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Topic Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner....
Posted 29 Apr 2017 13:35

We negotiate this long before we were married. He knew I would have other Sex Partners and I certainly knew the same. I told my husband he had two choices. One he could know every detail, who, where, when. what and how good the play was. Gosh almost sound like a News Reporter when they did not make the news. Or he could know nothing about all those things. Except when it is likely I will be home.

He has the same rights also.

My guy chose the last and therefore there is nothing to lie about.

It has worked well for us for many and years and there is a strong bond and sexual action between us still.

Topic How far have you gone Using your looks and sex appeal ?
Posted 28 Apr 2017 12:15

I think I am smart, educated and skilled at the things I do. Some people would tell you the same.

But I recognize that just about every door that has opened for me was because of my looks and sexuality. Seems lots of men in business know more about me than they should.

Topic What’s the ultimate role play for you?
Posted 23 Apr 2017 01:26

Bethany all strong woman want to be themselves, but does that exclude RP?

Topic Would you let your husband watch you have sex with another man....
Posted 23 Apr 2017 01:22

Really would I let him? If he really want to watch it is all in his control.

Topic Girls and Cheating
Posted 23 Apr 2017 01:18

I have cheated most of my life. I find it a thrill that a guy who has a wife at home would choose me, even if it is just for the afternoon or an evening.

Of course he will be with someone else next time and so will I.

If everything at home was right he would not be where I could get my hooks into him.

Topic eye rolling orgasms
Posted 22 Apr 2017 14:22

I have no idea, When I have a really Massive Orgasm, I will frequently go into a Petite Mort.

When you have done this to me you not have done your job well, but just about as well as it can be done.

So please revive me and start all over again.

Topic Does sex on a first date mean she’s not girlfriend material?
Posted 21 Apr 2017 23:38

In my younger days I was so over sexed that I almost always fucked on the first date. If we did not work well together in bed, why in the world would I want to have a second date.

If we worked well together the next date may be tomorrow.

Topic To those who Cheated while being in Relationship, what Instigated you ? was it worth ?? and what were the consequences ??
Posted 09 Apr 2017 13:57

How did this sinner get on the same site with all these saints that would never cheat?

I have cheated and cheated many times. My husband knew I would cheat when he married me. I guess our love is strong enough to deal with what some would call a serious flaw.

I just do not seem to be able to stay away from a strange cock attached to an exciting man.

Topic Do you ladies really enjoy being ejaculated on
Posted 09 Apr 2017 13:19

Not my choice of playtime, but men seem to love it so what is a woman to do. I have three holes ready and available for their deposit.

It must be some kind of a power and control trip for guys, which I do not understand.

I do not mind in a major Gangbang situation because you know every hole and most of your body is going to get a over supply of Semen.

Topic You enjoy someone licking your creampie
Posted 09 Apr 2017 12:53

Yes, Yes, God Yes. Would someone try and explain why when you are very aroused you would not want to be lick full of cum or not!!!

Topic When you gave your 1st blow job did the guy cum in your mouth and did you swallow?
Posted 31 Mar 2017 19:32

Now you guys know I swallowed and I thought that was what the girl was expected to do. No one told me I had a choice.

It tasted great then and still tastes good, unless his diet out of control.

I enjoyed it the first time and most of the times since.

Girls you never have more power than when his hard cock is between you lips.

Topic Do you like having sex with married men because they're married ?
Posted 23 Mar 2017 00:48

IMHO anyone that is out there specifically looking for married people to sleep with is not a nice person. Neither is the cheating spouse. Why would you want to do that to another woman?

You said, "If you kept him drained he would be incapable of doing what he does with me and my sisters out there looking for men like yours."

I will tell you honestly that statement, and the proud manner in which you posted it, disgusts me. I hope you fall deeply in love with someone and another woman does it to you. Would that hurt?

Seems you must be a Democrat since you just said "Why would you do that to another woman." such a provider of the double standard.

Topic Challenge - Ruin a First Date in 4 Words
Posted 03 Mar 2017 21:00

Before Dinner is over. "Will you need a Cab?"

Topic How do you maintain your pussy hair?
Posted 26 Feb 2017 17:33

Started Shaving completely in my mid teens and continued until I was in Grad School. Then went to waxing and that was effective but painful.

Finally, I had Laser treatment in fact three sessions now I am smooth as a baby. I have been told I may have to do it again sometime in the future.

Not there yet.

Topic What was your first vehicle you owned?
Posted 25 Feb 2017 00:22

I used to see this car running around town and then I heard it was For Sale. The driver was older than I by more than 10 years so I was just a kid to him. I knew I had to have that car. So now some time to do what girls do to their Fathers to get what they want. However it did not work and it is strange since I am the youngest and it is reported I am his favorite of all the kids and spoiled.

There was a garage in the lower section of our property and no one was allowed to enter there and it was always locked. It was Dad's Private place long before a Man's Cave became popular.

On the day after graduation from college I was taken out to the drive way and there she was completely refurbish and all at my Dad's hand.

She is an old girl like me and I still drive her, but only places I know she will be safe.

Topic Have you got your clit or nipples pierced, or would you have it done? Does it help sexualy if you do?
Posted 24 Feb 2017 18:45

I have a girlfriend who is really pink and has her hood pierced with a bar it looks great to my eyes. Since I have no problem with Orgasm, I do not think that is a road I will be going down anytime soon.

But to me Tats are the ego of man thinking he/she can improve on God's Master Piece. I know a lot of wonderful, loving and generous people who have had Tats engraved on their bodies. To me there is no improvement and in most cases it is just the uglification of something extremely beautiful.

Uglification (I do not know if there is such a word but I think there should be.)

Topic Is there anything sexual you really had to work up the nerve to try? How did you overcome your inhibitions
Posted 22 Feb 2017 19:54

Please define inhibitions not sure I am familiar with the term just kidding!

Since I found that I may not have been the most popular girl in school, if I regularly said yes to the guys I was rarely without male companionship.

I did not start posing before the camera it seems until later than Bethany. She could have told the rest of us that it was fun and profitable.

The timing of my first Gangbang is not real clear in my mind but I am sure it was before I was a full time college student.

If inhibition means what I think it means I do not think it applies to me.

Topic Suck after fuck?
Posted 22 Feb 2017 09:10

I certainly do. Yum

Some guys even like to go 69 after fucking. As sensitive as I am then it is really wonderful.

Shame more men can not emotionally capable of handling this technique.

Posted 22 Feb 2017 09:04

Yes, I know about this technique also and would recommend it to all or experiment and find what works best for you.

For me it is a guaranty of making me squirt and it is just about the only way I can.

I only use this with guys I really trust because most of the time I will pass out, since the Orgasm is so powerful

Topic Heels.
Posted 21 Feb 2017 10:37

I have several pairs of very bare sandals only 3 or 4 inch heels. Not like what you see most young woman wearing these days'

I almost look barefooted.

At my height I do not need to look taller than I am.

Topic Are pussies easier or harder to handle and please?
Posted 17 Feb 2017 10:07

Are you sure you don't want to talk about your cock some more?

Bethany you are so funny and so right.

Topic Fingering While Eating Out
Posted 17 Feb 2017 10:00

I'd always be against fingering while eating out. Unless it's somewhere like Subway, where anything goes.

When I saw the question that is what I thought it was going to be about too. But how about in a fine restaurant with good china and flatware? I would love to be fingered under those conditions.

Topic A question to the women who are 30 plus-
Posted 16 Feb 2017 11:37

It has been a while since I have had sex with and adolescent. Most of those were when the girls were the same age and that meant we had a house full of teens almost all the time. Of course, some of them were male.
I became close with a few and some would come and visit me during the day just to talk.

I am sure you all know what happens when an oversexed woman and a teen are together alone for excessive amount of time.

I am sure they were better for the future than they would have been without being with me.

In fact, one came to visit me just a few months ago, for the last time before he got married. He told me that he had been with lots of girls and then there was me.

Topic Guys, What's The Strangest Sexual Request You've Received ?
Posted 11 Feb 2017 22:46

To set up a SIMULATED kidnapping and gang rape. The actual sex was not simulated. This came from two different women just a few months apart. The first was for a four day weekend. The other one was for just one day but overnight. These came about not too long after the women escaped from the guy that had held several women captive for many years. It stayed in the national news for a good while.

The first one was in the French Quarter and because of the way she wanted it to go down it was set up like a movie scene for a documentary. Her and her husband both signed a contract outlining what she wanted done to her.

The second one was in a small country town not too far from New Orleans. The kidnapping was from a small shopping center. This one was also under a contract spelling out what she wanted done to her.


That has always been my fantasy, just one of those fantasies that will stay in the fantasy closet.

Topic Wife’s secret friendship with a man.
Posted 06 Feb 2017 22:39

Did it again! Darn

Topic Wife’s secret friendship with a man.
Posted 06 Feb 2017 22:38

You have cheated and found an excuse for your cheating, you have shared your wife with another and had no issue with that. You have indicated that Monogamy is unrealistic.

So what is the issue? You have already done what you fear she is going to do or maybe has done, whatever the reason.

I have been married for over 27 years and we have always lived an Open Life Style from day one.

Remember it is only sex so what is the big deal.

Topic Do you prefer circumsized or uncircumsized cocks?
Posted 06 Feb 2017 22:24

Since I have been with guys that have been circumcised mostly l find a special excitement with a guy who has not. Feels fuller to me but that must just be my imagination.

Topic Thongs or normal panties?
Posted 06 Feb 2017 22:20

Mostly none, but if I must Thongs, GStrings or side Ties.

Topic you like if a guy touched you or discreetly groped you while clubbing or in a crowded place ?
Posted 06 Feb 2017 22:14

It all depends who the groper or feeler is. If is is that hot guy I have been flirting with all evening you will never here me complain

Topic bisexual ladies do you prefer oral sex from a man or a woman?
Posted 06 Feb 2017 10:55

Suzy and Bethany are correct. But men can learn it they want to be taught. Some think they know all there is to know about the bedroom arts. We all have new things to learn in general and with specific people.