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Karly’s Getaway Part 1: Fun With My little Vibe

Toe curling fun in London hotel.

A three-hour flight delay, a seven hour direct flight, and then the longest baggage claim line I’ve ever seen, but I’m here – London – for the start of a month-long Christmas celebration. I still can’t believe Michael gifted this trip to me. It helps that he’s the boss, and if he says I can take a month off to travel Europe, who am I to argue? As an added treat, I’m booked in a luxury hotel...Read On


Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part V

Things get messy

While my girlfriend was off at college, I'd drop by Gary's place once or twice a month for a cock fix. His place was a two bedroom so he decided to save some money and rent his extra bedroom out to Chad. He was a big guy, about 6'4" and pretty stout. He probably played football or basketball in high school. On one occasion Chad's boyfriend, Terry, was there visiting. Terry was a lot...Read On


All In A Day's Work

A special awakening leads to a good afternoon delight.

You woke up next to me and could tell that I got hot during the night and took off my shorts and was now sleeping naked. An idea came to you, so you decided to act on it and wake me up in a special way. You slide underneath the blanket and run the tip of your finger along the underside of my shaft, making me groan slightly as my cock springs to life. You pause, not wanting to wake me yet. You...Read On


We Met Another Couple On The Beach

On the beach

After having had our first experience with another partner on our holiday in Thailand, my wife and I decided that it was something we enjoyed doing together. It's been a few months since that event had happened and both of us wanted to experience it again. My darling wife is a 38 year old with the sweetest body which she is not scared to show off. We decided to go to one of our...Read On

Recommended Read

The Devil’s Harem: Sex, Drugs And Debauchery

An aspiring rockstar enjoys a raucous celebration party after signing a recording contract.

The crowd roared as the band took the stage. As the bass began to thump out a rhythm, the drummer soon joined in. The decibel level shot through the roof, and that was just the noise of the fans in the audience.  The band knew these weren’t their fans. No, these fans were there to see Linkin Park. This band was just there as the opening act in their first ever major gig. Nonetheless, they...Read On

Recommended Read

Reduced To An Orgasmic Wreck

Susan never thought it would be that good!

My name is Susan Jones, I am forty years old and I am a high-flying businesswoman. I work for a large corporate company that you would know, which is why I am not telling you the name. I am very successful at work; not so much in my private life. I have one failed marriage and three failed relationships. Don’t ask? I don’t exactly know what went wrong with them, but they all failed miserably...Read On


Sauna Induction

Lashings of spunk soon followed as I got bathed in the sweat seed of life.

After moving to a large coastal city from the very small town I had grown up in, my gay life blossomed. I loved the bars and clubs and frequented them with increasing enthusiasm. With the shackles of my former life well and truly lifted, I was embracing my new emancipation wholeheartedly. There was however still one final hurdle had to scale, visiting a sauna. I made my mind up that on...Read On


Game, Set and Match

A blossoming friendship comes to a very real and mutual conclusion.

My wife and I had moved from a busy city to a small town around twenty years ago. I joined a local tennis club soon after, and that was when I first met a lady called May. She too was married, but at the time, she was going through a divorce. We got along well and I helped her get over it by just being there for her. After her divorce and during the next few years we became very close...Read On


Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 3

Vicky spanks Margaret who used to be a very strict teacher

Vicky had spent another leisurely day on the beach. She had got there later than she would normally have done as she had given both Marian and Emilie particularly severe spankings in view of their bad behaviour the night before. Both ladies were now at home grounded and therefore had to stay naked the whole day. Part way through the day Mrs. Brown had started talking to Vicky. They knew...Read On


Mrs Malcolm

Pauly's dreams about the next door neighbour ends up coming true.

My next door neighbors Mr and Mrs Malcolm were good neighbors, in every sense of the word. They were polite and courteous, they kept to themselves, minded their own business, and when my mom had just returned from hospital after having surgery, Mrs Malcolm went out of her way to help. She brought us food and went shopping for us and even helped with the housework one day. Mr Malcolm was a...Read On


Milking Kim

Kim seduces her best friends husband.

Gary hooked his thumb vaguely in the direction of the room that he and Kimberly had converted to a nursery. "Kim's feeding the li'l one," he said. "She'll be out in a few minutes." He often referred to his new baby as "the li'l one." In fact her name was Emily, but at six months, I suppose "the li'l one" is as good a tag as any. Then with his other hand he hooked a thumb toward the hallway...Read On


Love Found

She was lonely, so was he, and so it was meant to be.

She was trembling with anticipation, jumping at every noise, looking at the clock incessantly, adjusting her dress and primping herself in the mirror. "Don't get too worked up," she kept telling herself, but her heart just kept hammering away. As she looked a the clock again, her heart began to sink. It was late, too late. It wasn't going to happen. She bit her lip to fight back the tears...Read On



free time

I thought today would just be a shitty day. On Tuesday's everything sucks for me. Lately the snow and then the crappy swingers party last Saturday. It all added up to just blah. Then I was told the boss was heading out on a trip and would be leaving after lunch. So what is a girl to do with all of this freedom? As if he is even going to notice me skipping work early. What a great opportunity...Read On


Easing your frustration

He isn't giving you what you want. I will.

You lie there on your bed, hot, horny and frustrated. Again. He always does this. He has literally come and gone. He's a nice guy who gives you nice things, but he doesn't give you what you really want. Not the writhing, sweaty, urgent and filthy fucks you used to enjoy before you settled down with him. He talks a good game, he gets you wet, thrilled and desperate. And that is how he...Read On


The Clothing Option - Chapter 3

Campaigning for a changed work environment

The next few days went by pretty easily. Software production continued, and sales went on as usual. I had called the President and CEO of the parent company and given her a heads up. The only thing she said to me was that I needed to be very careful. She asked me about three times if I knew what I was doing, but at the end of the call one thing was clear, that whatever decision we came...Read On


The Tuxedo Shop Part 1

A guy just wants to rent a tuxedo, but the shopkeeper has some different ideas.

I make my way to the tuxedo rental shop in a back corner of the empty shopping mall. Surrounded by fancy mannequins, a pretty and professional young woman stands behind a purple counter. She looks up at me with a cute little smile. "Hi. I'm Nicole. What can I do for you today?" I explain I'd like to rent a tux. She picks up a clipboard and we walk around the small shop as she asks...Read On


Our first time, Part 1

My first time alone with you.

I cannot help but notice the way the light reflects off of your left knee, or the way your knee cap is defined as you sit on the edge of the bed. I sit to your left, close to you, but far enough to keep a small gap between our thighs. As my eyes focus on that knee, my right arm reaches over, letting the tip of my index finger rest on your skin. I take a quick glance towards your eyes...Read On


The Fucking Machine, Chapter 2

Caught playing with her new toy without permission, it is now her punishment!

Diane mournfully caressed the hard, thick, dildo attachment on the fucking machine that I had purchased as an anniversary present for her a few months ago. She still thought it was unfair that she couldn't use it when I wasn't around. It seemed selfish... the machine was for her after all - it was designed and built for a woman's pleasure. And Diane needed some of that pleasure in a bad way! ...Read On


Sex In The Office

Larita has something other than work on her mind.

Talking with Larita in her office, she lightly brushes up against me as she goes to the door and closes it. The distinct click of the lock does not go unnoticed, nor the perfume she is wearing which is intoxicating. I immediately recognize it as White Diamonds, a gift I gave her for her birthday. Walking past me, Larita brushes lightly against me and takes a seat on the tan leather...Read On


Tears of A Rose

Interesting Situation

I pulled up to my apartment complex and turned off the car. I sat there tired from a long 24-hour shift at work. A big fire had broken out at one of the shipping warehouses and of course, everything was flammable, just my luck. Everyone came home safely so it was a victory. I grabbed my bag from the back of my car and got out. It was a cool summer night. Earlier that day, the sun had heated...Read On


Night Tremors 3

The epic finale to Meghann's mystery sex weekend.

Meghann rolled onto her back and savored the remaining taste of her lover’s liquid white gold. She licked her lips and sucked the flavor off her tongue while running her hands down her body. She imagined him back inside her, stretching her beyond her most pleasurable limits. She crawled over to her pillows and fell asleep rubbing her battered pussy. Her eyes slowly started to open as the...Read On


Spying on my Neighbor 06

Finding a female partner for my Neighbor turns out to be more fun than I thought it would be...

My neighbor and I spent as much time as we could together as you can imagine. One thing I found out was that she has never been with another woman and really wanted to. It was during one of our visits to the local video store where we rented porn DVDs that an idea hit me. Whenever we would go to rent porn my neighbor would wear a short skirt with no panties, and I would go so no one would...Read On


As If Out Of Nowhere

The story of how I lost my virginity

It was the summer after my high school graduation. I was 19 years old, 191 cm (6′ 3″), and had a pretty athletic body. Not saying I look like a model, I’m not ugly either. I’ve always been a pretty well liked guy, and had a lot of friends, many of whom are girls, but for some reason I’ve never been able to go past the friend border. I was taking a gap year, and was working full time at...Read On


Tyres (Tires)

“I don’t care if it kills me, don’t even think of stopping.”

Foreword: If you have ever met a shit magnet where tyres are concerned, well that would be me! I spend my life at my local tyre shop, replacing or fixing tyres. Truthfully, I mostly have myself to blame because I am rather careless when it comes to driving. I constantly hit potholes or strangely placed curbs. I practically have shares in my local tyre fitment centre, and everyone...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 8 Part 2 Reckoning and Honor

Alllie gave in to her lust. What will that cost her on the home front, and with Liam?

Here I am, trying to have that second chance that Wade wanted me to have, but it's rather difficult when my old life keeps popping into my new one. I feel so sick and twisted. I almost feel the need to be cleansed of this somehow. How the hell am I going to deal with this? I walked into the house. Dad was watching baseball on TV and Mom was reading a new Danielle Steele novel. As...Read On


The Word Of Mouth Lounge - Part 4

Have Katie and Laurel bonded in more ways than one?

"Welcome back, ladies. I'll be with you in a moment. You can get changed straight away." I released the intercom button, glad to be invisible behind the Lounge's black mirrored walls when Katie and Laurel sauntered through the studio below. It was a frantic scramble to make myself presentable again. Fighting the post-orgasmic euphoria which spread like a sedative through my limbs, and...Read On


luscious Lauren

I found myself completely intoxicated with every aspect of her and knew I had to make her mine.

The day started like most days; waking up before the sun rose in the western sky, feeding the horses and livestock, then a quick shower while my coffee was brewing. Little did I know that something as small as my coffee pot breaking would change the course of my entire weekend. The local coffee shop was unusually busy as I stepped through the door. The noise of people talking and the...Read On


Discovering My Love For Golden Showers

After being used as a toilet I now love Golden Showers

About fifteen years ago, I discovered my love for BDSM. I was in my early thirties and in excellent shape working out every day. One Sunday afternoon, I was browsing the magazines at my local bookstore when I came across Hustler's Taboo magazine. I was very curious what it was about but it was shrink wrapped so I had to buy a copy to find out. I quickly walked to the cash register to find...Read On


Foodies Forever

It never tasted so good

At one o'clock, the mail arrived with the usual junk. There were no bills, just ads and a flyer from the local park district recreation centre. The flyer showed a "foodie" discussion of the local restaurant scene . I was bored and it sounded like fun on a non-football Monday evening. I figured that there would be twenty senior citizens. Boy, was I wrong on that call. There were a hundred...Read On


a quickie

after work fun

Great, another dull day after having my period all weekend. All that I could think about was sex and I was so worked up I would just about say yes to anybody. As usual the day was slow and work was boring. I unfortunately work with boring people as well. Could my day get any worse? Maybe it's the thought of Spring being so close that my hormones were a mess. Who knows, but I needed some fun...Read On