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Topic Taking Bra Off For Sex
Posted 23 Mar 2016 14:21

Sounds to me that you are dating a little boy. Maybe next time you should try a man. Little boys come in all ages too.

Topic Pussy Eating
Posted 23 Mar 2016 14:06

I am not a guy, but this I know for sure. My Guy I think love to eat pussy more than I like receiving it. If I told him NO NO, that is across the line and you can not do that again. He would be out of my life in a FLASH!

Topic Right or left-handed?
Posted 22 Mar 2016 16:27

No one told me I was supposed to use one hand more than the other.

Should I look into that?

Topic A man for a day.
Posted 22 Mar 2016 13:31

It can get kind of deep can't it. As a guy I watch women make out and it is a huge turn on.. mostly because I put my feelings into the story and imagine the women are thinking exactly what I would be... when I guess I will have to admit they are not... but it is a nice thought.


Adele is there some empirical evidence that men have any thought process relative to the opportunity to have sex or during sex?

I always thought it was just his animalistic program to reproduce or maybe today it to have his way with one more woman!

Oh Lord do not ever change that gene.

But, dumb me what do I know.

Topic Have you willingly fucked multiple guys in one session? Did it turn you on and give you multiple orgasms? Did you hook up with t
Posted 21 Mar 2016 12:00

NOLAHotGal]Yes often, even gang bangs with guys I never met. Multiple orgasms with copious amounts of squirting.


Come on now Brandi. You know we both love Gangbangs and you just like me find it our favorite type of sexual expression.

Lots of men, lots of cum both from them and us. Unless you believe sex is only based on love, what could be better.

Even if we don't know them you like it better that way. Now Don't you?

Topic anal anyone?
Posted 20 Mar 2016 23:04

Fetish do not know if that is the term. But I really like anal and if he does not suggest it I certainly will. MLogan if you like it and so does he what are the concerns. And if he does not maybe you just need to talk about it.

Topic Do you try to show off at the gym?
Posted 20 Mar 2016 17:32

My Girlfriends say I will show off almost anywhere.

Topic How many of you gals are into inter-racial sex..
Posted 20 Mar 2016 17:17

as long as they are good and creative lovers, who cares what race they are!

Fuck and be Happy!



Steph you always say the good stuff before me.

Topic Girls, how often do you finger yourself?
Posted 20 Mar 2016 17:10

Not everyday but many. Sometimes with a girl friend a few hundred miles away. Yes and sometimes just all alone.

Topic Where do u want the cum to go?
Posted 19 Mar 2016 22:05

My first thought is buried as deeply in my Vagina as you can. Especially the first time of the session. However, later eruptions could be most anywhere you choose.

Which would certainly include my wide open mouth, my face. my breasts, my stomach.

Of course If you brought friends you could frost me that wonderful stuff!!!!

Topic Red or Black Lingerie?
Posted 18 Mar 2016 00:08

Thanks Guys for you color choices.

But I still have no clue about the fascination.

Topic Favorite Sex Position - I know it's an old question, but...
Posted 18 Mar 2016 00:05

On your back in a large leather chair can leave you very vulnerable and you can be super pleasured

Topic what is your profession?
Posted 17 Mar 2016 20:29

I work part time as a whore, and I love it.

Honey many of us are Whores and love it and the money is OK too

Topic Red or Black Lingerie?
Posted 16 Mar 2016 20:29

Not this one. I don't really care.

I do find it fascinating though why some people always change the color and font-size in their postings ;)

But you noticed

Topic Red or Black Lingerie?
Posted 16 Mar 2016 20:26

Imagine, if you will, an attractive man. He's sexy, charming, and gets your libido going with ease. Imagine that one day, he confides in you that he has a tattoo of his favorite sports team's logo. When asked where, he seductively hints that it is somewhere south west of the region where his muscular abs form that sexy 'v'. He offers to show you...

Now in this situation it is obviously an excuse to see more of the goods. However, that tattoo in particular says something about his personality. Why that logo? Why in such an intimate spot? In the same vein, a woman's lingerie choice is an excuse to take in her exposed body (or merely fantasize about it) but the choices involved say something about her. Does she go with something bold and wild? Is it something more subtle? Does she wear whatever looks the most flattering? Or does she go with her favorite color no matter how it looks because it is her favorite color damnit! And with the subject matter being so intimate, do her choices suggest an eagerness to show it off?

Well using your sport vernacular would it be more of a turn of if it was tattoo of the Buffalo Bills ,San Diego Padres or the Tampa Lighting. I would think it would be "Babe come up and see my manhood tattoo.

If you guys were asking if I wore lingerie or not I would understand.

So I thank you guess you are not getting the message through to me.

Topic Where's the wildest and craziest place you have had sex??
Posted 16 Mar 2016 15:17

Well I guess this could fall into the wild and crazy class.

I had just met this guy in a Wine Bar in San Francisco and what chemistry. If we did not get out of there I would have impaled myself on him right there on one of those bar stools.

We went around the corner and there was St Peters and Paul's Church. I pulled him into this place of worship. The sex rather than being quick and frantic, it was long and deliberate. The orgasms were some of the best ever.

God I know, did not mind us Fucking in his house. If he did he would not have made it feel so wonderful.

I now wonder who the guy was and what ever happened to him.

Never will be sure if they were having a small weekday evening service or not ?

Topic Barefoot in public
Posted 16 Mar 2016 11:07

As a beach girl growing up I hardly ever wore shoes accept when my parents insisted. You know like to school, church and out to a fancy restaurant.

But if I knew it turned on some men I would made it much more obvious.

Topic Red or Black Lingerie?
Posted 16 Mar 2016 10:41

Guys please tell me. Some of your brothers always have a question about the color of Lingerie in the Gals Section.

What color are you wearing? What difference does it make? I am the same slut whatever I am wearing. Lots of woman including me don't wear any much of the time.

Could some of you guys explain the fascination with the color of a woman's undies.

Topic Bukkake?
Posted 15 Mar 2016 17:59

Gee with whoever started this thread thank you.

Suddenly having not thought about that type of Gangbang in years, I am rather excited about the idea.

I may just have to try it again sometime soon. After all I love cum.

Topic Anal Sex
Posted 15 Mar 2016 10:05

Hmmmm, Can I buy us a drink in my hotel lounge and we can discuss this? wink/(:

Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel???

Topic What's Your Favorite Position for Anal Sex?
Posted 14 Mar 2016 20:50

I prefer any position that I am in control. However I think I like just about any position.

For your first time lady control may take some of the fear out for her. She can impale herself as shallow or as deeply as she wishes. Also she can go as fast or as slow as she needs.

My first time was so long ago that I do not remember the first time. But I know I could not live without Anal.

Topic Anal Sex
Posted 13 Mar 2016 20:34

Why are you pleased that many women , including my wife I suppose, decline men and themselves this pleasure?
Do you have any suggestions as to how I might convince my wife to try it? Sometimes I touch her there and sometimes for a few minutes but she always stops me when or before my finger gets in to the first knuckle. I'd love to make her cum like crazy so she'd start to like it.


It is really very simple, when a man finally makes the decision, that he will never get what he needs at home. He is really happy when he finds out that there are woman like me out here that are not only willing, but anxious to have Anal Sex. You know that!

Topic your first cock sucking experience
Posted 11 Mar 2016 16:15

He was more than 10 years older than I was. He told me I did great. Not so sure, he may have just wanted to be sucked everyday.

By the end of Summer I was pretty skilled. The Guys in my class said "No one else in our class could suck cock like that."

So I must have been OK

Topic Girls - would you know if....... ?
Posted 11 Mar 2016 16:08

Without a doubt. Unfortunately not many guys are very satisfying until some woman teaches them.

Topic Most Comfortable Bra
Posted 11 Mar 2016 11:07

I always thought BRA and COMFORT were mutually exclusive terms.

Topic How many guys have you had sex with?
Posted 11 Mar 2016 10:52

That's a very high number.. Was any of them black and if so, how many..

Janice, are you really sure that does not sound like a high number at all to me, Black or any other skin tone.

Topic Anal Sex
Posted 11 Mar 2016 10:15

I know we have been asked this question over and over but he it is one more time.

Yes I love it and yes I have been known to beg for it when I am out of control.

After you are purged and lubed well there may be some pain, but God what a feeling. Just the most intense Orgasm ever.

Yes, this is one time bigger is better. I am pleased that many wives and S/O decline men this pleasure and themselves too.

Topic FIRST THOUGHTS when seeing a guy's penis first time...??
Posted 09 Mar 2016 14:22

Just being honest and really mean no offense to the ones that aren't, I am just a creature of habit I first thought is that I hope he is circumcised Embarassed

Maybe I just need some exposure to some uncircumcised ones to get a real appreciation 😜

I think the other way. I hope he is not circumcised! When a man penetrates us cut or not it is wonderful. But to me if he is uncircumcised his 6 inches of Manhood seems to fill me much more that a man of the same size who was circumcised.

Of course it could just be me.

Girls let not kid the world we must have had our on hands on his pride before we see his penis the first time. Be it through a couple of layer of garment. I am sure you know if he is .75 feet or if he is 3/9ths of that same foot.

His color, shape and curvature may be other factors, but we all know what we like best

Topic Dreaming About You
Posted 09 Mar 2016 09:53

The answer would vary so much.

Could be that new guy the company just hired and you do not really know him at all. Damn, it would freak me out.

It could be that guy who you have know forever. You are good friends but that is all and it will never be more than that. Oh I would be interested because i know it will not be sexual, probably something he found to be funny and knows I will also.

Then there is the guy you see every week at Church and every time he shakes your hand an electric shock runs directly to your Clitoris. You are almost sure he is feeling the same thing.

It is not a question of if. It is only a question of when. Of course I would want to hear his dream about me.

Do you think is dreams are just as kinky as mine are?

Topic Girls, do you insert things into your vagina or just simply play with your clit when masturbating?
Posted 07 Mar 2016 10:33

If I am just about to climb the walls with need ( you girls know what I mean) I attack my clitoris this second. But if I have a leisure morning I assuredly will have something inside me, be it fingers, dildo or my favorite vibrating toy.

I do not really understand why any girl would do anything else.