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Topic Sloppy seconds
Posted 15 Aug 2017 19:50

A lot more than a few times have I had sex with a new guy, while still having loan of cum from someone earlier. Some seem to recognize my condition almost immediately. Some seem to take a few minutes more.

I do not think men are like they were when our mothers were young, when many guys thought that was an absolute No No.

Lots of men today do not seem to mind in fact some seem to find it a turn on.

Topic How often do you go Braless ?
Posted 14 Aug 2017 11:39

I only wear a bra to work, and not always then if I have on something heavy enough so my nips don't poke out. Otherwise I'm always braless.

Bethany good nips showing is not offensive to most, well at least Lushies.

Topic The most beautiful artistic nude photograph ?
Posted 14 Aug 2017 00:59

One of Jacques choices may not be the most beautiful, but the most athletic and that is a class of beauty in itself.

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 14 Aug 2017 00:45

Will you accept this morning. It was early but I do not have the exact time.

Topic What have you learned from porn?
Posted 14 Aug 2017 00:43

Comedy comes in many forms.

Topic How many different guys have cum inside your pussy within 24 hours
Posted 13 Aug 2017 21:38

I am not completely clear on what your are asking.

If the question is about the guy not know that another guy had done me earlier in the day maybe five or six. They may have thought I was really wet, but it they were thinking along those lines they never mentioned their thoughts.

If you asking about how many different men have deposited a load in 24 hours, it is hard to define. When I start having orgasm strong and close together. Things become less than clear and it certainly would 10 or more and it could sometimes been 20 or more. I wish I knew for sure also.

Topic Bigger clit, bigger appetite?
Posted 08 Aug 2017 10:14

Sorry to bust your bubble, but my Clitoris is just about normal size.

I started having sex at an age much younger than most and I have been rather active with many different partners.

Now I do not know if I am more or less orgasmic the other active woman, but this I know multiple orgasms are no stranger to me.

My experience does not seem to support your thesis.

Topic Do you like to hear your wife or girlfriend tell you about previous lovers?
Posted 07 Aug 2017 00:18

My Guy knows there were many before him and he knows I have cheated on him a lot too.

But right now he is in NYC with his Slut and neither his affairs nor mine play any factor on or relationship

Topic Bleeding during Sex
Posted 06 Aug 2017 15:31

Don't be silly see a GYNO Now.

If you are having sex you should already been to one and received birth Control.

Be Smart

Topic How do I tell a friend that I want to have sex with her?
Posted 06 Aug 2017 01:55

Weekend is a great idea.

If she asks what her room will cost. You still have some work to do.

I know an older couple; he is 13 years younger than her.

He got shot down the first time for being too young.

The Second time the same thing only questioned his ability to comprehend

The third time she agreed to a drink and only a drink.

They have been married over 50 years and every woman want to be loved like she is.

So things can change.

Topic Mennopause
Posted 06 Aug 2017 01:41

Your wife is going through a tough time, what with her hormones being all over the place, hot flashes, cramps, pain, difficulty sleeping etc, and any other symptoms that menopause can bring on, and you want to throw sex into the mix? Sorry buddy, probably won't happen for a while. Get used to being married to your hand.

Mostly true, but very harsh words for a man.

Topic Pussy smell
Posted 06 Aug 2017 01:39

This could be serious get to a good OBGYN now do not waste time.

Topic Are you currently having an affair?
Posted 03 Aug 2017 23:37

Is an affair and a one nightstand equal on the Affair Scale?

Topic Ass play questions
Posted 03 Aug 2017 21:38

Lots of good advice here.

I would add that she needs to know there will be some pain and more than some if she is 5'0" and you are hung like Secretariat. In fact that may not work at all.

The pain may continue for some time. With Anal I always have some pain but it is short lived and well worth it knowing what is coming.

Anal gives me the most massive Orgasms I could ever dream of.

Give her the control, the lube, the time and it may take you to the fantasy you only dreamed could exist.

Topic In your relationship, are you high maintenance?
Posted 02 Aug 2017 19:36

I guess I must admit I am High Maintenance. Including gifts and trips and bling. Robb knows I am not about to leave him even if he does not buy all the things I might like.

But there are lots of other men out there that know nice things are the fastest trip to my goodies.

Topic eating cum
Posted 01 Aug 2017 13:04

I know several guys who like cum, theirs or someone else's does not seem to matter.

Topic Guy code
Posted 01 Aug 2017 12:47

I wouldn't say it's guy code, but you definitely don't want to seem to starved for attention where your texting non stop right away. At the same time you still need her to feel like your interested (unless your not). Finding that balance can be tricky and its different for everyone. 3 days to me seems a bit extreme especially now with a smart phone on everyone's hand. Or I'm just a big idiot an know nothing about women.


Since if you and I had a date, it would mean we had already had sex. Some seem to still think I am better than average. So if I had not heard on the third day for a second audition, you better believe you would have been dropped from my directory.

Topic Cum Over Me?
Posted 01 Aug 2017 12:13

After re-thinking the question, it does make a girl feel really nasty!

Topic Slut: "someone who has more sex than I approve of"
Posted 01 Aug 2017 12:06

I suppose everyone has their own definition for both Slut and Whore. No Whore does not necessarily mean you were paid for sex.

To me, either term maybe substituted for anyone who is getting more sex than me.

Topic Have you fooled around or cheated UnWillingly while being in relationship ?what made you do it ?
Posted 01 Aug 2017 11:55

Fooled around or cheated (same thing) "unwillingly"? How do you cheat unwillingly, sleepwalking? It's a conscious decision.

Good question Trinket. If in my sleep walking period: does that mean I am not responsible for my actions?

Topic Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted 01 Aug 2017 09:27

I love both and I give him my best effort not just for him, but for me too. I love his cock down my throat and his testicles slapping my lips.

At the same time I love to receive also, from a skilled partner. Male or Female.

I think both Bethany and Nikki indicated men do not have the skill needed in pleasuring a woman orally. Which could be true, but I have taught more than one man how to send a woman into orbit. He may not be naturally as good as a woman, but very close.

Topic Guys-would you be interested in a woman who had been abstinent for a long stretch?
Posted 31 Jul 2017 10:31

I am a little surprised at the number of people who indicate that sex is great, but not one of the driving forces in a relationship.

This is a sex site is it not? Or did I stumble into a Church Box Lunch Social by mistake?

Seems to me that sex is the adhesive that keeps relationships active and alive.

Maybe I am more over sex than some but I have no intent to go without sex on a regular schedule as long as I have working parts and someone is interested in me.

Topic Have you ever paid for Sex ? I mean paid with real money ??
Posted 30 Jul 2017 23:41

Not all guys. Perhaps in your world, but not in mine. No money, gifts or favours.

You split the check for diner and drinks? You paid for cab and the hotel?

He never gave you gifts or flowers?

Then you were ready and will to have sex when ever he wanted.

You are really every mans dream girl.

Topic Lying about your number of sex partners
Posted 30 Jul 2017 16:36

I never lied to my husband, but he had to know. We went to the same California prestigious university and most everyone else knew. So how could he not know and if he did not he only had to ask around.

I have never heard of a girls vagina wearing out from over use.

Besides how many of you men tell the next girl just how many you have been with?.

Topic Have you ever paid for Sex ? I mean paid with real money ??
Posted 29 Jul 2017 21:35

I'd be surprised if any female on this site has. By that I mean I doubt it would have ever been necessary. In literature there is often an older rich woman who buys young men's favors, but I don't think that actually happens often, and certainly not among the foxes here. It will probably be the men who answer positively, and it'll be interesting how many own up. As for myself, I've never done it as a business deal,with payment up front, or even expected afterward. But I've often given young sex partners money after sex to pay for cabs or food. Whether they used it for that I have no idea. But I also kicked more than one out for asking for money during sex. Do gifts for special repeat ones count? If so, guilty.

Your so funny men always pay for sex when you took that little slut to Jamaica last year that was not paying her. Or the time you had been with her several time and took her to that little shop in the Designers Area and spent how many $$$ on her that day. Not to consider all the diners and dancing and expensive wine and flowers.

Be honest with yourself, if not with us guys always pay for a good Fucking.

Topic Have you ever paid for Sex ? I mean paid with real money ??
Posted 29 Jul 2017 17:24

Melissa 999 don't say that in public too many woman have worked too long and too hard to make MEN believe they always pay.

I have not ever paid for sex, but in another 20 years I will not say I would not.

Topic "Torture" Erotic content: Do you find it disturbing?
Posted 29 Jul 2017 00:16

I am sure Nola is more experienced than I.

However I had some experience and it has brought me a get deal of pleasure.

If you are going to pass in the this world on a regular basis or just on occasion. You need to know your limits of accepting pain and the rewards you expect from that pain. There must be absolute trust between the partners.

If thing are reversed, the same things need to be defined and the guidelines strictly adhered to.

Topic Do you like women in stripper heels?
Posted 27 Jul 2017 10:15

Of course I do Ada. Espcially hot sluts like you! A horny guy like me will always appreciate women in stripper heels and you certainly look FABULOUS in yours Mmmmm

Guys if you are seeing Stripper Heels in that photo, you have a serious problem.

Topic Guys-would you be interested in a woman who had been abstinent for a long stretch?
Posted 26 Jul 2017 23:35

That sounds like a very interesting man. flower read2

I promise you he is and after all those other men he is still at the top of my list.

Topic Cum Over Me?
Posted 26 Jul 2017 09:48

At some point during a GangBang, I have had some of the guys Ejaculate on me. They seem to really enjoy it, but I have some holes designed for that purpose and it is much more enjoyable if they use them.

Although. there are times I am just insatiable and cum as much and any where you want, I am sure we will all enjoy it.