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05 Mar 2015 15:38

Love Shower fun! Don't You???

19 Mar 2014 16:42

14 Aug 2013 14:30

Making changes and updating my friends list...So any people but rarely get to communicate with you all! Deleting those who I rarely talk to except for my special close friends who helped me get comfortable here!



28 Jan 2013 23:27

The resemblance is striking!!!

09 Nov 2012 13:05

WOW!~ Now that our biggest job of the year is done, it's time for our annual trip to unwind, let loose and have some fun!

05 Aug 2012 14:46

Come on Boys! Have your profile filled out and say something interesting about you and in your request to be friend! Pics of your cock and physique alone, DON'T CUT IT!!!
We can see any of those!!!
Let's have something more interesting PLEASE!!!!

01 Aug 2012 15:45

I'm So Lucky to have the circle of sexy friends I do on LUSH!!!!



03 Jul 2012 23:56

Hoping to be back more and have fun with my Lushy friends!


10 Jun 2012 02:26


I'm so Happy for our daughter and family!


05 Jan 2012 14:03

Happy NUDE Year everybody!

27 Dec 2011 14:25

Hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and you all have a Very Wicked New Year's Celebration cumming! Kisses!


08 Dec 2011 11:07

To those of you who are requesting to be friends, Please have your profiles filled and out have some interesting information! Guys! Don't just say you love sex and women! I need to have more interesting and stimulating info if you want to be my friend!

Kisses! Steph

10 Nov 2011 14:46

I'm enjoying looking around and getting to meet the people who write these wonderful stories! It is also great to have the forums to share and contribute to! I especially love the ability to chat online with people and not have annoying connection problems like other places!

Kisses! Steph

01 Nov 2011 19:41

Just joined up and now looking around to get familiar with this place! Hope to make some fun friends and have some interesting and stimulating chats! Kisses,