Ghost Sister Part 1

Ted has sex with the ghost of his twin sister.

Ted lies in his bed crying. It has been exactly one week since his sister's death. He and Caroline had always been close, which isn't surprising considering they are twins. Only an hour and three minutes apart, they had been inseparable since birth. While they each had their own friends, they still enjoyed each other's company the most. Ted remembers all the little secrets they shared only...Read On


Ghost Sister Part 2 - A Brand New Day

Ted and Caroline experiment in more ways than one.

Author's Note : This is a continuation to Ghost Sister Part I, and I imagine this story will probably be confusing without reading the first one.  Ted wakes up from a pleasant sleep, one of half forgotten dreams. As he opens his eyes, he notices the sunlight tracing up his wall. The beams filter through his curtains, leaving his room in a mixture of light and shadow. He feels so very happy,...Read On


Ghost Sister Part 3 - Sibling Bonding

Ted, Caroline, and Sarah have more fun with each other.

Author's Note : If you haven't read the first two installments in this series, I recommend you do.  For a moment, there is silence as Ted, Caroline, and most importantly Sarah try to come to terms with what is happening. Ted holds Sarah close to him as comfortingly as he can; he is both excited and worried. If Sarah can actually see Caroline, then that is a very good thing. It means...Read On


Ghost Sister Part 4 - Neighbors and Friends

Ted and Caroline meet their new neighbors and make some new friends.

Author's Note : I recommend that you read the first three parts of this series before reading this one. Ted wakes from a strange dream, one that seems familiar to him. He thinks he may have had it before, maybe the night he first saw Caroline as a ghost. He thinks back to that night, trying so hard to remember. He sees some brief images of trees and Caroline in his mind, then darkness. It...Read On


Ghost Sister Part 5 - Back to School

Ted and Caroline play out some fantasies in the classroom.

Author's Note : I recommend that you read the previous parts to this story, as otherwise it will be confusing. Ted looks across the table at Lacey and Stacey. He still honestly can't tell the difference between the two redhead twins. As he scans over their freckled faces, and looks into their bright green eyes, he concedes that while he can see minor differences--in their freckle patterns...Read On


Ghost Sister Part 6 - Parental Guidance

Ted, Caroline, and Sarah steer their parents towards each other using unorthodox methods.

Author's Note : Hey everyone, if you haven't read the previous parts in the Ghost Sister series, I recommend you do. Otherwise it will probably be very confusing. Ted walks down the crowded, noisy hall, looking for his sister. He hasn't seen her since he headed off to English, and he's had two more classes since then. He's honestly a little worried about her, since he has no idea what she...Read On