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Rules of the Sex Game

Lisa's hen night in Amsterdam ended with me on the stage.

The rules of the game are simple. The contestants are divided into two teams. Both teams perform on stage at the same time. Whichever team gets the most audience appreciation wins and gets to play the next round. Appreciation means 'money' which the audience throw onto whichever stage they find most entertaining. All the money from the audience goes into the pot. Half the pot is paid out...Read On


Forbidden Desires Ch.08

The End

It had been a week, Alejo sat in the darkened bar. Bella stood on the stage, a man played a piano behind her and a silver microphone waited. Her long hair fell over her shoulders and her dark eyes smouldered out at the crowded room. No one spoke, every eye was on her. Her breasts pressed against her white t-shirt, the black shorts showed off her shapely legs and she had tied a small red...Read On


my favourite role play

role play fantasy of my younger slut

“Will you pause it for a minute? I have to pee.” Kristen gets up from the couch and I grab for the remote, hitting pause on the second porn flick we turned on tonight. We’d shared a bottle of wine. I knew she was horny, since earlier in the first film, unimpressed by one of the girl’s one-finger banging techniques, I shoved three into her to illustrate that cunts can take more. Well,...Read On


Computer Blues and Naughty Fun

My computer is on the fritz

Yesterday was the craziest day I ever had. My computer was on the fritz. My husband owns his own company and sent a technical guy over to look at it. I was feeling horny and wanting to have sex and figured, when he came to look at it, I'd approach him for sex. My husband doesn’t care if I have sex with people. But, later I had even a bigger surprise. I'll go over all the details of what...Read On

Recommended Read

Blondie's Beach Adventure

A vacation that turns into so much more

“Is it weird I'm nervous to meet her?” I ask as I slip my hand into my boyfriend's warm grip. “I mean, I know I've known her for years online, so why should I be so nervous?” We had been saving for months to finally take a proper vacation, one that wasn't only for the weekend. Once we had enough, we decided to head up north to visit some of our friends. This plan would also allow me to...Read On

Recommended Read

Mind Games (Part 1/2)

I was standing a few feet from the baseline, sweat dripping down my face. In my head, panic was desperate to erupt. I was breathing hard. Nothing else mattered. I tried to put Jack out of my head. There were so many people to please, the fans, the sponsors, my coach, my family. Jack wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t worth it. I had to play the game I’d been taught to play. This was my dream. I...Read On


Lake District Holiday (part 3)

Nicki seduces the blackmailer in her hotel room

Lisa and I lay in each other's arms for a while and though I was relaxed my mind was racing. How could I release Lisa from Blackthorn's insidious grasp? How could I stop his blackmail? Just as it came to me, Lisa's phone went--she looked at the display. "Speak of the devil," she said. "It's him?" "Yes." "Perfect. Get him to come here, will you?" She nodded as she answered the...Read On


Next Thursday

He will get more than he bargained at his first visit of a dominatrix

“ You will never find yourself a good man if you don't start acting like a lady. I wish you weren't so tall...” Whenever I do the trip to the studio I recall those words of my mother and smirk. I am in high spirits now and they make me laugh. Good thing that the street is empty since the rainstorm had just stopped. The dead autumn leaves and mud stick to my sneakers but I shrug that...Read On


Meeting Tina Part Two

Tina and I go back to her house.

Chapter Three I thought the lecture would never end. Even the sight of my luscious forty-something tutor, couldn’t keep my attention as it usually did. Finally the lecture ended and I made my way out to the main exit. I sat down on one of the benches outside to enjoy the July sunshine. I opened my iPhone and sent her a quick text, telling her where I was. The reply was instantaneous,...Read On


Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 6

Celeste's sweet sixteen birthday present is more than she ever wanted.

Adam watched as his stepdaughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday with her friends. He couldn’t help but feel a bit dull as he knew she had never seen the outside world. However staying in the bunkers was the safest option not only for her but the other residents. Adam had been in the vault the longest and had been voted to become the overseer of the entire population. He wanted to make...Read On


Loving my Mother-in-Law

It was her soft skin that got me...

We found ourselves alone together on the couch after a morning and most of an afternoon of laboring in the yard. I was still sitting in the sweaty clothes I'd been working in all day, but Lisa had taken a shower. She was now in a loose-fitting pair of aged khaki shorts and a peach tank top. My mother-in-law had never been one to care much about fashion. Now in her early 50's, she was still...Read On


My First Sex Partner

My Mother Had Her Girl Friend Seduce Me

After my father committed suicide when I was ten years old, I was raised by my mother. I attended an all-male military high school. During this time I never dated nor had any girl friends. When I was nineteen and a sophomore in college, my mother was concerned about my lack of experience dating or interacting with girls. She felt that I might get some girl pregnant, have to marry her and...Read On

Recommended Read

The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Part I

A seemingly happily married woman meets a man who introduces her to the world of cuckolding.

Claire walked slowly around the department store’s new Royal Doulton tableware display. She felt uneasy there. She was more used to working in her own department on the ladies wear floor; the lingerie section to be more precise. In fact, she was supervisor and enjoyed her own autonomy. Filling in for another supervisor on sick leave was not of her choice, especially on the household...Read On



Kyle is discovered indulging in his secret passion

Discovery, one of the greatest fears I have. All others take a backseat to my fear of being discovered indulging in my passion. You see, I am a cross dresser. Like so may others I don't know where this desire to dress up came from, but soon it was too strong to ignore. I started out with pilfering a few items from my sister's room and wearing them behind closed doors when the house was...Read On


Rear Ended - Chapter Two

Jo hears Rachel's orgasm and starts to turn her butt humping fetish into a reality.

As shocked as she was, Joanne, (or Jo as she was known to her friends), could have sworn she heard the cries of a woman in the throws of orgasm coming from an upstairs window. She looked and saw movement behind the curtains and the flushed face of a female stepping back from view. Jo shrugged and went back to fooling around with her friends, but couldn’t get the cries of delight she'd heard...Read On


My Wife is Taken Hard

My wife flaunts her body at a nightclub only to be fucked hard later that night.

It had been more than ten years ago and my wife Ann had just turned the magical age of forty. She felt she had hit a milestone in her life where she had lost all sex appeal. She stopped wearing two piece swimsuits, along with wearing more revealing clothing. Our sex life had become nearly nonexistent and I knew I had to do something before it got any worse. I did my best to try convince...Read On


A Harem Girl's Wants

Julissa is a harem girl who knows what she wants.

He called to her, she could feel it in her soul. As she made her way to him, her body thrummed with need. Her master sat regally on a lush cushion at the end of the room. Julissa approached slowly, eyes down. She let the sheer gossamer robe she wore over her nakedness, slip from her shoulders and pool on the tiled floor. She had led another life once upon a time, but now, as she...Read On


Waiting for Dessert

A flirtatious waitress enjoys taking orders from Holly and Tony.

Filling in her time sheet as quickly as she could, Holly tosses back her brunette hair and reaches for her cell. It’s Friday night, and she’s meeting her boyfriend for dinner, despite both of them having to work really late. Multi-tasking the best she can, searching her recent contacts on her cell, she finds Tony's name before pressing the dial icon. Completing her time sheet, and logging off...Read On


Anonymous Pleasure

Relaxing in a hotel can be pleasurable

Anonymous Pleasure As I stood under the shower and let its warm spray wash over my body, I thought back to how frustrating the day had been. Everything seemed to go wrong. It all started when I told my boyfriend that my boss wanted me travel to Rosetown for a few days to attend emergency negotiations over a contract that would be the largest we had ever signed. He threw a temper...Read On


Jaida Meets My Friend

Jaida gets to explore my friend in bed.

I love my wife enormously, and that is why I'm perfectly okay with her going to bed with any man she would like to try. Jaida has a spectacular body, though she is petite, and I still remember the first time she had the pleasure of another man. That was before I realized how much of a turn on that it was to see Jaida getting laid. We'd been married six years at the time, and an old friend...Read On


Wildest Fantasy

Forced to watch my sexy girl

We have been to an expensive restaurant to celebrate your new job. You are looking beatiful and yet smoking hot in an expensive dress and high heels. We have had a few drinks and a wonderful evening and climb into a cab. At some stage we have both passed out and when we come too we are in an expensive penthouse suite with no idea how we got there. I am tied to a chair in nothing but a pair...Read On


The Heart

A young woman learns that the heart is a lonely hunter

Emily was devastated when she received the call that Jonathan, the man she was going to marry in two weeks, had just been killed in a motorcycle accident. Holding the phone to her ear, she stood still, stunned, unable to speak or comprehend the words she heard. The call came from Jonathan’s mother, who had just been called by the police. “Oh no!” Emily gasped and clutched her hair. Sobs...Read On


The Last Flight Chapter 19

Karen finally sleeps but...

I lay quietly, listening to the sounds around me but mostly I listened to Pascale breathing, gentle now, steady. “Karen...” she said, slowly, as if considering her words. “Yes, Pascale?” I replied. “Karen, I am sorry I got turned on by your story. I didn't know that boy was so horrible.” “That's all right, Sweetheart. I do understand, honestly.” “You are sweet,” she said, “How...Read On


Nate and Connie

Nate teaches Connie piano, and fetishes

Well, the week was a very busy one and I was looking forward to getting on my Harley and getting a good ride in and then hit up a bikers joint for a beer and onion rings. Saturday morning I got up and dressed in bikers clothes and put a few bottles of ice water in my saddle bags. The ride was great, three hundred and fifty miles of hi-way and back roads, the bike ran like a charm and by the...Read On


Jessie's Office Interlude with Sue

As Jessie's first date with Sue ends, now it cums down to the office...

I could not believe what a great time I had on my first date with Sue. Her planning was impeccable. From getting caught at the department store, to my new set of lingerie and clothes, and then a feminization session at the salon. Only to wrap this up with a surprise sexual encounter with Sue, her male friend Quenten, and all whom I met at the various retailers. It was a first date that I...Read On


Seducing Autumn

Damn rain. It came out of nowhere. Fuck its coming down hard, the rain is falling more sideways than down. I'll be soaking wet before I get to the building. Can't wait for it to let up.No fucking umbrella. Fuck my life. Have to hit the clock in 2 minutes. Maybe this plastic bag will at least keep my hair dry. Well Jess, get after it! Omg! Fucking river in the parking lot. Shit Shit shit...Read On


My Transition

A grieving widower is consoled by a male acquaintance, who offers intimate companionship.

My transition into male sex occurred a number of years ago after my first wife passed away following an extended illness. She had been unable to engage in sex for some time, and so I dealt with my physical needs the best I could, mostly through chronic, habitual masturbation. The months following her passing were very difficult for me emotionally, and I was having a hard time dealing with...Read On


Hitting All Three (Part I)

I love it when you're hitting all three spots, baby

I have a gift for you in my bag and carrying it around all day has gotten me incredibly excited. You mentioned the idea once, but it was a while ago so I think you'll be surprised. Excited and prepared, I removed my panties at the end of the work day so I arrive at your door wearing only my dress. I knock on your door and you greet me, beautiful as ever, without a shirt with your strong...Read On


Thank You Heels

A street smart girl turns the tables on her manipulative employer.

I I had problems when I was young. I won’t go into all the horrific details because I want this to be a happy story and no one likes a whiner. I’ve always been blamed for the decisions I’ve made going all the way back into early childhood when I didn’t even realize I was making decisions. But they say children are not responsible. So at what point did I cross the line? at what point was...Read On


Money Can't Buy Happiness

Money can't buy Jenna's happiness, or could it?

The sight of the cash neatly bundled and stacked three by four deep on the bed made Jenna stop in her tracks. Her jaw dropped as she took in all of that green. She had an overwhelming itch to reach out and touch it, or pinch herself because she must be dreaming. “Is that all real?” she asked skeptical. “Of course it’s real,” Mikey said, delighted seeing his girlfriend eyes widen at the...Read On