Her Treat

“Fuck!” You grunted. Sounds of pleasure and slurping wafted to my corner of the closet. I watched as you grabbed a handful of blonde hair and plunged your cock deep within the recesses of her mouth. I could feel her resistance as she struggled for air. Then, I saw your face … deep satisfaction … lust. “Hmmm …” I could feel your desire, your pleasure. And it was turning me on. I wanted,...Read On


Movie Night Surprise

It was movie night that night. An annual summer ritual Peaches began her senior year in high school. This year, this night … Peaches would never, ever forget. Not as long as she lived. She had invited a few of her closest girlfriends over for an estrogen infused party. They had planned on pigging out on chocolate ice cream and pop corn … and watching chick flicks till they were too tired to...Read On


Three Strikes And You're Out

I waited, eagerly anticipating. Kneeling. Legs spread wide. Breasts out. Back straight. Arms folded behind me. I am fully exposed, completely vulnerable … just the way you like me to be. Minutes tick by at a snails pace. How long I’ve been here, waiting, I am not sure. I have lost track of time, and now, my legs are going numb. Where is Master? I wondered, shamefully remembering why it is...Read On



The Dance Instructor

One last pass and I’m done for the night. Honey smiled to herself, eyeing her now sparkling floor. She was a pole dance teacher, and a successful one at that. People came from far and wide to be taught by her. And if the price was right, she'd even give private lessons. Just then, she heard a door bell. What the fu--? she thought as she whirled around to investigate who could’ve just...Read On



First Impressions

She had waited months to visit her Sir. Months. And quite honestly, it had felt like years. Time seemed to drag by while she waited on funds to purchase her very first passport book. You see, her Sir lived in a neighboring country, Canada. She had met Him on an online networking site, and found that they had many of the same likes and dislikes. She had chosen to serve Him a little while...Read On


First Time With Tori

You know, as many times as I have had sex in my lifetime, there is none that compares to Victoria. Tori, for short. She was hotter than the sun. Athletic build, natural D cup breasts, sea-green eyes, and perfectly groomed blonde hair. Oh, and that ass! Let’s just say, Sir Mix a Lot would have been proud. I mean, damn, I just about blew my top every time I saw her. I think she had that affect...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Christine's Valuable Lesson

Will looked at the raven-haired beauty laying next to him in the bed. Christine. She was curvy as hell. Gorgeous legs that went on forever. Her pouty lips rivaled those of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Just the epitome of perfection. Christine had just one flaw … she was a bitch. Time and time again, he forgave her, because she was a damn good fuck. And right now, her legs were...Read On



Girls' Night Out

Author’s Note: This is a first person narrative presenting my favorite fictional femdom character (any relation to real persons or events is merely coincidence). This is the first time I used her, although I have published other stories using her character. I hope you enjoy this prequel of sorts. All I could think about, as I waited for Jessica to show up, was her sweet little pussy....Read On



Fantasy: Right Next Door

I never used to think older women were hot. That is until two weeks ago…when she moved in next door. Wait, let me back up just a little bit…I’m twenty. Still live at home. And still single. I’ve always had the same problem with girls…no excitement. Nada. Zip. Zero. And yet, I’d always manage to find myself on a date with yet another conservative daddy’s girl, who didn’t know squat. ...Read On