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Topic how many people from uk
Posted 17 Apr 2013 14:03

i`m just south of glasgow in the pissing raindontknow

Topic Question for the "straight" guys
Posted 13 Aug 2012 13:55

how did he feel about it afterwards? if he still enjoyed it then he could be bi .would he do it again?
if not then i`d say no not gay.

personally i had a 3som with wife and another guy and wife persuaded me to let other guy blow me and as soon as he put his mouth on me i flopped lol does that make me gay?
i didn`t enjoy it btw and wouldn`t try it again his tongue was a lot rougher so maybe your pal knew?

Topic Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted 12 Aug 2012 13:33

OK Firstly ban smoking make it illegal and take away my right to smoke ... thats fine , go ahead.

whats gonna happen when i cant go to the shop and buy my cigs? I`ll go get them from the dealers ( prob the same ones who deal drugs )
goverments go on about the health issues with cigs just now , what about when they are illegal? what will be in them then? what will the health
issues be then? the dope dealers gettin even more money and the goverment gatting nothing.

I`m sure i`ll be corrected if i`m wrong but i`m from Scotland and i`m sure its the same everywhere but is there not action groups set up to legalise drugs? and one of there main points is that they could regulate the drug and have more control on the contents of the drug for example not adding cheap and even more dangerous substances to make more money from it?
Surely banning smoking is going to make it even more dangerous

Another point... we smokers are being accused of neglecting OUR bodies and costing health authorities millions every year.... fair point....but excuse me i work bloody hard and pay my taxes . If your car has broken down on the motorway and is freezing and pouring down with rain and the recovery driver pulls in , hitches your car to his truck and you are sitting in his warm truck and he gets in and you smell the "filthy foul smell" of his cig he had 15 mins ago and it bothers you, then get to fuck out his truck and then complain, don`t wait till the next day when your home safe and warm!!!! BUT on the same hand he should NOT be smoking while in the cab of a vehicle the same as a taxi , I do agree with the smoking ban in confined public places but NOT in open public places . If i`m smoking and you sit near me and my smoking bothers you then i`m sorry but thats just tough you can go else where YOUR choice. I`ve got rights too!

And what about these "Trill seekers"? how much do they cost health authories ect?
Take hill walkers for example. i hear it once of twice a month that a walker has gone hill walking and not returned home. Mountain rescue are scrambled as are police ambulance and RAF rescue . How much does all this cost? millions every year and the cause? people not going prepared , not taking adequate clothing not checking the weather ect . A lot of them fall and injure themselves this there own fault are they labeled as neglecting there bodies NO but they know the risks they cost the tax payer millions

I work as a driver i have a different co worker each day (2 in total) one smokes the other doesn`t , i smoke about 10 cigs while working when i`m with the one who smokes , when i`m with the one who doesn`t i don`t smoke in the van but i still smoke 10cigs i appreciate his right not to breathe in my smoke and he appreciates my right to smoke and thats the way it should be. People in general are just looking for something to complain and moan about because their lives are so boring and thay have nothing better to do. The amount of pollutants that the western world have pumped into the atmosphere in the past 100 years through development ect is rediculous now goverments are trying to use this to their advantage and tax us again and call it green tax but thats another subject.

And finally....i see a few comments fron non smokers here who enjoy weed? lmao
but the comment that annoys me is the one who compares smoking to rape.....get a fuckin grip even if a smoker pinned a woman down and blew smoke down her mouth forcfully it would not even be a scratch on the surface of rape .
and that is my point....yes smoking is bad but its effect on others is a point that some ppl are just moaning about and exagerating.

ONE WORD...........COMPROMISE and every one should be happy .....aye right Brick wall
blah5 blah5 blah5

Topic Watching your wife/partner with another man
Posted 25 Jul 2012 16:43

1 yes
2 yes no yes no
3 yes (loved it then hated it still unsure but still get turned on by it)

you know the old carefull what you wish for.....