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Not Your Average Massage

Mike is given the experience of a lifetime for his fiftieth birthday

It was Mikes fiftieth birthday and his family had thrown him a huge outdoor BBQ party to celebrate. There was his wife, Claire, to whom he’d been married for twenty-six years and the love of his life. His daughters: Dana, who was twenty-five, Erin, who was twenty-three, and Samantha, who came unexpected a little later in life and was seventeen. There was also his grandson, Charlie, (Dana’s...Read On


The Office Party

One dance away from....

The day begins just as any other winter day, cold, and cloudy. In the distance I see the mountains, the downtown skyline, and some of the harbor lights. The traffic is busy with the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. All this is music to my ears. The drive into work is as usual with people stressed, but not me. I wake up early, and take a change of clothes with me for after work. Today we have...Read On

The Joy of Anal Sex

I moved to take a new position with the company - but I didn't expect what came with the position!

From the first day I laid my eyes on her, I wanted her. I had recently been transferred from the corporate headquarters in New York to head up the San Francisco office. I arrived on a gloomy, foggy Monday morning in July. Traffic was creeping along because of the fog, and I was certain to be late. Not a good first impression for the new boss man to make on his employees. Especially when I...Read On


Her First Arrest-Part 10

She was determined to learn all he knew.

As she squatted on his cock, she used her hands on his chest for leverage as she fucked him until she felt the warmth as he started to cum inside her. This set off a chain reaction allowing her to cum numerous times while playing with her clit. When she was fully spent, she collapsed forward onto his chest as she tried to catch her breath. Listening to his breathing and heartbeat, she...Read On



Nine Inch Nails drives the moment...

They sat on opposite ends of the couch, each engrossed in their own little virtual worlds; he on his phone and she on her laptop. A random music video playlist was on the television. It looked like this was how they would spend the night, until a new song began playing. The beat went unnoticed at first. Heavy and slow, a rhythm meant to excite and entice. A rapid click in the...Read On

Comp Entry

The Job Interview

I sat waiting to be called into the office. It would be my second ever job interview and I was nervous. As always when I was nervous, horny or excited, I was hard. It was not easy concealing my hard on when wearing a tight skirt, and the sexy briefs I had chosen for the day didn't help. Finally I was told to go in, and sitting behind a desk was a handsome man in his forties. He was looking...Read On


Anonymous Sex

Having sex with complete anonymity

As our sex life embraced the ‘alternative’ life style we decided we had to lay down the ground rules that we were both okay with, and to identify situations we would like to explore given the chance. One thing that had intrigued me for some time was having sex with complete anonymity. We talked about setting it up with me blindfolded and so on but it seemed too arranged; then this happened! ...Read On


Afternoon At The Adult Theater

Former lovers reunite for one afternoon several years later

They say that timing is everything.  This was the case with Dave and Leah. In the late eighties, Dave went to college in the Pacific Northwest and bartended to help pay for college. The place he worked was a restaurant during the week that had bands on the weekends. Leah was a hot country/rocker chick who played guitar in one of the bands that played where Dave worked. Her long blond hair...Read On


First Lady

Before he knows it, a boy becomes a man.

I did the morning and evening paper round every day before and after school. I had to earn money to pay for my hobbies. I got an allowance from mum and dad but was not enough, so hence the paper rounds. I had turned sixteen last month, had a great party, two in fact. One at home with all my relatives, you know the ones, and another one with my mates, great fun. I’ve always been randy,...Read On


The Naughty Wife

One cock slides in as the other slides out, and then both enter me at the same time.

This time was going to be different to my usual sexual adventures. My husband wanted to be there, watching and taking part. It was no longer about my wants and needs to be with someone else. It was all his fantasy; he wanted to share me with another man. We’d been spending all of our time role-playing and experimenting. He'd been filling me with toys and his tool, fucking me, and using me...Read On


Hannah's Hot Tub - Part 2

Married man finds himself in the tub with his red headed stepdaughter once again

It was Friday night, a few weeks after I had comprehensively fingered my stepdaughter, Hannah, that extraordinary evening in the hot tub. I had arrived home from work unexpectedly early; my meeting in London having ended sooner than usual and I had been able to catch an earlier train. Haunted by guilt and the fear of exposure, I had been avoiding both my stepdaughter and the tub ever since...Read On


Love At First Piss - Part 4

Tam and Gary have an intimate shower

I yawned my way through my waitressing shift and I looked a sight. Greasy hair, creased clothes. I stank of the perfume I’d sprayed on to hide the smell of perspiration and, on top of that, I had bright red bite marks on my neck and shoulders - lasting evidence of Gary’s exuberant fucking in the cove. I’d attempted to hide the ugly souvenirs but hadn’t been successful. I looked like a...Read On

Comp Entry

Lara's Larceny

A worried husband calls his wife, late at night, and things take a surprising turn.

The fetid odour of uneaten pizza lingers in the stale, silent air as the sun slinks slowly over the skyline. The room turns dark for all except the defiant, flicking television in the corner. I swipe a fingertip across my phone, bathing my desk in pale light. ‘No messages. 9 o’clock. ’ My fingers drum irritably on the armrest. It’s maddening, yet I can’t stop the relentless torture...Read On


Joan #8 part II, Savannah

Our second night in Savannah is hot.

We woke up the next morning still horny and happy after the night we spent with Hank and Jim. Joan was fiddling with my cock and I was getting hard. She straddled my face and licked my prick - 69 for breakfast. Joan tasted like sex and pee. Cum was still hidden in the folds of her cunt and I pushed my tongue deeply in her. I sucked and slurped and enjoyed every inch of her labia. Her clit...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 25

Harvest time on the farms

Drew pulled the tractor to halt in the machinery shed. It was early Friday afternoon. He stepped down from the cab and walked to the doorway of the cavernous shed and looked to the east. A massive thunderstorm was brewing. He stood and watched the lightning crack down on the hills on the other side of the highway. There would be no more harvesting today. He had spoken to both Geoff and Dave...Read On

Recommended Read

Forbidden Desires Ch.02

Alejo brings Bells deeper into his world.

She had been nervous about seeing him on Monday. She did not know how he would act around her after what they had done over the weekend and her heart had fluttered in her chest as she entered his classroom. He taught A-level English Literature and she saw him nearly every day. He didn't look up as she entered and during the class he paid no extra attention to her than to any of his...Read On


Lingerie Store Fun

A woman buys lingerie

I had the craziest thing happen to me last month. I’m still even a little embarrassed, that I let it happen. It was one of those things, that I really couldn’t believe was happening, until it was all over with. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and get some beautiful lingerie. He really loves when I get dressed up in it, and makes for a very hot and steamy time, when we have sex. I wanted to...Read On


The Run

When one exercise is replaced by another

Thursday afternoon, and the breeze softly blows outside Mayra's window. She is putting on her running shoes. She enters the restroom and gathers up her hair into a pony tail, she takes soap and water to clean her face of the makeup she wears to the office. Once refreshed, she heads down stairs and out the door. The sun is whispering good night as she inhales deeply and she stretches before...Read On

Comp Entry

151 Reasons

My name is Ryan Noble and I have a gift money can't buy: I understand women.

There's a common misconception that the female of our species is illogical. Taken at the macro, day-to-day level that may appear the case, but over time they are actually the most logical creatures on Earth. With logic comes predictability. And if the output is predictable, the input can be manipulated to deliver any response desired. And do I have desires. Take the barista over there...Read On


Of mice, men and submission (1)

Learning to love my bonds, learning to love my life.

I had just come out of the gym where I had been battling with myself like I always do, bringing myself to my own limits. I don’t like contests against others; when I do a contest, it is always against myself and my own demons, nobody else. I was wearing a pair of my old jeans and an old grey sweater with a hoodie that had belonged to my brother. I had braided my hair and wasn’t looking...Read On


An Evening With Snow

A young man's first transsexual encounter

I met my first tranny when I was twenty. Andre, a friend of mine, had invited me to dinner with a bunch of his mates. He was good at networking, having moved from the same village as me a couple of years earlier. I’d only just moved to the city, so I was looking forward to meeting some new people. “There will be ten of us,” he said enthusiastically, “Oh, and one of them is a tranny.” ...Read On


Confessions From a Craigslist Slut

The story of how a woman became addicted to anonymous sex through Craigslist

We’ve all seen the ads and we’ve all thought about it even if just for that fleeting second. Some of you probably don’t want to admit that you’ve thought about it but I’d wager that if you were being honest with yourself than you have. I suppose you couldn’t have thought about it if you’ve never visited the website or don’t know what it is, but if I send you there and tell you all about it,...Read On


Kate #6

Kate finds herself at the Count's chateau near Paris having much more sex than expected

Tyton's yacht, The Glory, docked at exactly 8:30 PM and the sun had set. Jessie had been served another gourmet dinner before reaching port and now she was anxious to see Paris. Although night was closing in, the moon was full and provided plenty of natural light when she left the ship. Before leaving the yacht, Jessie uploaded the afternoon pictures into Kate O'Brien's Dropbox account. Of...Read On


Her First Arrest-Part 9

She planned to find out everything he knew.

Her interrogation technique had hit a snag. While she was straddling his hips, rubbing her body forward and back over his cock, the tip would rub against her clit; this was causing her body to betray itself. Her pussy walls were wet and she could feel the moisture run down and onto his cock. It became slippery and began to heat her pussy as she moved across it. It grew larger, making her...Read On


The Golden Shower Virgin Part 2: Anya’s Bottom…

The kinky pee play continues for our golden shower virgin.

By RayneDor When I Anya discovered she enjoyed peeing on me as much I enjoyed being peed on it didn’t exactly mean that the flood-gates were open for me (so to speak). In fact, Anya took pleasure in doling out that particular favor only at odd, seemingly random times. As with the rest of our sex-life, she is always the one who decides when, where and how we will play, and making me wait...Read On


Summer In the Ozarks: Chapter Three

Chapter three

Rain. It fell hard. It was unrelenting. It was ruining everybody’s plans. Cal stared out through the living room window, gently brushing the thick curtains off to one side. They had planned to revisit the lake that day. He had hoped to rent a boat and take Silvia for a private tour. There were small beaches to see, people on jet skis to watch, and the sun to keep them warm and...Read On


Nora's Tale: 7 - I Take Levi in My Hands

I explore my first cock in loving detail.

I could feel it moving in my grasp. Levi’s hand lay on top of mine, and underneath the stack, I felt it twitching against my palm. Even through his jeans, I could feel how hot and hard it was. I squeezed it a little tighter, watching Levi’s face for his reaction. His breath hitched, and he closed his eyes in a drawn-out blink. This made me smile so wide my cheeks hurt. “A little...Read On


Hannah's Hot Tub - Part 1

Married man finds his red-headed stepdaughter very hard to resist.

Hannah was twelve when her mother Debbie and I first got together and only two years older when we were married. Her parents had divorced when she was only three and her ‘real’ father now lived in Toronto with his new wife and a gaggle of younger British-Canadian kids. Hannah hadn’t seen him in years. The last time she had gone to stay she had felt so awkward with his new wife clearly...Read On


The Morning After

Haley rewards her lover for a night of sexual bliss.

Side by side they slept right where they had collapsed from their final coupling, the third of the night. For Haley, it had been a moment of reawakening, a renewal of the satisfaction that she craved as a woman, Anthony had taken her in ways that now other lover had ever done. His large black cock had given her pleasures that she had only dreamed of; she had lost count of the times that her...Read On

Comp Entry

Money Makes Them Talk

My ways with my money

I live a life that most would only dream of. I work hard and I play harder. I’ve always stood by my motto, “money talks,” and it's one thing I’ve been good at. I’m a very lavish person, one who has worked from the ground up to create his own investment company. I know that there are things you need to do to get to that point where you may never need to worry again. Even with that, there...Read On