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Topic Right now! Shaved or Natural?
Posted 21 Jun 2017 17:55

Neither shaved nor Waxed but Lasered

Topic If someone were to fart on your clit, would the vibration be enough to make you feel good?
Posted 19 Jun 2017 10:53

Congratulations, you just won the Oscar for the Dumbest Question Ever!.

Topic Penis Size - a question for the gals.
Posted 19 Jun 2017 10:46

I would never ask a guy how big he is on Lush or in real life. Some smaller guys can send a girl directly into orbit. Then some large guys think all they need to be is larger than average. Not so.

I am not telling you that a guy that has great skill in bed and has 8 or 9 inches or erect penis is not a welcome playmate.

But you smaller guys are always welcome in my playroom.

Topic Married men
Posted 19 Jun 2017 10:06

My rules certainly are more flexible than Bethany. I do not seek out married men. But if he makes the first move I do not automatically reject him.

If things were right at home or if he is in an open marriage like I am, I do not see it being such a big deal. I am not seeking a relationship with him, just a night of sex and it is very likely I will never see him again.

Girls when you tell your mate no and no and no again. All you are doing is driving him to someone like me who almost always says yes. That means yes to frequency and yes to the service he needs. So think about it ladies.

Topic Ladies do you have any fetishes?
Posted 19 Jun 2017 09:53

Sorry, hon but you want to know intimate details about us girls which normally I'm happy to share. But you tell us nothing about yourself! Your profile is like virgin snow.

Good for you Melissa!

Topic Orgasm control and denial
Posted 18 Jun 2017 18:25

I have been very sexually active for a long time. But BDSM has only become an interest recently.

In many stories and video the Submissive must ask for permission to Cum. I question if this is possible. When I am ready it is going to happen.

How is a Submissive Trained not to cum without permission?

I thought I had posted this a few days ago, but I guess not. If I have please excuse me.

Topic The sexiest women of all time is... Jennifer Aniston??
Posted 16 Jun 2017 20:10

I think it is a list also and with considering it would be different girls for different times: I am not sure Jennifer Aniston would be on the list at all. She is the girl next door. Some that certainly would be on the list would be Elizabeth Taylor, Bardot, Ann-Margaret (for sure even if she is 76 my husband would kill me if I omitted her) and certainly close to the top of any List would be Nikki703 and Dancing Doll.

Wonder if 50 people from Lush made a list of 100 Sexiest Lushies would I make the list even if it was 101.

Topic Multiple men cumming in you a turn-on?
Posted 14 Jun 2017 15:12

I think that might be the hottest post I've ever read on here

Me too we Sluts need to keep this type of discussion upfront. Damn, I am getting wet.

Topic Controling the Taste of Pussy Juice
Posted 11 Jun 2017 18:10

It's been my experience that diet seems to play a greater role in affecting the taste of male semen than it does female juices. I've tasted a lot of pussies, and women usually taste more alike than men do for some reason. Women's cum has less protein content than semen. Possibly the reason, but just guessing.

Bethany. I have been with lots of woman too and I would say each of us have our unique flavor and I have not a clue how it would be changed. However. something so good I do not think I want to take a chance.

That is just one woman's experience, totally without supporting evidence.

Topic One Night Stand...
Posted 11 Jun 2017 17:47

I've had more than a few 'one night stands' and never did I insist on use of a condom - which to my mind ruins the whole sex act. I have my own contraceptive protection - and that's good enough.

Something devilishly good about going out looking sexy, selecting a guy, screwing him at the end of the evening and never seeing him again.

Your young and sexy and should be having as much sexual fun as you ever will. I need men just for sex and then move on there may be more willing to do me if I make myself available. No two or three guys in an evening is not an unreasonable expectation.

Some people do read you profile. I also delete guys who short note begins and end with "hi"

Unless he is new to Lush and I think he must not understand that he needs to communicate.

Topic Accidental upskirts when out !!!!
Posted 09 Jun 2017 09:53

Come on Kids you know it is not accidental and he knows you know it is not accidental.So who is trying to kid whom?

You like to show off and he likes to look. So everyone should be happy. Sounds like a win-win.

Topic The Weirdest Thing A Guy Has Ever Said Or Done During sex
Posted 09 Jun 2017 08:06

One guy I was with wouldn't take his socks and shoes off, high top tennis shoes and black socks! Naked otherwise. I thought it looked dumb ass weird. He said, "well, you wear stockings and heels when you have sex!" I said that was different, that doesn't look dumb ass weird like a guy going to bed with his socks and shoes on. I gave him a blowjob, but wouldn't fuck him. He had a beautiful cock, but the socks and shoes thing was a real turn off for me.

Georgia Girl I am sure I am much older and more experienced than you, but if he insisted on his socks and gym shoes, his ass would be out of my bed in a flash.

In addition, I only were hose and heels on very special requests.

Topic Those of you lost your virginity after the age of 17
Posted 30 May 2017 19:48

The right time is different for everyone. I was younger than most but it was the right time for me too. I have never regretted the time I selected or was selected for me.

Topic How many guys have you had sex with?
Posted 21 May 2017 01:26

Hahaha shut up. Oh. And what about you?? Don't act all angel. I know you've got a long list Read it

Samantha Jones should be every girls guide to how many is acceptable. I believe that March or April, think would it must have been by Fall?

Topic How many guys have you had sex with?
Posted 21 May 2017 01:26

Hahaha shut up. Oh. And what about you?? Don't act all angel. I know you've got a long list Read it

Samantha Jones should be every girls guide to how many is acceptable. I believe that March or April, think would it must have been by Fall?

Topic Does sex with a big cock enlarge the vagina?
Posted 15 May 2017 00:26

As Bethany Meg and Nolo tell the Vagina is very flexible and will be normal within a short period of time. Could the difference be in the mind of the husband.

Don't mean to be abusive but lots of men have self esteem issue when their woman is off doing someone else.

Topic Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner....
Posted 29 Apr 2017 13:35

We negotiate this long before we were married. He knew I would have other Sex Partners and I certainly knew the same. I told my husband he had two choices. One he could know every detail, who, where, when. what and how good the play was. Gosh almost sound like a News Reporter when they did not make the news. Or he could know nothing about all those things. Except when it is likely I will be home.

He has the same rights also.

My guy chose the last and therefore there is nothing to lie about.

It has worked well for us for many and years and there is a strong bond and sexual action between us still.

Topic How far have you gone Using your looks and sex appeal ?
Posted 28 Apr 2017 12:15

I think I am smart, educated and skilled at the things I do. Some people would tell you the same.

But I recognize that just about every door that has opened for me was because of my looks and sexuality. Seems lots of men in business know more about me than they should.

Topic What’s the ultimate role play for you?
Posted 23 Apr 2017 01:26

Bethany all strong woman want to be themselves, but does that exclude RP?

Topic Would you let your husband watch you have sex with another man....
Posted 23 Apr 2017 01:22

Really would I let him? If he really want to watch it is all in his control.

Topic Girls and Cheating
Posted 23 Apr 2017 01:18

I have cheated most of my life. I find it a thrill that a guy who has a wife at home would choose me, even if it is just for the afternoon or an evening.

Of course he will be with someone else next time and so will I.

If everything at home was right he would not be where I could get my hooks into him.

Topic eye rolling orgasms
Posted 22 Apr 2017 14:22

I have no idea, When I have a really Massive Orgasm, I will frequently go into a Petite Mort.

When you have done this to me you not have done your job well, but just about as well as it can be done.

So please revive me and start all over again.

Topic Does sex on a first date mean she’s not girlfriend material?
Posted 21 Apr 2017 23:38

In my younger days I was so over sexed that I almost always fucked on the first date. If we did not work well together in bed, why in the world would I want to have a second date.

If we worked well together the next date may be tomorrow.

Topic To those who Cheated while being in Relationship, what Instigated you ? was it worth ?? and what were the consequences ??
Posted 09 Apr 2017 13:57

How did this sinner get on the same site with all these saints that would never cheat?

I have cheated and cheated many times. My husband knew I would cheat when he married me. I guess our love is strong enough to deal with what some would call a serious flaw.

I just do not seem to be able to stay away from a strange cock attached to an exciting man.

Topic Do you ladies really enjoy being ejaculated on
Posted 09 Apr 2017 13:19

Not my choice of playtime, but men seem to love it so what is a woman to do. I have three holes ready and available for their deposit.

It must be some kind of a power and control trip for guys, which I do not understand.

I do not mind in a major Gangbang situation because you know every hole and most of your body is going to get a over supply of Semen.

Topic You enjoy someone licking your creampie
Posted 09 Apr 2017 12:53

Yes, Yes, God Yes. Would someone try and explain why when you are very aroused you would not want to be lick full of cum or not!!!

Topic When you gave your 1st blow job did the guy cum in your mouth and did you swallow?
Posted 31 Mar 2017 19:32

Now you guys know I swallowed and I thought that was what the girl was expected to do. No one told me I had a choice.

It tasted great then and still tastes good, unless his diet out of control.

I enjoyed it the first time and most of the times since.

Girls you never have more power than when his hard cock is between you lips.

Topic Do you like having sex with married men because they're married ?
Posted 23 Mar 2017 00:48

IMHO anyone that is out there specifically looking for married people to sleep with is not a nice person. Neither is the cheating spouse. Why would you want to do that to another woman?

You said, "If you kept him drained he would be incapable of doing what he does with me and my sisters out there looking for men like yours."

I will tell you honestly that statement, and the proud manner in which you posted it, disgusts me. I hope you fall deeply in love with someone and another woman does it to you. Would that hurt?

Seems you must be a Democrat since you just said "Why would you do that to another woman." such a provider of the double standard.

Topic Challenge - Ruin a First Date in 4 Words
Posted 03 Mar 2017 21:00

Before Dinner is over. "Will you need a Cab?"

Topic How do you maintain your pussy hair?
Posted 26 Feb 2017 17:33

Started Shaving completely in my mid teens and continued until I was in Grad School. Then went to waxing and that was effective but painful.

Finally, I had Laser treatment in fact three sessions now I am smooth as a baby. I have been told I may have to do it again sometime in the future.

Not there yet.