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Ten Doors

Ten identical doors for him to choose from. One leads to freedom . . . but which one?

Lewis wakes with a jump. He has woken to find himself in a room with ten doors. He has no idea how he got here, or why he is naked, but there he is lying spread-eagled on the cold floor. Examining his surroundings, he can see that he is lying in a circular shaped pit in a circular room. There’s a raised level surrounding the pit that has soft padding running around it and beyond this, there...Read On


One Lust Filled Night-Part15

My night of passion turned into a night full of surprises.

My pussy was at the edge of the bed. Becky had hold of my ankles, spreading my legs apart and bending my knees. This gave David full access to fuck me. Becky was sitting on my face. Since I had hold of her hips, she could not escape my tongue probing her pussy. David was fucking me fast and hard. I felt his balls bounce against my hips and his cock thicken and harden as he rammed it in and out...Read On


Summer Lust

It was the summer of 1987 school was out, and I needed some money. So I got a summer job working at the local supermarket. It was a hot summer that year; the weather was in the hundreds! The action I got was just as hot as the weather. That summer, I got laid by an older woman named Ms. Sonia Martinez, a thirty-five year old with smooth brown skin, wavy dark brown hair and sexy brown eyes. ...Read On


My First Time

First Gay Sex Experience

Welcome to my blog. I’ll be sharing my most memorable gay experiences with you and a little about me. I’ll try to keep things in chronological order, but there may be some jumping around. All sex with other men have come via hook-ups. I'm a black guy, but I LOVE white men A LOT! I'm still picky though. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning; my first gay experience. It was 1998,...Read On


Sin and Absolution

The Story of a Priest and a Very Naughty School Girl

Sin  My name is Michael and I am a servant of God. This was not how I imagined my life when I was a young man. Clara. Clara was her name. Beautiful Clara. We were like oil and water as children. As teenagers we were inseparable. By the time we hit twenty we had always felt like we were born to be together, forever. I scraped together what money I had and bought her the nicest ring I...Read On


All in Time, part four

Sammi and Diondre stop resisting their taboo attraction, and Sammi is no longer a virgin.

Samantha gaped up at Diondre, her eyes trying to focus while her body trembled beneath him. ‘ Did we just…?’ Her mind raced, heart pounding in her chest as she allowed her hands to fall from his shoulders, dropping limply onto the bed. She licked her lips, eyes wide as she stared. Her cheeks were pink, and Diondre held himself in check, curbing the desire to lean down and again take her...Read On


Step-Daughter and Friend Earns Grades from Step-Father Teacher

I am a high school civics teacher, so I am used to sexy teenage girls thinking they can get a good grade or extra credit by getting cozy up to me. It happens all the time and I have to continually remind myself of the district ethics policy and the consequences of violating it. Sometimes it is difficult to turn down so much available pussy, but I know that if I succumb, the consequences...Read On


Au Pair (Part 3)

I would have stayed behind and repped my brand

I was still trying to spot the two of them when Kate nudged me with the elbow. “I take dibs on the Blonde,” she said with a voice laden with desire. The next moment I heard, “JAKE!!!!” and then I caught the flying toddler. Over her shoulder, my eyes fell on the Au Pair. The impression the on her face seemed surprised but the smile was bright and friendly. “Hi Gretchen, welcome to...Read On


A Welcome Predator

A crossdresser discovers his bisexual nature

I first met Jim in the lobby of the youth hostel. I wanted to check with the receptionist if my parents had wired through any money. I was supposed to be studying, but I’d spent most of my time going to parties with other kids of around my age. They knew all about the fun stuff in life and where to go to get some action. My money was all spent. I desperately needed some smokes. “How are...Read On


The Club

Ms. Foxy meets Ms. Kitty

I park my car at the same parking lot as usual. I grab my purse and I get out. The evening is nice and warm. I take a quick look at my watch. I've still got a lot of time, so I can enjoy my slow walk towards The Club. It takes me about ten minutes to reach my destination. I take a look at the building, and I smile. It's big and elegant, but quite ordinary at the same time. Anonymous....Read On


Roll the Die

An excerpt from the ebook...

The girl was gone. Rolling the plastic die in the crook of his hand, Jesse’s gaze rested on the cocoa skinned beauty tending bar in Roxanne’s absence. Her deltoids flexed as she shook the ice and liquid in the shaker. She uncapped it to pour the watermelon colored liquid in a dainty martini glass and glanced across the bar at him. Jesse focused on his book. A discussion of poetry and...Read On


How I became The Volleyball Team's Slut - Part 7

What was inside our lockers made us think that none of our slut lives were over… I opened the locker door and my expression turned to that of horror. My pussy tingled from memories of yesterday in a slutty uniform. I pulled out a corset that was more suited for a playboy mansion than college. The corset was black with ribbon lace-up back and zip up side closure. I...Read On


The Poem Of Ecstasy

An 18-year-old young man falls for the dominant charms of an older woman

Performances of Scriabin’s “ Le Poème de l’extase ” have always been extremely rare. Madeleine listened enraptured to the solo trumpeter. He had a gorgeous tone and immaculate timing, obviously helped by a good ear. He was a natural. She admired the way his long fingers danced on the valves of the instrument and imagined those same fingers playing on her breasts. She admired his lean,...Read On


One Lust Filled Night-Part14

My night of pleasure turned into a night of surprises.

David stood between my legs at the foot of the bed. He grabbed my hips and pulled my body to the edge of the bed where my legs dangled over. I looked up to see Becky straddling my waist facing the foot of the bed. She was holding my ankles, my knees bent, which opened my pussy wide. David moved closer to the bed and with one swift movement, plunged his cock deep into my pussy. He held onto...Read On


First woman to entice me

Story for Jennyxxx. Our first time exploring sex with a woman.

We've enjoyed many steamy chats on Lush, describing in explicit detail the things we want to do to each other, the secret desire we both hold inside to explore every inch of another woman. Telling friends in the real world we are definitively straight and could only ever enjoy a good fuck from a man, but listed as bi-curious here, our minds reeling with possibilities, our fingers and toys...Read On


The Dance

Care to dance?

As many of you know, I love a good tease. The dance between a man and a woman, each one trying to gain the upper hand in the seduction and both knowing only one can win. It starts as I look across the room and see you sitting there alone, and nursing a drink. You are wearing a slinky little white dress with a plunging neckline that reveals you are all woman. The dress fits you like a glove....Read On


Coffee with the Husband of my Sister's Best Friend

Quickie sex

My sister, Jen, has a good friend named Brenda and every now and then I get to see Brenda and her husband, Steve, who live very close to me in my neighborhood. Both Brenda and Steve are good folks and casual family acquaintances. Since we live in the same community, we often run into each other at community events. Steve is a very likable guy, and is the type of fellow that will give a hug...Read On


Doctor Drill

Chloe visits the Dentist and gets drilled

Thanks to my Favourite Lushie for the story idea.... Chloe eyed the screen of her phone, recognising the dentist’s number. It was Friday and she was assumed they wanted to confirm her appointment which was scheduled for early Monday. She took the call to hear the Rothmans voice of Aunt Mavis on the other side. Mavis smoked a lot and it still flummoxed her how she was kept on as she...Read On


Bethany Turned 51 Last Night

Bethany's husband gives her the surprise of her life.

Hi, my name's Mike. Last night my wife Monica and I attended Bethany's 51st birthday party. Her husband David had pulled out all the stops to make sure that it was a party that she'd always remember. Believe me, it's one that I'll never forget! We had arrived at Beth and David's home at 7:00 PM as David had requested. As we walked in, I noticed that there were already three other...Read On


Out of this world Part 2

A Part of this story was inspired off of Alien Abduction Bliss by lins1988

Nookumick returned a few hours later with a white uniform for me to wear. “Where's my robe?” I asked, putting on the uniform he brought me. “I'm told, it's still in quarantine,” he replied. “Okay. I'm hungry, may I have some food?” I asked. “Of course, I'll have some brought up to you,” he replied leaving the room. A few minutes later the door opened and a second alien entered. This...Read On


The Publisher And The Author - Part 2

Nikki and Carl continue doing research for his novel.

"Ding." "Dong." Opening the door, Nikki is standing there wearing a coat that reaches just above the knee. The buttons are undone down to the waist. I notice that Nikki is not wearing anything other than the coat. Upon entering, she lifts the coat part way up and I see her bare ass. I close the door and turn to face her. Before I could speak, Nikki grabs me by my shirt.  Placing...Read On


Becoming Mary - Part II

A girl discovers her dominance while a guy discovers his submissiveness

When Lucy had told me about Amanda liking men wearing panties I thought she was talking about a fetish thing. I didn’t realize there was more to it than that. About a week later I had just arrived home from work when I met Amanda in our apartment hallway. She had been to see Lucy and was on her way out. “Hi Amanda,” I said as she stepped into to the elevator, “How are you?” “I’m fine,”...Read On


Arthur Part 2

Arthur and Lover get even

I was a privileged son of wealthy parents in St. Louis. My father was the head of a Fortune 500 Corporation and my mother was a former beauty queen. During my colleges days at Yale University, I had become addicted to cock and cum to the point that I neglected my studies and flunked out. Returning to St. Louis, my father kicked me out of my home and cut me off from all financial...Read On


Girl Meets Boy, Boy Meets Her Toy

Max finds something of his roommate's that he wasn't supposed to.

What could be better than having a hot, young blonde as your roommate? Fucking her? Too bad Max never got to do that. Max and Taylor met in college. They clicked instantly, but Taylor only saw Max as a good friend, nothing more. They decided they would share an apartment together after graduation to save money. Max thought moving in with her would give him a better chance of sleeping...Read On


The Cuckold's Reward - Larry's Story - Part 1

A wife catches her husband masturbating and discovers his secret fantasy

She caught him red handed; literally. Well, perhaps it could be said that he was actually caught pink handed. When Ginny walked in on her husband, as he lay half naked on top of their bed masturbating, he had a pair of her pink panties wrapped around his cock. It was comical in a way as he tried to cover himself and hide what he was doing. It was impossible of course; there was nowhere...Read On


Rachel's Dare - Part 2

Rachel's dare reaches a revealing finale, with exposure guaranteed for one of us...

Rachel and I continued on down the path back to where our cars waited for us. I estimated we were half way to the timer going off again, and so far we'd walked in perfect silence. If she felt anything like me, then her senses would be firing on all cylinders at the moment. A light breeze had picked up, and was gently wafting through the trees to our right-hand side. The result was that...Read On


The Ears Have It

How my fascination led me to the girl of my dreams.

When you think about it, ears are funny things. The first thing I remember when I think of them is when I was kid, my dad used to grab one of mine and hold it tight when I'd been naughty or rude. He never spanked me. Never needed to. Just grabbed me by my ear and dragged me up to my room, slammed the door shut and told me to stay there. As I got older, they seemed to fascinate me. Whenever...Read On


Figuring It All Out

I had just graduated college, not a week or so ago, and was alone in my apartment, getting ready to move on with my life - move to a big city, get a job, etc. But something wasn't just quite right. Here I am alone. In my apartment. Now's my chance. You see, I had been having no luck with girls my college career, so my only option was porn. And lots of it. I constantly masturbated to...Read On


Servicing Two Dirty Old Men

My daddy Lou introduces me to one of his old friends

After I started opening up to playing with men outside my marriage (and with my wife's blessing) I soon found I had a thing for older men. In short, I liked getting fucked by "daddies" and enjoyed the way older tops like to take their time. I had seen Lou about a half dozen times. He was about sixty, in good shape, spoke with a gruff French accent and had a nice thick 7" cut cock. We met...Read On


Executive Asst Caught in a Moment of Self Pleaure

Yvonne was every man’s dream administrative assistant. Ifirst met her the day I interviewed in a large nationwide company. Standing all of five foot four, she filled out professional work attire like no other office worker in the company. Yvonne was pretty and she knew it. Although there were other well- dressed administrative assistants, Yvonne had a special talent for making sure she took...Read On