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Arthur Part 2

Arthur and Lover get even

I was a privileged son of wealthy parents in St. Louis. My father was the head of a Fortune 500 Corporation and my mother was a former beauty queen. During my colleges days at Yale University, I had become addicted to cock and cum to the point that I neglected my studies and flunked out. Returning to St. Louis, my father kicked me out of my home and cut me off from all financial...Read On


Girl Meets Boy, Boy Meets Her Toy

Max finds something of his roommate's that he wasn't supposed to.

What could be better than having a hot, young blonde as your roommate? Fucking her? Too bad Max never got to do that. Max and Taylor met in college. They clicked instantly, but Taylor only saw Max as a good friend, nothing more. They decided they would share an apartment together after graduation to save money. Max thought moving in with her would give him a better chance of sleeping...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Larry's Story - Part 1

A wife catches her husband masturbating and discovers his secret fantasy

She caught him red handed; literally. Well, perhaps it could be said that he was actually caught pink handed. When Ginny walked in on her husband, as he lay half naked on top of their bed masturbating, he had a pair of her pink panties wrapped around his cock. It was comical in a way as he tried to cover himself and hide what he was doing. It was impossible of course; there was nowhere...Read On


Rachel's Dare - Part 2

Rachel's dare reaches a revealing finale, with exposure guaranteed for one of us...

Rachel and I continued on down the path back to where our cars waited for us. I estimated we were half way to the timer going off again, and so far we'd walked in perfect silence. If she felt anything like me, then her senses would be firing on all cylinders at the moment. A light breeze had picked up, and was gently wafting through the trees to our right-hand side. The result was that...Read On


The Ears Have It

How my fascination led me to the girl of my dreams.

When you think about it, ears are funny things. The first thing I remember when I think of them is when I was kid, my dad used to grab one of mine and hold it tight when I'd been naughty or rude. He never spanked me. Never needed to. Just grabbed me by my ear and dragged me up to my room, slammed the door shut and told me to stay there. As I got older, they seemed to fascinate me. Whenever...Read On


Figuring It All Out

I had just graduated college, not a week or so ago, and was alone in my apartment, getting ready to move on with my life - move to a big city, get a job, etc. But something wasn't just quite right. Here I am alone. In my apartment. Now's my chance. You see, I had been having no luck with girls my college career, so my only option was porn. And lots of it. I constantly masturbated to...Read On


Servicing Two Dirty Old Men

My daddy Lou introduces me to one of his old friends

After I started opening up to playing with men outside my marriage (and with my wife's blessing) I soon found I had a thing for older men. In short, I liked getting fucked by "daddies" and enjoyed the way older tops like to take their time. I had seen Lou about a half dozen times. He was about sixty, in good shape, spoke with a gruff French accent and had a nice thick 7" cut cock. We met...Read On


Executive Asst Caught in a Moment of Self Pleaure

Yvonne was every man’s dream administrative assistant. Ifirst met her the day I interviewed in a large nationwide company. Standing all of five foot four, she filled out professional work attire like no other office worker in the company. Yvonne was pretty and she knew it. Although there were other well- dressed administrative assistants, Yvonne had a special talent for making sure she took...Read On


Erica Loves It (Part 1)

Erica discovers sex

For my entire life, I've always thought it was so unfair that girls gotto wear all the really cool clothes. They were softer material, better color choices, and looked so much better. In fact, when I was very young I wore dresses whenever I got to play with the girl next door, but that was always for the tea parties and such we liked to have. But by the time I discovered sex and masturbation...Read On


Storming passion

After years and years of reading stories I finally put the work required into writing my own. Enjoy.

Under the cover of the deep night, thick, heavy raindrops keep smashing against the window. Silent, sleepily groans join the rhythmical splats of the raindrops against the glass surface while the bed sheets fold and unfold over your body. An overwhelming flash of lightning fills the bedroom with pure light, washing over your sleeping figure, casting shadows on the wall. Your eyes...Read On


Our Bodies To Follow

I think of smoothing those gorgeous locks away from your face to make room for my hands, for both of them to cup your face and feel your luminescent eyes hold my gaze. There are such contrasts living in them. Something so sweet and caring. Something so hungry and naughty. Something that longs for your body and heart to be swept in the same intimate and primal frenzy. They were the first...Read On



A post-finals trip to the bar becomes Mike's lucky night

Was I paying way too much for a law school no one had ever heard of? Sure, but it had it’s benefits too. Probably the reason it cost so much was the location - a brand new building in downtown San Diego. It was walking, even stumbling, distance to any number of fantastic bars. Tonight though, I wasn’t looking for fancy or upscale. It was the end of finals and I could think of nothing I...Read On


Training Cassiopeia

University Professor Asks an Exotic Dancer for 'Whore Lessons'

Bree broke off the kiss and assaulted the woman’s throat with an open mouth and lapping tongue. She made love to the pulse point below the jaw. She fucked the blonde’s ear with her hot, wet tongue. Bree cupped both her breasts. kneading them gently. The blonde arched her back and threw back her head baring her throat in a submission of sorts.   Bree managed to push her skirt almost to...Read On


The Passion of Agnes Part 5

A new character appears in Agnes' world.

I want to skip ahead by a day in order to share the explanation I received regarding the abduction of Beautoix and his men before I narrate the fantastic events that occurred the night of Samhain. Therese, who was soon to become the Order of the Sacred Hearts newest member, and I met during the previous nights revelries. Out of my mind, so to speak, with enthusiasm for our Goddess I failed...Read On


In the Dressing Room with Dr. Laura

My first encounter with Dr. Laura in the changing room

Hi! I am Kari. I am a 5’8” green eyed, blonde hair, athletic type of body girl. I went to college to be a nurse. In college, I originally worked at the local hospital through our school’s program, but I quickly learned that college and drinking were a lot more expensive that I ever thought, so I started looking for a job that would look good on my resume but also put some money in my pocket....Read On


Twin Extra Long Part 5

Heather, Anna and Mark enjoy the night

Did I just shout what I thought I did? Opening my eyes and seeing the smile on Mark's face gives me my answer. My thoughts and the sensations from my body are confusing me. I've done and experienced more things in the last 48 hours than I have in my whole life. I can hear that little voice trying to tell me that's enough for now. My body is heartily disagreeing with it. I am aching...Read On


Tour guide in the jungle

On a trip to the interior, you need a man who knows what he's doing.

Cedric wasn’t very good at his job. He was an accountant in Georgetown, Guyana, and he was supposedly advising Paddy on the country’s tax system; Paddy being a new arrival, having set up a company there. Cedric was late for appointments. He didn’t return phone calls or emails. He was underprepared in meetings. But people told Paddy that was not unusual. A lot of people in that country...Read On


Au Pair (Part 2)

Capturing Kate

“Well, it cannot be that bad,” she trailed off. “Or it’s a matter of your sister grinding your bones without you willing to admit it? Lacy is not a burden to you, is she?” she inquired with raised eyebrows. “No, the Au Pair is accompanying her down here,” I stated with a frown. “Ohhh,” she laughed, “and you are warned not to shag her,” she continued, laughing even more. “Nope, I am...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 34

With only a handful of words, my heaven turned to hell.

I peel off my leggings as Ethan undoes his pants, both of us grinning at each other. He was taking me to dinner, but our hunger for each other surpassed the need for food. I started teasing him while he was driving, so he found a deserted road and parked. I'm surprised by how spacious his car is when I maneuver myself onto his lap with him in the driver seat. I'm ready and wet thanks to his...Read On


Winning the Bet, Part 2

Her striptease leads to a quickie and an enthusiastic blowjob

As soon as we entered her bedroom, our hands were all over each other. We frantically kissed as we staggered towards her bed. She grabbed my ass with one hand and the back of my head with her other, while my hands slid down her body and grabbed her hips. Our bodies pressed together as we bumped into her bed, and fell backwards, still eagerly groping each other. I stood back up, pulling down...Read On


Alex and Vicki: Table Talk

Babe, Chuck has it, and he’s looking at your bikini pics. By the way, he says you’re hot.

It was almost four p.m., and I was on my way home from a long day of meetings. Since traffic kind of sucked, I called Vicki to let her know I’d home in about an hour. I love my wife! She knew my day was going to be a tough one, so I was thrilled to hear that she was making her tasty spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. She also let me know that it would be ready when I returned home. With...Read On


Sally in a College Play

Sally stars in a play and get fucked on stage.

It was Sally’s first time, and she knew it was Matthew’s first time as well. But he did not seem nervous at all. He unbuttoned her shirt. He unbuckled the belt of her jeans, and when Sally felt his fingers inside her jeans, she sucked in her breath. Oh yes, she thought, I like the way he touches me. Matt unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. His fingers caressed the soft, bare skin...Read On


The Submissive Co-Worker Gets a Party

Sarah's week of submission concludes..The finale of the Submissive Co-Worker Series

Sarah’s cheeks were still sore from yesterday’s spanking. She had a hard time sitting down and her ass still felt like it had a butt plug inside it. She felt so worn out from the stress and if she was honest with herself, the excitement of being Yvonne’s slave for a week. The week was now coming to a close, she just needed to make it to Monday morning and she would be released from...Read On


Sleight of Hand

A fill-in assistant experiences a different kind of magic behind the scenes.

Jenna arrived to the studio about five minutes early, or as she liked to put it, on time. The door slammed behind her from the wind and silenced the cacophony of the street outside leaving nothing in the quiet but the click of her heels. At the end of the first floor hallway were a set of narrow steps. She climbed them to the third floor and entered the first door on the left, a red one...Read On


A Dirty Confession

I did it just this morning, and I did it with the person I thought I despised...

My name is Jessica. I’m in a vulnerable state of mind right now, and I might regret it later, but I would like to make a confession... a dirty confession. Because what I did today was naughty. Bad and naughty, yet it felt so good. Why do I feel the need to confess? Because thinking about it, replaying details of the naughty deed is in my mind, is making my head spin in crazy circles....Read On

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Teasing You

I wonder, can I break your precious control?

I'm not like the other girls you fuck just because you need it - I will mind fuck you, push you, tease you, until you lose your outward control and just... come at me to fuck me the way...Read On


The Angel and The Whore

After watching his wife fuck another man, he can not hold back any longer.

We were still dating when I first called Jessica my angel. On our fifth anniversary, she declared that she wanted me to always call her Angel. Now that we have been married more than sixteen years, I only call her Jessica when doing official legal things like insurance papers. My hands were on her breasts. Each a little larger than could fit in my hands, her flesh bulged around my...Read On


Stuck in an Awkward Situation

Had there ever been such a day that was so horrible that life couldn’t get any worse? Then suddenly, the most unlikely of things happened, and you thought, "What the fuck, guys?" I meant it was pretty lousy to go from a young conservative teenager, to a cumslut within a few hours. But I’ll get to that later. I just moved to a new house. There was construction everywhere. Being one of the...Read On


Jennifer's New Life Part III

Slut wife goes completely over

The next morning Jennifer awoke. She was in a bed. "Good morning!" It was Marcus. He was naked and his cock was limp. Marcus helped her out of bed and guided her to a shower. He soaped her up and rinsed her off. He laid out her tooth brush. It wasn't long before she was fully aware of her surroundings. She stepped out, and he dried her off. "Now fix your hair. I don't like a woman...Read On


What The Hell Is Wrong With My Step Brother?

A young woman has many clashing emotions when it comes to her step brother.

I stood in my room as the clock struck one on a Saturday afternoon, looking at dresses in nothing but a silk pink thong. I glanced over the three dresses on my bed, but then I heard moaning enter the airwaves. I looked over at my closet and saw my doors jiggling a bit. "Are you fucking kidding me? Again, David?" I yelled, marching to my closet. I nearly broke the door off as I opened it...Read On