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To You Who Are Sleeping Untamed

An erotic fantasy etched between torrents of rain and long grass. Darjeeling tea and cookies await.

To you who are sleeping on the train, unknown, untamed, unclaimed, untouched but by the pain that lingered on your sleeping lips as you sit by the window and the rain, to you I write these words so you may suffer them, as I have suffered your sad beauty. While you sleep alone, I dream awake... When the walls of our train have vanished and we have been abandoned in this green valley in the...Read On


A Night in Nairobi

Philanderer seduced by unlikely traveller in the tropics

To the casual observer, Maxwell James Robertson looked much like any other expatriate in the lounge of Nairobi’s Fairway Hotel. A well proportioned man, a touch under six feet, age had treated him kindly. Middle-aged, he had a firm face with a determined “Scottish” chin and aquiline nose. Having just spent a couple of weeks in Uganda, he was pleasantly tanned, a tan that set off his...Read On


One Last Time

It's time. The clock ticks closer I walk down the hall and my heart beats hard. I know I am going to be late. He will no be pleased. I knew our time together was coming to a end after such a long time. I know everything will be different now he will no longer be in control of me and what I do. This will be the last thing I will do for him. I know just the thing to make him forget that I...Read On


The Elevator Girl Part 4

It.s almost time for Michelle to lose her cherry.

It had been a month since my tryst with James in the elevator. It's was all I'd thought about, all I'd dreamt about. I hadn't even seen him. He must have been taking his private elevator. As I walked into work I hoped and prayed I would see him today. As I came through the big glass doors Charlie gave me a wave. I waved back and headed to the locker room. I wasn't in the mood for conversation,...Read On


Games Lovers Play

My lover and I describe for your pleasure the kind of sexual games that we enjoy together.

We are so much in love in spite of being what others would call just an ordinary couple. We are no longer in the first flush of youth — well, to be perfectly honest we are closing in on middle age. One thing Anne and I have always had is a sense of the playful, which has made us eager lovers, and content with each other and our marriage. While our lovemaking has always been good, Anne has...Read On


Sharing Wives

Couple discover that she's excited by the prospect of displaying, and possibly sharing her body.

After twelve years, there was no denying that Rob and Julie’s marriage needed help. One of Julie’s friends recommended a marriage counselor that she had used, and they set up the first meeting. The counselor listened as they described their issues, occasionally asking questions. At the end of the meeting, she recommended that each of them come to her individually once, then they would...Read On


My Secret

My secret affair turns a lot kinkier than I ever imagined.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said to myself as I stood outside the hotel room. My lengthy, red nightgown hid my intentions for the wild night ahead of me. My long dark hair covered the classy looped earrings I was wearing. My mind was all over the place as I stood there reconsidering my options. I had come too far and was in too deep to stop now. Whilst I pondered, I heard my lover,...Read On


The Greatest Sex Toy Ever!

Thanks to KWB for editing I had a good day today. I sell adult toys to those little stores you see advertised on the interstate. You know-the ones with the wide eyed sexy blonde wearing skimpy clothing, the pursed lips and feigning an orgasm. It’s a good business to be in what with the sexual revolution having won over the hearts of many married couples, and free thinking singles. It...Read On


Military Men - Wilfred

An anthology series about the most risque encounters between men who wear green uniforms.

"Are many of them still waiting?" Nate asked as he removed the small pouch of toiletries from his locker. The communal bathroom at the end of the corridor was shared by around fifty military recruits, all living on the same floor. Those assigned to the bunk right next to it often rushed in first to claim the showers before the others could. "There wasn't anyone when I came out,"...Read On


Making Good Better, Part Two

Lynn and Curt discover the swinging lifestyle spicing up their lagging sex life

On Wednesday of that week, we received an engraved invitation that said Doug and Christy were having a pajama party on Friday night, and we were the honored guests. Neither Lynn nor I had any idea what to think of it. I called Doug at work to ask him for details. He just said it would be a casual affair and not to wear anything too formal. They would be dressed in pajamas as a part of...Read On


Julia shocked by her new reality (part 3)

Julia eager to cum rushes towards her boyfriends office... things just don't go easy for her!

“You may only cum today at your boyfriend’s place of work!” The message was formed clearly on her screen below a most humiliating picture of her and all Julia could think about was how she could get to her boyfriend’s office as soon as possible. She put her phone away and washed her mouth with water. Faking an upset stomach she explained to her colleagues she was going home, maybe passing...Read On


Sherry, The Story Teller Pt.1

A modern telling of Scheherazade

My sister snored and night after night I'd lay in bed, wide awake, wishing I could have my own room, something that was impossible in our small house. In the room next to ours, my dad also snored and I have no idea how my mom could sleep, but she did. Even with the doors closed and the pillow and covers over my head, the snoring through our thin walls kept me awake. Both my sister and...Read On


Headmistress Spanks Again

Young man seeks out spanking from a retired Headmistress.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where my spanking obsession came from. I wasn't spanked at home with my parents choosing the more modern style of parenting which included grounding me instead when I misbehaved. As a teenager my choice of porn was often spanking porn with my favourite always being women spanking their naughty husbands. However, porn quickly became boring and I needed something...Read On


My Wife's Harem

Turns out that my wife of ten years is bi-sexual and has a harem of girlfriends that she’ll share.

Readers should start with “Our Foreign Exchange Student” to get the background to this story. I spent the night having sex with Natasha, our foreign exchange student, and my wife caught us. However, she wasn’t upset because she had been having an affair with Natasha for three months! I was understandably upset to find out that my wife of ten years was not only bi-sexual, but had also...Read On


Power And Manipulation

Kendra orchestrates a most naughty performance.

Kevin made his way through the quiet backstreets of the quaint little neighborhood. It was a very warm mid-July afternoon. He, his new wife, Janet, and her beautiful daughter, Janice, had moved to the city around three months ago. It was a gorgeous area of Tallahassee, filled with stunning homes and lush landscapes. After running a few errands, Kevin drove toward Holland Street to pick up...Read On


The Perfect Weekend. Surf - Sun - Sand - Sex.

A continuation of the Ugly Duckling story.

I had decided to befriend a young woman who nobody wanted to know. She was aloof and very different from any of the other females that lived in the district. She was also a year or two older than most of the other women as well. Doris possessed a perfect body but her facial appearance left something to be desired. She had long straight hair, a prominent sharp nose, slightly buck teeth...Read On


Dirty Little Secrets 7: Leaping Into The Dark

A surprise offer leads Catherine to the brink of public exhibitionism

My body quivers with excitement, and not only because I’m on my knees in the bedroom with my husband’s cock in my mouth. Not even because there’s someone else in the house. The God Botherer is waiting in the kitchen. Perhaps I should explain. The God Botherer is what John calls his personal assistant in private, though to her face and publicly he calls her Ms. McLeod or, on rare...Read On


Trailer Trash

A vist to Trixie's trailer reveals more than just a congenial visit between friends!

Tommy was sitting in his old well-worn recliner reading the paper one hot steamy Alabama evening. It was always hot and humid this time of year and Tommy sat there with the old electric fan running, trying to stay cool. He looked up from his reading as Bobbie Sue, his pretty young wife, came into the room. His eyebrows furrowed as he watched her walk towards him. She was not dressed in her...Read On


She Belonged To Me

New girl in town, needs someone to take care of her

Raquel Roman was a dazzling woman with an hourglass figure, and might have been a model if that had been the path she had chosen to travel. She was blessed with the curves of Marilyn Monroe and loved it when anyone would compare her to the icon. Her long red hair contrasted beautifully against her emerald green eyes that sparkled when she laughed. Her home was right in the center of...Read On


A Sexy Housewife Visits My Shop

An interesting day at my shop.

It was a very hot day in August and I was working at my shop. I own a Automotive Gas and Service station. I have owned and operated it for the last twenty years. I have a few employees who work for me. I’m still involved and work on all the cars. I'm definitely a hands on owner. My name is Jake Rhodes and I'm forty-five and single. I'm 6'2" and weigh about two hundred and ten pounds. I...Read On


The Halloween Party

A vampire and a cheerleader meet at a wild Halloween party.

Gina Matthews was a pretty ordinary girl with a pretty ordinary life. She was eighteen years old, a freshmen at Westhaven University, and a server at a fast food restaurant that wasn't well known or very successful. However, her ordinary life would completely change when she was invited to a party by a cute guy named Josh Kelman. Gina was walking through a campus hallway one evening...Read On


Crazy Sisters Who Like to Strip

I am just a normal guy chasing pussy...then this happened . .

I got off from work and decided to stop off at a local “meat-market” pub near work. The place was packed with scantily clad females. I had managed to score a couple of lucky hits in the club, a few month back and I was overdue another lucky strike. I grabbed a drink at the bar and tried my usual disinterested look, but no one was biting. I spied a couple of groups of young ladies and tried...Read On



Hot co-worker /friend

I have been talking about this for three weeks. I would like to say it has an amazing ending - but who knows? My job is dull. I work in an office of mostly women who really never talk about anything but work. Normally, I do my job, hating every minute. To fight the boredom, I look on certain erotic websites which leads to my having to go to the bathroom to release pent up passion. About...Read On


Bawdy Tales: Part 2, The Cook's Story

Bawtry, The Swan, May 26th — A much more cheerful party reached Bawtry well before dusk after a brisk walk of about twenty four miles, having left the Lamb as soon as we had broken our fast on bread, cheese and ale. The task of providing our night's entertainment fell on the cook, who was a jolly fat fellow with a laugh like the bellow of a bull. We were starting to get to know each...Read On


Mistress Sarah fucks Evie Chapter 4

The continuing story of Mistress Sarah and Evie

I knelt by the door, anxious for the arrival of my Mistress. I could feel my arse pulsing around the butt plug in anticipation of what was to come. As I knelt and waited I could smell the pretty floral scent of the perfume that I had sprayed on my neck earlier. I felt soft and girly from all the day's events. I was in a prime mode to be fucked like a sissy. Even though I was not touching my...Read On


Cuckolded By A Younger Man

Young man comes to stay with his step-uncle and his wife.

“Rick? Rick Connors? This is Tommy Bowers. Michael Bowers' son?” It took Rick a moment to place the name. Michael Bowers was Rick’s step-brother, and he remembered that he did have a couple of kids. Rick’s mother had married Michael’s father when Rick was a teen-ager, but Michael had lived with his mother, so they had only seen each other a handful of times, the last time being at the...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 07

Frankie listens to the recording made at the motel

By the time I was in my car, driving away from our house, it was almost 7:00. Katie generally didn't leave for work until 8:00. I had an hour to kill before I could safely return home and pack the bags I was going to take with me to San Francisco. Stopping at a local cafe, I bought a copy of the morning newspaper and ordered breakfast. I was just finishing my eggs and sausages when my...Read On


My Hot professor part one

It was a typical bright, sunny, and happy day for me. I had gone to all my classes that day but I had been dreading my last class. It was one of the hardest classes I had ever taken in college and was a 350 level course. I was busting my ass to pass and did not know that I was failing the tests when I was studying at least twenty hours a week. So I got to class and I had sat in my normal...Read On


Position Filled

Looking for a job has never been so pleasurable.

You get home at around seven in the evening after another hard day at work. Your wife Emma has prepared your diner but is sat on an armchair sobbing; she has her face in her hands, unaware you have arrived home. You quietly walk over to her and with a hand on her shoulder you ask her why she’s crying. She tries to speak but she makes no real sense. You try and lift her head as you ask,...Read On


Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Four

The sun had hardly made an appearance when I heard my phone vibrate with an incoming message. 'Good morning. Are you awake sexy bum?' it read. It was not even 6am yet and about six hours had passed since we spoke over the phone. My randy bobby was getting ready for the day with me as a starting course. After our phone chat last night, I was more than happy and willing to oblige him. ...Read On