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Topic sex with co-workers?
Posted 07 Jul 2015 16:07

Not Me!

But Special Aunt.

She worked with this guy and they were friendly but that is all.

Then he then asked her out and her reply was " Go Away and Forget It Your Are Too Young"

A few months later he tried again and got the same response.

On the third try she said "OK I will go for a drink with you but that is all. She knew how to send a man packing

You see she was 39 and not beautiful but Stunningly Gorgeous! He was 26. Everyone said it was just about sex and that could never work.

Months later after they had been dating for a while she suggested maybe they could live together. Which he rejected and informed her marriage or nothing.

They have been married 52 years and who knows maybe it will not work.

So maybe office sex is just fine.

So maybe an older woman and a younger man can last longer than a hot Sexcation.

All I know for sure is that every woman would like to be loved like my Special Aunt is loved.

Topic Do Girls really Enjoy being Gangbanged by a bunch of Guys??
Posted 05 Jul 2015 14:08

I have been the center of a few. Sometimes with guys I know well and sometimes not at all.

Yes being used by a group of guys is certainly disrespectful and that is part of the high, at least for me.

I will not go into the detail of the events, you just will have to use you imagination.

One of the earlier ladies says she did it when she was young and oversexed. So did I but I guess I am still over sexed at this age.

L ove them, but if you are going try it you may be disappointed, not all groups of guys are coordinated enough as a group to give what you are seeking.

I am sure it is not for everyone, but it certainly has been for me.

Maybe I should have not done it so young, but I have no regrets at all.

Topic How easy are you?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 13:28

Are you serious asking me such a question?

Topic have you ever been paid for sex?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 13:12

I didn't think you thought the ladies or women were whores here.

I wasn't offended.

I probably offend all at some point.

As usual I'm probably hated for telling the truth and I don't know.

It doesn't offend me, I don't think prostitution is glamorous but very rough.

I had a friend who paid her bills, bought whatever because she did that for guys.

I haven't seen her since the mid 90's, so no clue how she is today. Or if she's alive...

I never looked down at her. I never would....

Most would think I am a whore and with just reason. but that does not make me a Prostitute.

I have accepted monetary gifts from Special Friends and in my way of thinking that does not make me a Prostitute either.

A Whore maybe, a Prostitute No.

Topic Do you ever fantasize about the size of a man's cock
Posted 05 Jul 2015 12:58

I think we all fantasize about being with a guy with a very large package.

Whatever size that is!

I have been very disappointed with some really big fellows and Fucked beyond description by guys with smaller than Super Sized tools.

I have a very Petite girlfriend and she fantasizes about the lower end of the scale.

So go figure

Topic Total stranger and a blindfold
Posted 05 Jul 2015 12:50

Yes and yes again.

My husband arranged it and will only tell me it is someone I know. If you are interested I was also handcuff to the bed so I could not resist or remove the blindfold. I have guessed and questioned him to no avail.

Damn he is such a tease. But some think I got just what I deserve.

Topic make love or get fucked
Posted 02 Jul 2015 11:48

My GF loves being used roughly like a piece of fuckmeat by complete strangers (and she fucks at least two new cocks I week on average), then she loves me to make love to her after tending to her used cumfilled swollen cunt. As pathetic as it sounds, I wouldn't want it any other way!

Many of us have that slut Gene and most tend to control it. Then some of us think this is a effort in futility.

Topic If a couple asked you into a threesome, would you do it?
Posted 01 Jul 2015 13:29

I have had a lot of girly threesomes, foursomes and moresomes and a few FFM threesomes.

However for hetero couples, I have heard where a threesome has led to break ups.

It is fun but you have to consider the possible fall out.

I must agree that there is a risk in threesomes or more specially if there is friendship between the participants.

Most can not separate Sex and Love. I know it is great when they go together.

But sex can be rather good when it is only about the sex!

Topic Posing nude for artists (painting, drawing)
Posted 01 Jul 2015 12:25

I have been told by several Artist that they find painting of the nude body not to be highly sexual or erotic for the Artist. Not being an artist I will have to take their statement at face value.

I have been the model for several painters, photographers over the years and for the model it can be highly sexual and cause her to demand satisfaction.

Since I am equally attracted to both males and females, it does not matter the gender of the artist.

There is a very revealing Portraiture of me in my husbands home office and he shows it to people at every opportunity. Since he is so proud of the results so am I.

Topic Bi-Curious
Posted 01 Jul 2015 12:03

Sorry Double Posting

Topic Bi-Curious
Posted 01 Jul 2015 12:01

I am Bi-Sexual and I cannot remember when I was not. But this term Bi-Curious, is very confusing to me.

It is rather clear that there are many woman out there who are Bi-Sexual, but never follow through on their sexuality. Many do not know that they are Bi-Sexual until they are deep in Therapy. Sometimes the recognition of a persons true sexuality is painful for them to discover.

If you wife says "I would do her" Does that make her Bi-Curious or is it her way to indicate she is able to admire the beauty and sexuality of another woman? Have you, had serious discussion with her about having sex with another woman or maybe even a Threesome where you could participate also.

Some studies indicate many woman have a Lesbian characteristic that they will never be aware of nor act on.

You and you wife my want to have that series discussion sometime soon.

Topic Friend Requests and Profiles
Posted 28 Jun 2015 22:51

I only consider request from people who have something in there profile to make me think they would be interesting. Or maybe they will tell me a story in there request that catches my interest.

To new members I often tell them that they need to tell why we would enjoy each other as friends.

Some pick up the ball but many do not.

"Ask anything you like" does not attract may attention.

If you do not communicate with me on some regularity, I promise you will be deleted.

The is a rumor going around Lush that many young member have trouble reading and writing. Could this be true?

Topic I would like to know
Posted 28 Jun 2015 17:13

I am sure that there is a guy out there as you describe and I will keep searching!

Topic Panties first?
Posted 28 Jun 2015 17:05

If is someone of importance to me I would do it anyway he/she likes it best.

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 27 Jun 2015 07:28

Yesterday at the Miami Airport. I was on my way to visit a Special Friend. I was very excited about the next few days and what my friend had in mind for me on this visit.

Nothing like a couple of high risk Orgasms, to reduce the stress of anticipation.

Topic using an actual photo of yourself as your avatar
Posted 24 Jun 2015 12:35

OOP's Double/Double

Topic Have you ever had sex with some while your partner watched and did you enjoy him watching
Posted 24 Jun 2015 12:18

Oh I do love to be watched by my guy or by yours.

Topic Panty fetish
Posted 24 Jun 2015 11:53

That is not the Panties Fetish I was thinking about.

Topic Cheating....
Posted 24 Jun 2015 11:48

Like Bethany I have been in an open relationship for a long time. In my case it is marriage. We are both free to do as we please.

We do not announce to each other just who we have been with and what we have done.

I seem to use the "Hall Pass" more than my husband.

Are my secrets Cheating?

There are a couple of Lushies I would have a very hard time to say NO to

Topic How often do you get checked?
Posted 23 Jun 2015 21:34

Since some would consider me to be active. I get test twice a month.

Is that too much?

Topic Is lush cheating on your other half?
Posted 23 Jun 2015 21:30

Well since we do not consider the guy or gal either of us pickup to be cheating, I hardly see how Lush could be considered cheating.

Topic Do you like to be solicited for casual sex by strangers in bars?
Posted 23 Jun 2015 12:57

In a fantasy world/porn film - the guy is hot, successful, amazing in bed, and its completely safe to wander off with him to god knows where without even exchanging numbers first.

In the real world - the kind of guys that solicite girls for sex are creepy, slimy, think they're gods gift and are most likely crap in bed. Oh, and they usually cant take no for an answer.

It would be nice if everyone could be that open about casual sex and not mind being asked for it that frankly but they're not, and i wouldnt go for a guy who just asked straight out, without even asking for a number first, no matter how hot/confident/rich he was. You dont know what you're getting and its not safe.

Basically, chat girls up all you want but ask for numbers, chat a bit, and be prepared for it to take a little longer than 'wanna fuck?'

MM I know what you say about jerks and creeps is true. I know about the dangers from disease and violence too. But giving him you phone number does not make it a lot safer.

I have met lots of guys and had good sex sometimes and not so great sometimes. Either case I have not lost much.

Either the good or the bad will be forgotten by morning at the latest.

Topic What do you like more anal sex or vaginal sex
Posted 23 Jun 2015 11:44

I think most woman would tell you vaginal. However for some it is like asking which child to you love the most.

Topic The "new" female "Viagra" would you try it, use it?
Posted 22 Jun 2015 12:38

OMG NO!! If I have any problem that area it maybe that I am oversexed. So I see no benefit to further motivation.

Topic What is your prefer Height for your partner and what is your Height?... why
Posted 20 Jun 2015 14:48

I am 5'11 and my husband is 6'4+ just perfect height. I never dated much and have had only one husband so what do I know.

But I have had sex partners from short to tall and it does not really matter if he knows what he is trying to do

Topic Booze and Sex
Posted 19 Jun 2015 20:05

Why do you guys think you must get a woman drunk to have sex with her. Maybe it is something about self esteem.

You do not have to waste money on liquor with me. Just present me with an interesting offer and we can be off to someplace private or maybe not so private.

Topic Are Beards Sexy?
Posted 19 Jun 2015 15:54

No, NO and absolutely no. But with the number of men wearing facial hair these days, must mean lot of woman do love it. If the rule No Shave No Pussy was applied. Gillettes stock would go off the chart

Topic bukkake
Posted 19 Jun 2015 13:29

I too have been the benefit of a Bukkake a time or two. Being naked and having guys view me is great fun and being covered with the cum of many could fun under the right conditions.

Topic What Makes Someone A Slut?
Posted 17 Jun 2015 20:40

Anyone who is getting more than Me.

Topic using an actual photo of yourself as your avatar
Posted 17 Jun 2015 20:28

There was a time I would not have considered being on Lush and recognizable.

Then I found out most people that are important to me already new who I am.

Business clients all told me they cared if I could do the job or not. My personal life was of little consequence.

So what you see is what you get.