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Topic would a small anal plug inserted while having sex make for better climax for her?
Posted 22 Feb 2015 14:42

Most anything in my ass feels wonderful!

Topic matching bra and panties
Posted 20 Feb 2015 19:30

If I am going to wear a Bra and Panties they are going to match.

Topic Friends
Posted 19 Feb 2015 22:01

Yes I have been in contact with maybe 8 or 10 people outside of Lush.

I am not a collector of friends like some that have hundreds of friends. I do purge people from my friends list form time to time. seems they are too busy to stay in contact. I hope they do not take that as a pejorative, just need to keep the house clean.

Topic Butt Plugs... Opinions?
Posted 16 Feb 2015 01:07

ky Nothing Like going shopping with a remote Butt plug in place. And of course the remote in your pocket.

What about in you lovers pocket?

Topic Your favourite kink?
Posted 16 Feb 2015 01:03

I am always confused about Kink. When I saw this I thought I would get some thing clarified.

But Alas I am more confused than ever, because much of what the member have mentioned is pretty normal sex to me.

Am I some kind of deviate?

Topic could you have a big cock guy like me every night
Posted 11 Feb 2015 23:54

Every night I do not think so. But now and then I know we could work out the issues.

Topic Do you get aroused looking at yourself naked in a mirror?
Posted 10 Feb 2015 22:54

Certainly not aroused. However not displeased with the reflection either.

I spent too many years believing I was the plainest of the plain.

Topic Do you ever dress provocatively for a visit to the doctor?
Posted 10 Feb 2015 13:12

I most certainly do. My OB/Gyn has taken on a new associate, who is a Lesbian and I dress for her. I have always been the last patient of the day. I will bet you can figure out why I am the last.

Topic How many times can you cum during one 'session'?
Posted 10 Feb 2015 00:36

I actually haven't reached a limit yet, but it so much depends on how good my partner is an how attracted I am to them.

That must be the most perfect ass in the world

I know off subject Sorry.

Topic names on lush
Posted 10 Feb 2015 00:26

Mine is because I hope you would notice me.

Would you pay attention to Whitney Roberts?

Topic why do some women dislike to be given oral. all I want is to please.
Posted 10 Feb 2015 00:22

I am sure there are woman out there who do not care for Cunnilingus but for the life of me I can not think of one reason why this could be true.

I would venture that this relates to her childhood, when she was taught such an action was vile and in violation of Gods Law.

Even if a man is not very good at this skill and many must be taught. It still is very pleasant.

But if your woman has repeatedly rejected the idea I think you should follow her request.

But then if she was with a woman it may be different.

Oh yes I do to teach such techniques

Topic Older men or younger men?
Posted 09 Feb 2015 00:43

Both older men and younger men have their benefits. A fun choice we woman have to make.

Topic Is bukkake a total turn-off for most/all women, even as a fantasy?
Posted 08 Feb 2015 19:21

It is not a turn off and you should keep it in your story line.

This is from a woman who has actually experience a bakkake and may again in just the right conditions.

Topic Cum on your face
Posted 07 Feb 2015 13:04

Not my favorite. Seems like I have a couple of much better place for cum. Except maybe for in a serious GangFucking. Then I am pleased to open my mouth for load after load.

Topic How many times can you cum during one 'session'?
Posted 07 Feb 2015 12:40

Well if I really get going I lose track of just how many orgasms and how many partners too. Seems sometime with a group of guys or gals exhaustion takes over before I am near loss of desire.

Topic Cigarette smoking
Posted 04 Feb 2015 23:56

I tried one cigarette at about 15 and never have touched one since. Either Guys or Gals if you are a smoker do not plan to share my bed any time soon.

Topic Do you ask your lover to perform cunnilingus?
Posted 01 Feb 2015 22:13

I you need to ask girls, that is a major red flag that you are with the wrong guy. Woman seem to be just as thrilled with the idea as I am.

Topic Having your photograph taken nude or Erotically posed
Posted 01 Feb 2015 22:07

You know I have posed in the nude and found it a rather great turn on. Girls you should all have a day being pampered and pleased.

You Hubby or S/O may like it too.

Topic being shared
Posted 28 Jan 2015 11:03

I have been shared more than a few times. I love it especially when my husband brings one or more men home for fun and games. We have talked many times about who get to most turned on with such games. I hope we figure it out one of these days.

Topic What's it like to get your arsehole bleached ?
Posted 27 Jan 2015 14:03

Pretty much all the porn stars do it (both anal and genital bleaching). Nobody's asshole is naturally perfect and 'petal pink'. It's a visual trick obviously, but still effective. If they're doing a zoom-in anal scene you want a colour palette that's pleasing to the eye and gives the illusion that nothing has ever gone in and out of that pristine little knot other than hard cock.

Anal bleaching is pretty common these days for the masses too. I mean if you're going in to the salon to get a full brazilian by a waxing technician as it is, getting a little colour lift while you're at it isn't a big deal. There's no room for shame. Once you're spread-eagled on the table or knees pushed up to your shoulders while someone tends to the pussy, it's a slippery slope to trying the 'next' treatment on the salon menu.

I am pretty sure you are one of the last people on this earth that needs to worry about anal bleaching dear.

Topic What is a SLUT to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2015 10:07

When you're lying on your back with 6 different guys' cum running out of your pussy, that and a few other words come to mind!

I have been in that position also and Slut probably fits along with a couple of others.

Topic Can it be too big?
Posted 23 Jan 2015 00:32

Absolutely! I was once with a guy that was 10 1/2" and it was just to big to enjoy. And to add to that he thought that since he was huge he was the world's greatest lover so I tend to avoid monster cocks. Luckily they are few and far between. Plus my love of anal makes a 6 or 7 inch guy much more appealing.

Oh Nikki Dear you are so right about really big guys. They much to often think their size makes them a good sex partner. I have been with big boys who were lousy in bed and small guys that made me cum so much I thought it would never stop

Topic out side of the bed...
Posted 20 Jan 2015 16:59

It is like good books there are so many places and so my chances.

Topic Can it be too big?
Posted 20 Jan 2015 10:22

I am sure there is a guy out there that is too big for any of us.

However, I have found that if the Big Boy is very patient, you will be surprised just how large a cock you can engulf without a lot of discomfort.

At least that has been my experience.

Topic What Pictures do girls like seeing on guys profiles?
Posted 19 Jan 2015 21:49

I love cock pictures and cum shot pictures..i'm not here to discuss the weather or to look for a relationship..
Just kidding...

I don't know something that really represents that person..

I do not think I agree with insatiable on this one in jest or not. I have been with lots of men and know pretty much how to use their cocks. Long Ones, Thin Ones, Short Ones and Fat Ones too.

A nice picture of a man body without his genitals works fine for me. If his face is part of the picture that is a plus.

But then I am at least 20 years older than some of the women on this site.

Topic Does a Gangbang make you feel powerfull?
Posted 19 Jan 2015 21:39

I have been in on a few Gangbangs also. Some planned and some not so much. In the later more guys arrived than expected and things went where it was not planned.

I am not sure if the word power is the correct word or not.

It does give a feeling of believing you are so desirable sex will get you anything you want. When you are with one guy you may not be the hottest girl in town but how can a group of guys all be wrong

The Orgies I have been involved is where everyone was in agreement and each person would move from person to person. As they wished and be accepted in the same manner.

A Gangbang my not be rape, but it can be much closer to it than an orgy.

But I have playing these games much longer than most on Lush

Topic What is a SLUT to you?
Posted 18 Jan 2015 01:29

I see lots of you have definitions for the real life we are walking through.

I always thought it applied to any woman who was getting Fucked one time more than me.

Not So?

Topic Bi sexual women.
Posted 12 Jan 2015 23:58

My husband and I have an Open Marriage and that included other woman. Some was been one nights, some longer and some for years.

He has participated with some and knows about others, but have never met her. Then there are a couple that he has not knowledge of at all.

That makes it Open

Topic Do you like having your hair pulled during sex?
Posted 11 Jan 2015 14:44

I love rough sex with some one I trust just use me any way you want. As long a I get as much pleasure as you.

Hair pulling is certainly part of that whole experience.

Topic How do you feel when you are called a "Slut"
Posted 11 Jan 2015 14:36

I know what I am and if you call me a slut or a whore, I am not offended in the least.

If you call those names in anger, I will react differently.