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Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

Just when Brian's life starts getting bad, he gets a new roommate.

Brian looked down at Stacy. He couldn't believe he might be fucking these huge tits for the last time. The two of them had a good thing going on between them for these past three months. They both had decided not to put a label on their relationship. Instead, they just enjoyed each others company, as well as fucking each other to the point of exhaustion. All of that would have to was on...Read On


Now Who Is Watching Me?

Cyndy's holiday continues with another unexpected encounter and a new audience

My short Palm Springs holiday was quickly coming to an end. Tomorrow I would be not only leaving the sunshine and heading back to the dreary, wet Pacific Northwest, but I would also be leaving my new young lover. All I had wanted was a few days lying by the pool while Jimmy, my husband, was on the east coast for business meetings. Yes, I achieved that, and the proof was obvious when I took...Read On


My Secretary’s Granddaughter

Gillian was a gorgeous 19 year-old and loved to give head.

I was attending our annual office Christmas party where every employee can bring their spouse and/or adult children, so it was my first opportunity to meet everyone’s family. I was the newest employee at the law firm, so I got a lot of attention. All of the partners had their wives and younger daughters or sons there; many of the daughters were quite attractive. I was single, so I...Read On


Does 2 x 2 equal 3?

A weekend hosting two college visitors with surprising turns

It was the spring of 1979, the time of year when high school seniors were anxiously awaiting those thick envelopes containing college acceptances and dreading those thin ones containing rejections. Once the classes were set, the schools would then open the doors for transfer students to apply and make last minute decisions to fill the remaining spots in upper classes. And this is how I may...Read On


Maîtresse en titre dans l’amour: II

Isabel uses her skills to try and gain Giles' trust.

February 1391, Guildford ‘Have you met her? This Hobbes girl?’ Isabel asked. She and Hamon were sitting in the great hall in front of the fire breaking their fast together. Sir Giles was still abed, after the previous night’s excesses. Normally Isabel or his squire Roger would have woken him up, but this morning she let him sleep. The travelling troubadour Jace was playing a tune on his...Read On


The Bonfire

Highschool seniors experience thrilling sex by highschool bonfire.

The heat of the bonfire warmed my hands as Lacy slightly nudged me. “Look straight ahead.” I slightly nodded, waited for a couple of seconds, and glanced up, peering over the flames of the raging bonfire. Sitting on a stump in between a group of other seniors sat Max, who seemed to be glancing back through his messy black hair, his green eyes sharply reflecting the fire’s dim light. ...Read On


Lovin' It Up

An elevator is the site of a quick release

The door thudded shut. The "ding" sounded. The movement stopped. They were finally alone in the elevator. They couldn't keep their hands off each other all night. An evening of drinking and dancing had left them both charged with an insatiable desire. He pushed her back to the mirrored wall and pressed his lips against hers. She slid his tongue into his mouth and grasped his ass...Read On


Evening Call - Pt 1

A deeply held and long-cherished fantasy

The door clicks shut, and I hear the door being unmistakably locked behind you. Late Sunday evening, it’s very late for a routine call. I lie here in this hospital bed, between sleep and vague drowsiness, hot, frustrated and uncomfortable. Waiting. Always waiting. Waiting to be fed bland hospital food, waiting to be taken to the toilet for a pee, as I am after all learning to walk...Read On


Blind Date

A few years ago…

I was in a hotel bar waiting for my blind date to arrive. A friend set us up. His sister’s hot girlfriend wanted to have sex with a good-looking guy that was hung. I’m not a bragger – actually, I’m more on the quiet side. My friends brag for me and supply me with more pussy (mostly hot, some not) than I’ll ever need. Seated kitty-corner from me at the bar were two ‘thirty-something’...Read On


Bexley Perplexity CH. 3

Wyatt participates in two new experinces, and loves them both

Wyatt rolled over, he could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Bexley ran her hands up and down his legs, rubbing them as she attempted to relax him. Her hands slid up and gently cupped his ass, she leaned forward and began to kiss, and gently nibble on his cheeks. He could feel her nipples brushing against the backs of his legs as her tongue slid up his crack. She worked...Read On


Masturbating in student halls

A true story

When I was a horny student I spent a lot of time masturbating. I am sure everyone else did too. In my first year I stayed in halls of residence, with hundreds of other students. We each had our own bed-sit type room and a shared kitchen and bathroom. Two particular solo sex incidents stand out. The first one was when I had finished lectures one afternoon and nipped back to my room to...Read On


Of Mice, Men and Submission (3)

The journey continues.

When I woke the next day, it took me some time to remember where I was. I turned around and there he was, Tom, or Master Tom, as I was supposed to call him. He was still asleep, lying on his side, and looking every bit as attractive as I had remembered him. I had hardly seen him the night before, having been blindfolded at first and then, when I was allowed to see again, too tired to...Read On


Grocery Store Pick-up

I’d bought a load of junk at a garage sale for resale. When I got the stuff home I went through the boxes sorting out what was sellable and what was trash. As I pulled things out of the boxes they went into two piles, to keep and discard. Several items later I found a pair of sexy, black lace panties. These too went into the discard pile. I sort about half the box when I noticed the...Read On


Dave's Gift To His Wife.

A man decides to go along with his wife's petition.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and my wife Linda and I were sitting in the garden having an afternoon coffee and cookies. Linda was my second wife and almost twenty years younger than me. My first wife and I had separated three years earlier and I had met Linda on the internet. Most of my friends had told me I was crazy. They said she was a gold digger, a slut, and many other things....Read On


The Bus Ride - Monday

A woman alone in Chicago takes the bus for the first time with haunting results.

RuthAnn stood at the bus stop. A recent arrival in Chicago , she was nervous about her trip uptown. The hotel had given her directions to her destination but being from a small town, this was all new to her. RuthAnn was there until Friday attending a sales seminar that was guaranteed to help her get her retail venture off the ground. This was her first extended time alone. The kids were out...Read On

Recommended Read


I wasn’t looking for anything that night. I wanted to be alone. Letting in other people created noise, confusion, mayhem; and on that wet, windy night, I wanted to be distanced from it all. I liked the comforting buzz of conversation and laughter but I didn’t want to be a part of it. I was at Mayberry’s; an English-style pub on the corner of Town Street which I’d frequented countless times....Read On


Seven Days In L.A.

A married woman's sexual fantasies come true...

He fills my body and he embraces my soul.  I didn't know it, but something was missing. I now crave to be held in his strong arms and kissed by his soft lips.  My body constantly aches for his to be next to mine.  When he's inside me, I hold him not ever wanting to let him go. I never imagined sex could be this connecting. I never thought one man could make me want to do the...Read On


When Your Hormones Go Crazy (Part 3)

I knew I could get caught but didn't want to stop...

As wrong as I knew it was, I simply could not stop myself from doing things with my step-daughter's friend. My step-daughter Miranda's friend, Kayla, was not only incredibly smart, funny and cute, but she had one of the sexiest teenage bodies I had ever seen. I cannot tell you how many times she would come spend the night at our house, and late at night, be wearing nothing more than a pair...Read On


Legal Briefs, Chapter 2

As they prepared for court, they were unprepared for what would happen afterwards!

I put my arms around her and held her as she kissed me. Our kiss deepened and became more urgent. I felt her lips part, and my tongue went in search of her. My hands slid down as if drawn here by her tight, firm ass, and I cupped her cheeks in my hands; squeezing them, testing them. Rebecca moaned into my mouth and, without breaking the kiss, she moved around in front of me, hiked up her...Read On


The Clothing Option - Chapter 5

The Conclusion

The next morning I got to work early. The only person there ahead of me was Sook Lee, and she was completing the hookups for the LAN computer network for the old board room; which was now the only place in my business where clothing was mandatory. I spent the extra time watching everyone arrive at work and go to their various departments. Some began stripping off as soon as they got in the...Read On


The Cable Slave Chapter 6 – The Clock

Cable Slave entertains in the strangest way.

The phone rang, and there was the familiar voice again. ‘You will receive two packages today. The first is an earpiece for the phone. You are to keep it in at all times so that I can speak to you immediately. I will be able to see when you have the earpiece in place and you will get your instructions about the second delivery shortly. Today you should dress in your see through bra and...Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 7)

Brian, Chrissy, and Candace discover love at Palm Grotto

Our first evening together at Palm Grotto as a three-way relationship is still one of my favorite memories. All of us, me, my wife Chrissy, Candace, and our two daughters, sat in the living room of the beach house watching one of the kid’s favorite CGI movies. The kids were, of course, enthralled with the movie where they lay in their comfy kid-size cushion chairs by the television. We adults...Read On


Steps in the Attic

or how I learned to stop worrying and fuck my stepsister in the ass

When the now-familiar sound of the squeaking bed frame started up that sultry Friday night, it brokered at least a temporary truce between Cathy and me. I minded her less than she did me; her life had been fucked with a lot more than mine when my dad married her mom. Truth was, I didn’t mind Cathy at all. She knocked on my open door and came in even before I told her to. She rolled her eyes...Read On


Two Beauty Pageant Contestants

The two leading contestants were willing to do anything for my vote.

It was my first and only time to be selected to judge the Miss Kentucky Beauty Pageant. I was thirty-four at the time and looking forward to seeing and lusting after all the gorgeous contestants. I had no expectation of even taking to any of them. In fact, to do so was strictly forbidden. That would bias a judge. So I planned to just look and lust. The first night of eliminations was...Read On


My 2 AM Phone Call (Part Two)

I became a perfect motel whore that night.

My day started around 2:00 a.m. with a phone call from a Black man I knew from an intense relationship that started in a video store theater several years before. After using me as he pleased for several months, he suddenly dropped me and just vanished until this morning when he called and gave me very specific instructions where to come, what to wear and when to arrive. That is why I...Read On


Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I was not looking for a hook up. Honestly..

I stopped off at a hotel bar on the way home and had a couple of drinks. My wife, Elena had left on a two day business trip, which she did every now and then, leaving me home alone. We had been married about ten years and while our sex life was okay, it was no longer off the charts wild like it had once been. As I walked past the bar, I saw a very sexy looking young lady with a mimosa drink...Read On


Shard 3: Simple

It was all so simple.

His primary fantasy about her was so unlike most of his fantasies. No consuming first kiss, no thrashing sex, no moonlit walk, no impassioned all-night conversation. It was so simple. He wanted to walk up gently behind her, lift the hair from the back of her collar, inhale the scent of her hair before kissing her on the neck. That’s all. He didn’t know why it was different from...Read On


A Good Wife. Chapter 7

And the ruining of....

We had been doing it everywhere in those weeks following the cue ball incident. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the garage! We were like teenagers on a voyage of discovery and our love was well fed by it. I didn't feel it was due to any change in me though. It was all her. Her voyage I guess. The more we had sex, the more she wanted and it wasn’t long before I began to feel I...Read On


Dirty Little Secrets

How we hide our lust and perversions from the world

I sit in the London tube and look around me. It is a cold day, but I am sweating a little. I have the horn. My knickers feel lightly sticky, my heart has little palpitations, somewhere in my tummy the dogs of lust are stirring. And I realise: this is all of us, so much of the time. We sit on trains, buses, in cars and then in offices. We chat about TV, about our families, about the news of...Read On


The Motor Home - Part 3

The end of the vacation, and the girls pull out the stops.

I woke up, needing to pee desperately. I quickly made my way to the tiny bathroom and took care of my overfull bladder. The girls took care of my hard on last night and I couldn't believe I actually made love to my stepdaughter. It was obvious she, Kerry and my ex-wife all planned this. Still, it was strange. I decided it was my turn to make breakfast. I tried to be quiet, but pots and...Read On