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Hazel Daydreams

It was really difficult for Sam to pay attention to class. Her panties were soaked by now, much to her personal horror, but she couldn't help it. Every time she looked at her teacher they just got worse and worse. Mr. Lovell was the youngest teacher the school had been able to get their mitts on in a long time. He had been fresh out of college when he had arrived two years ago, at the...Read On


Sex In The Office – Part 2

After working, Larita and Andy have some fun outdoors.

Today is Saturday and Larita has me coming in to work. When I get there, I see that her car is the only one in the parking lot. When I enter my office, she is waiting for me and is wearing the shortest shorts I ever saw! There are two slits on either side, high enough that I notice she is not wearing any panties! “G-good Morning, Larita.” “Good Morning, Andy.” She says nothing about...Read On


I'd Wanted To Fuck Her For So Long (Part 4)

I'd been friends with her for so long, and now finding out how great the sex was...

Considering how long I had been friends with Brandy and her husband Brian, how many times I'd socialized with them, we'd hung out as couples (with my wife and I), and the fact that our kids had been growing up together, I had never imagined crossing a line with her like we'd just crossed. Her husband, quite honestly, was an asshole. Overweight, loud, obnoxious, and openly rude towards...Read On


When Three Ended Up More

Hubby sets up for more.

My husband, Mike, took me dancing last night to a club known for attracting hungry young studs that are looking for likely ladies they can talk into some bedtime with. I knew what to wear, having been to this place a few years ago. Black stockings, no panties, no bra, black v-neck dress – saying, I am available. Mike’s plan was to find one healthy, playful younger guy to join us for a...Read On


Inappropriate Behavior At The Nursing Home

I see what you're doing.

Working in a nursing home sometimes can be very depressing. Most of the residents have long term illnesses and are either bed ridden or are confined to wheel chairs. There are many different kinds of people that work at a nursing home. There are nurses, doctors, aides, dietary aides, maintenance people, and recreation coordinators. The nursing home is usually very busy during the day...Read On


David and Goliath

I meet a giant at a party...

I met Rogan attending a friend’s birthday party. It was one of those ‘you, me, and fifty other people’ functions that I had always hated. There is no intimacy at these gatherings, and everyone walks around chatting superficially. Rogan however, made an impression on me for two reasons; firstly, his unusual name, and secondly because of his size. He was a very big guy. Standing well over six...Read On


Virtual Reality

This is a weird story about love, cuckolding, virtual reality, a big cock, and love, lots of love.

“Walls have ears.” You may have heard someone say that; allow me to let you in on the secret – they have eyes and ears and can sometimes see into the minds of the people and creatures who live within those walls. Not every mind, not every wall: just special ones that are open enough, working on the right wavelengths, and so manage to connect. I can’t generalise, I’m a building, I can’t...Read On



Each the sculptor, each the stone.

She lay beneath him, a finger deep in her pussy, another hooked around the chain between the nipple clamps, pulling on them, her tits pulled and distended from her body, knowing how much he loved the sight of it. She was performing for him. He stood on his knees, between her legs, stroking his cock as he watched her, a pearl of pre-cum dripping down the tip of his cockhead with...Read On


Karly’s Getaway Part 2 - Vibe from New York

With my knees spread wide, I dive into my body. I should go slow, but the vibrations from Michael...

I wasn’t sure I was going to ever fall asleep last night. Paris was calling my name. Thankfully Michael called me last night. He said it was because he wanted to hear my sexy voice, but I think he just misses me. The train is finally pulling into the station, and Paris is inches away. I’m ready to explore the city a little, eat something rich and decadent, drink wine with lunch, and...Read On


Lust Wins Again

Absence makes the lust grow deeper.

After a four hour drive and sitting in rush hour traffic I finally pull into the hotel. It has been a while since our last rendezvous and I can't help but feel that things have changed between us. Has he found someone else? What if he's no longer interested in me? Is this going to be our last encounter? All these thoughts come rushing to my head as I pull my luggage from the trunk of my...Read On


Sanford E Xavier Institute: First Date

Your clothes are making me uncomfortable, please take them off!

“So you just let some chick move into your spare room,” my brother asked incredulously. “You have no idea what you’re in for do you.” “She’s okay, we sat around and talked for a good tow hours before I let her bring anything in the apartment." “Daniel Jackson Moresby, you are crazy. Or that’s what Mom would say,” he went on. “And you said I could have that room when I come out in the fall.”...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 28

Chloe has her boobs done, and Tina has a son.

Three weeks later, I found myself lying on a hospital bed about to go into theatre. Colin held my hand as they came to give me a sedative before wheeling me out into the corridor, and the last thing I remember was him telling me he loved me as the world slowly went dark. I awoke feeling very groggy, and as if someone had been jumping on my chest. I heard Colin call for the nurse, and then I...Read On


Lola Goes To Dinner Part 2: Dinner And A Movie

Lola's partner continues to expose and embarrass Lola before taking her home for the night

Lola’s partner kept her on edge. However, although he reached for the remote, he did not engage the vibrator. Soon their food came, Lola’s partner received his steak and Lola her salad. Lola had just placed her first bite of salad into her mouth when she felt the vibrator buzz into life inside of her. Her partner had removed his hand from his pocket and had begun eating his steak, pretending...Read On


Carla Returns

Carla is back in a new adventure

Lauren arrived back at her hotel, the Hotel Stein, one of Frankfurt’s finest at around 9pm that Saturday night. Throughout the day she’d been shepherded by two local bodyguards, Erich and Hanse, since Carla and Frank were not allowed to carry weapons in Germany. She was glad finally to be alone. The hotel had plenty of security and she felt quite safe. Every visitor and guest had to pass...Read On


Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 4

Nineteen-year-old Vicky remains in control of three older women

Vicky was so annoyed this morning. She had told Emilie and Marian to be home by midnight but they hadn’t even arrived at twelve-thirty. So first thing in the morning she stormed into each of their bedrooms and ordered, “Out of bed, take your nighties off, go to my bedroom, and press your noses against the wall.” Emilie and Marian were both saying, ‘”Sorry,” as they did as they were told....Read On

Recommended Read

Something To Believe In

I was such a good Christian girl when this whole thing started. The one man I had ever been with was my husband and then only after our wedding day. Honestly, I thought sex was overrated. I submitted to it twice a week, or as Jimmy needed it. I never wanted it for myself. It all started when I asked my husband if I could get a job. We didn't need the income, but he worked such long...Read On


South Beach - Marcie Cheats

Hubby cheats in marriage bed and wife takes off to find peace, but ends up being a piece for BBC.

Javon's parents sold a company that they had started and built for years. They are now wealthy, but still want to live a normal life. He is their only child who was born later in their lives. Although spoiled as a child, his parents raised him to be a responsible adult. He and his family moved to Miami to escape the cold Chicago winters. Javon's first week was spent at a hotel right across...Read On



A farmer takes a starving young man in, during the 'Great Depression.'

Back in the nineteen thirties, when the Great Depression hit hard, like so many young men I found myself on the bones of my arse. One afternoon as I passed by a farm, starving, I simply couldn’t resist and soon found myself knocking at the front door. I was so fucking hungry. All I had had to eat over the previous few days was half a loaf of stale bread. It felt like my guts were attacking...Read On


My Ex-Wife - Part One

I enter into a new kind of relationship with my Ex

Looking down at her as she ran her tongue over my cock, I couldn’t believe we were here. Jan and I had split up a few years previously but had remained friends. She was older than me by around twelve years and when we first met, we were thirty-two and forty-four respectively. We were in similar social groups and saw each other at various parties from time to time which was fine, until we...Read On


Karly’s Getaway Part 1: Fun With My little Vibe

Toe curling fun in London hotel.

A three-hour flight delay, a seven hour direct flight, and then the longest baggage claim line I’ve ever seen, but I’m here – London – for the start of a month-long Christmas celebration. I still can’t believe Michael gifted this trip to me. It helps that he’s the boss, and if he says I can take a month off to travel Europe, who am I to argue? As an added treat, I’m booked in a luxury hotel...Read On


Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part V

Things get messy

While my girlfriend was off at college, I'd drop by Gary's place once or twice a month for a cock fix. His place was a two bedroom so he decided to save some money and rent his extra bedroom out to Chad. He was a big guy, about 6'4" and pretty stout. He probably played football or basketball in high school. On one occasion Chad's boyfriend, Terry, was there visiting. Terry was a lot...Read On


All In A Day's Work

A special awakening leads to a good afternoon delight.

You woke up next to me and could tell that I got hot during the night and took off my shorts and was now sleeping naked. An idea came to you, so you decided to act on it and wake me up in a special way. You slide underneath the blanket and run the tip of your finger along the underside of my shaft, making me groan slightly as my cock springs to life. You pause, not wanting to wake me yet. You...Read On


We Met Another Couple On The Beach

On the beach

After having had our first experience with another partner on our holiday in Thailand, my wife and I decided that it was something we enjoyed doing together. It's been a few months since that event had happened and both of us wanted to experience it again. My darling wife is a 38 year old with the sweetest body which she is not scared to show off. We decided to go to one of our...Read On

Recommended Read

The Devil’s Harem: Sex, Drugs And Debauchery

An aspiring rockstar enjoys a raucous celebration party after signing a recording contract.

The crowd roared as the band took the stage. As the bass began to thump out a rhythm, the drummer soon joined in. The decibel level shot through the roof, and that was just the noise of the fans in the audience.  The band knew these weren’t their fans. No, these fans were there to see Linkin Park. This band was just there as the opening act in their first ever major gig. Nonetheless, they...Read On

Recommended Read

Reduced To An Orgasmic Wreck

Susan never thought it would be that good!

My name is Susan Jones, I am forty years old and I am a high-flying businesswoman. I work for a large corporate company that you would know, which is why I am not telling you the name. I am very successful at work; not so much in my private life. I have one failed marriage and three failed relationships. Don’t ask? I don’t exactly know what went wrong with them, but they all failed miserably...Read On


Sauna Induction

Lashings of spunk soon followed as I got bathed in the sweat seed of life.

After moving to a large coastal city from the very small town I had grown up in, my gay life blossomed. I loved the bars and clubs and frequented them with increasing enthusiasm. With the shackles of my former life well and truly lifted, I was embracing my new emancipation wholeheartedly. There was however still one final hurdle had to scale, visiting a sauna. I made my mind up that on...Read On


Game, Set and Match

A blossoming friendship comes to a very real and mutual conclusion.

My wife and I had moved from a busy city to a small town around twenty years ago. I joined a local tennis club soon after, and that was when I first met a lady called May. She too was married, but at the time, she was going through a divorce. We got along well and I helped her get over it by just being there for her. After her divorce and during the next few years we became very close...Read On


Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 3

Vicky spanks Margaret who used to be a very strict teacher

Vicky had spent another leisurely day on the beach. She had got there later than she would normally have done as she had given both Marian and Emilie particularly severe spankings in view of their bad behaviour the night before. Both ladies were now at home grounded and therefore had to stay naked the whole day. Part way through the day Mrs. Brown had started talking to Vicky. They knew...Read On


Mrs Malcolm

Pauly's dreams about the next door neighbour ends up coming true.

My next door neighbors Mr and Mrs Malcolm were good neighbors, in every sense of the word. They were polite and courteous, they kept to themselves, minded their own business, and when my mom had just returned from hospital after having surgery, Mrs Malcolm went out of her way to help. She brought us food and went shopping for us and even helped with the housework one day. Mr Malcolm was a...Read On


Milking Kim

Kim seduces her best friends husband.

Gary hooked his thumb vaguely in the direction of the room that he and Kimberly had converted to a nursery. "Kim's feeding the li'l one," he said. "She'll be out in a few minutes." He often referred to his new baby as "the li'l one." In fact her name was Emily, but at six months, I suppose "the li'l one" is as good a tag as any. Then with his other hand he hooked a thumb toward the hallway...Read On