what works best for you.

For me it is a guaranty of making me squirt and it is just about the only way I can.

I only use this with guys I really trust because most of the time I will pass out, since the Orgasm is so powerful

Topic: Heels.
Posted: 21 Feb 2017 10:37

I have several pairs of very bare sandals only 3 or 4 inch heels. Not like what you see most young woman wearing these days'

I almost look barefooted.

At my height I do not need to look taller than I am.

Topic: Are pussies easier or harder to handle and please?
Posted: 17 Feb 2017 10:07

Are you sure you don't want to talk about your cock some more?

Bethany you are so funny and so right.

Topic: Fingering While Eating Out
Posted: 17 Feb 2017 10:00

I'd always be against fingering while eating out. Unless it's somewhere like Subway, where anything goes.

When I saw the question that is what I thought it was going to be about too. But how about in a fine restaurant with good china and flatware? I would love to be fingered under those conditions.

Topic: A question to the women who are 30 plus-
Posted: 16 Feb 2017 11:37

It has been a while since I have had sex with and adolescent. Most of those were when the girls were the same age and that meant we had a house full of teens almost all the time. Of course, some of them were male.
I became close with a few and some would come and visit me during the day just to talk.

I am sure you all know what happens when an oversexed woman and a teen are together alone for excessive amount of time.

I am sure they were better for the future than they would have been without being with me.

In fact, one came to visit me just a few months ago, for the last time before he got married. He told me that he had been with lots of girls and then there was me.

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