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Topic Why do you have sex?
Posted 12 Nov 2014 23:55

If you must ask the question there is not answer!

Topic How many of you actually feel comfortable fingering your own ass during sex?
Posted 08 Nov 2014 14:35

I thought that was my partners job?

Topic alcohol
Posted 07 Nov 2014 23:23

Guys if you think you must apply a woman with liquor to get her interest. I would say your approach and charisma has not properly defined you plan.

We are not that hard to convince.

Topic Girls, do you flirt with other girls?
Posted 06 Nov 2014 10:26

Oh yes I flirt with girls too. but not as aggressively as I would with a guy.

But then if she responds in kind. Most the time it is only fun and flirting, but sometime I have been invited to the most beautiful bedroom to continue with the plan

Topic dressing up
Posted 06 Nov 2014 10:15

I love to dress up for my husband and have him take me out for others to see. I especially like it when he picks the outfit.

Then of course I like to dress up when I am going out to see who is interested in me for the evening.

Favorite, it is like children you are not supposed to have favorites.

Topic How many girls have performed oral on another girl.
Posted 05 Nov 2014 20:33

Any time you wish to go diving I am more than willing.

Meggsy you can be right after me.

Topic Is Thong panties going out of style?
Posted 05 Nov 2014 14:14

Thongs going out of style is forbidden!

I could love a man like that.

Topic Eating Pussy Instructions
Posted 05 Nov 2014 11:17

But again you are proving my point. Is it worth it? Yes. BUT, should we have to teach them? Shouldn't they take the time to figure it out on their own because they want to be good lovers and make us feel good? Would he teach a woman how to give a blow job? Or just bitch that she is no good at it, even though he still came. Funny how if a guy can't lick pussy, the woman wont cum. But even if a woman is bad at giving BJ the guy still cums. Life sure isn't fair, LOL!!

Nikki I have been told by guys just how they like it but maybe I was behind the curve. Seems like this should be a two way street to give both genders the maximum pleasure.
Not Fair, of course it is not fair, but who told us it was going to be fair.

Topic Do you like your ass being licked?
Posted 05 Nov 2014 07:51

I love it and I love doing it too. But there has to be trust that the person is as clean as I know I am!

This time Nikki you are more tan 1000% right

Topic Eating Pussy Instructions
Posted 04 Nov 2014 22:05

HAHA! You just proved my point! He had to be taught by a woman !

]Nikki and everyone else that agrees with her. I know we have to teach them how to do Oral. But aren't they worth training?

Sisters you all know that we have to teach them every thing else, so then why would we not have to teach them Cunni?

Topic Eating Pussy Instructions
Posted 04 Nov 2014 12:13

Nikki Darling this is one of the few times we disagree. I know lots of men that love to perform Cunnilingus. I know one guy that would be in dream world if I had some pillows behind my back sitting in bed with my legs spread and both feet flat in the spread.

If I allowed him to I think he would keep at it until I was raw and sore.

Robb was OK when we first met, and he was taught by an older woman early in his life. But I taught just how I like Oral and now he at least makes me think he is the best in the World at Pussy Eating.

Every man I have every been with that was really good, loved to go down, was taught by an older woman and asked what I liked.

Topic Threesomes - Anyone done this?
Posted 03 Nov 2014 23:56

Are you completely NUTS?

Out of all the men in the world there must be some other man you would like to experiment with.

I have been in many threesomes, Some with my spouse and some not. Every combinations of partners possible also.

They can be great fun with the right match or not so much with the wrong group.

Just about like one on one sex.

Topic Sex and love
Posted 03 Nov 2014 23:44

Been Married to the same man for many years now and we both have always had other partners.

I never intended to be Monogamous and we both knew it.

It has worked well for us, but I know others who tried to live this style sometime after marriage and it did not have a lot of success.

Sex and Love certainly go together.

Sex for the joy of sex is very nice also.

Topic longest no sex
Posted 03 Nov 2014 23:34

A week seems like much to long. But since I got started as a youngster I have had sex on a pretty regular basis.

Except for the time after the girls were born. Further my time of the month is shorter than most. Don't ask why, I have no idea nor does my Doctor.

Topic In front of you walking by, the perfect male beach body, what is it, and how do you show interest?
Posted 03 Nov 2014 14:32

Hey that is insulting, I know I am older than most of you Lushies. But I promise you that I still know what a mans perfect beach body looks like.

They still seem to notice too. So there!!!

Topic How often are you told "No" when it comes to sex?
Posted 02 Nov 2014 22:25

I think if you asked my guy over the last 25 years we have been married, he would tell you that he could count those times on one hand. I must have really been sick those times FYI

Topic if you had the chance to have two men
Posted 02 Nov 2014 15:04

Is there a rule you must be limited to just two men?

Topic Girls, do you stop at one orgasm or go for more?
Posted 01 Nov 2014 20:33

One if I have time restrictions

As many as possible if I am having a day of leisure.

If I am with a girl friend until she has no more to give.

When I am with some guys until they are drained or I am exhausted.

Topic Girls, do you flirt with other girls?
Posted 01 Nov 2014 16:17

There's a big difference, I think, between on the one hand flirting with men, and on the other getting flirty with other girls. With a man it is part of the life-long battle of the sexes, the wooing and coaxing of a man. It is about flattery and manipulation. It is about getting from a man what you want without him necessarily know he is being controlled -- or with him willing to surrender to this. With another woman it is much more subtle and for me at least is about enjoying a close and satisfying relationship with another female. It is not so much about manipulating but stroking and making her feel good about being in your company. What I then love about women is that she cooperates and returns that flirting in kind...

Would mind if I flirted with you JacquieJ, just a bit?

Topic 69 position !!!
Posted 01 Nov 2014 16:08

Best way there is especially if you can get someone like Nikki 703 to spend the night.

Topic Does looking qualify as cheating?
Posted 31 Oct 2014 19:23

You better be!!!HAHA

Nicole Darling if we are in a restaurant and you were there also and Robb does not really check you out. I know he has lost interest in Hot Girls and I am about the get my ass thrown out in the street.

Just Normal and expected behavior for both Men and Women.

Lets be concerned about real issues.

One condition I get to check you out first

Topic Last time you swallow cum?
Posted 31 Oct 2014 12:42

Last night:) I love how cum tastes and how it feels in my mouth:)

Sister Annie why such a dry spell lol

Topic Girls, how was your first blowjob experice?
Posted 31 Oct 2014 12:28

It was a very long time ago. Plus I was very young. As I remember my greatest concern was if I was doing it right on not.

The way he tasted, God I hope I doing right, I hope I hope.

Guess I was at least OK and since he was more than 10 years older than me, I am sure he had many a girl do it for him.

Would you think a repeat audition is a good sign?

Topic 10 hours of walking in nyc as a woman
Posted 31 Oct 2014 12:18

I have not spent a lot of time in NYC so I do not know of what you speak.

But other large cities have a similar problems. If it was just staring or remarks, I would not be bothered. However, if he were to follow me that would be very different.

I was trained by a former Navy Seal and it the guy continued to follow me he would be in great danger of getting his ass kicked. Pain will almost always dissuade a stalker.

Topic Eyeing up strangers
Posted 31 Oct 2014 08:41

Certainly why else would I be out on the town alone.

You know it would be a precursor to how do I get him to join me in my room.

Topic Being watched from afar.
Posted 31 Oct 2014 08:18

More than a few times.

We used to have an office in a large city and directly across the street was an equally large hotel. When working late I would strip and masturbate knowing a few people must be watching.

I have fucked in the park with a guy that loved the danger of being caught.

There must have been other times but the specifics do not come to mind this minute.

Topic sexual peak
Posted 30 Oct 2014 18:48

Don't listen to those that have reached their peak. I am 46 and still looking for mine and I know it is well into the future

Topic How do you feel about cum leaking out of you during the day?
Posted 30 Oct 2014 18:44

Its so hot... no panties of course and a short dress feels so naughty

just like she said and I have done it much longer than most of the Lush Sisters

Topic Tan Lines
Posted 30 Oct 2014 18:41

If you ever find tan lines on me you will know you are looking at a corps!

Topic Has anyone here tried female viagra?
Posted 30 Oct 2014 18:37

God I would never get near the kind of stuff. My Sex Engine has gotten me into enough trouble already.